316 x 305
Band slots (CFM) on Clublog x LoTW
2306 x 2226

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

EJ0PL / EJ1Y from EU-006

EJ0PL / EJ1Y is QRT now. Another IOTA experience with Papa Lima DX-Group. We operated from different Islands in Ireland .... EU-007 / EU-103 this year was time for EU-006.

I had pleasure visit a lot offshore islands in EI but never been on Aran Islands. Since now.

Team went to Inishmore on Monday and I joined them on Tuesday 23rd of July. Equipment was shipped same day from Galway as cargo. We had 7 seater car converted to be a van packed with radio gear.
All day on Tuesday station was prepared. 6 masts with antennas were erected. 3 radios with computer network, etc. First signal went on air early on Wednesday night. Almost all members went to sleep tired after long day but Michal EI3KG stayed fresh and CW operation from EU-006 as EJ0PL stared. He did about 600 QSO till sunrise on 40/20m. SSB operators were awake and 2 stations went on air on phone. I was operating EJ0PL on CW only. Managed 1200 QSOs in just two days myself. I was happy to run approx 30wpm speed on CW. Second night on EJ0PL we had amazing propagation from West-Coast and All over the World. Waldi SP7IDX was really surprised how openings on the bands looks in EI land. I was operating that night on CW as well. Log was uploaded in real time to ClubLog. Thanks to network and WiFi broadband connection set by EI9FBB Dave. EJ0PL was on air just 3 days. I did not operate third day - half members of the Team took break before IOTA contest and went to visit Inis Oirr island, smallest Aran Island. I had a thing to do on the island and the rest of our Team visited EJ0A Limerick Radio Club ready for IOTA Contest from EU-006 as well.
Saturday morning was very busy to set-up station for IOTA Contest. Main thing in the shack - software and interfaces had to be configured as it should b to run Multi Operator station from EU-006. EI7KD Oleg joined us on Saturday just for competition. Shifts were prepared and at 13:00 locat time IOTA Contest fun has stared. New contest call-sign was issued EJ1Y. I was running Multiplier station it means I was operating CW/SBB chasing multipliers on the band. Condition on Saturday was not great. 15m was in bad condition. 10m was closed. Sunday morning big difference. 15 wide open to JA and Asia plus EU and 28Mhz in great shape!
We managed aprox 2000 QSOs during IOTA Contest with 400 Multipliers in the log. Shortly when contest was over station was dismantled. It is amazed how long takes to set-up station and how quick to dismantle ...
I enjoyed Aran Islands so much. How different this location is compare to the others places we were operating for IOTA Contest. Inismore was full of life and we were blessed with good weather for all our stay on the island. Place to remember for sure!
EJ1Y IOTA Contest 2013 from EU-006 Inis Mór (Inishmore) - Aran Islands
From Left to Right

Thank you for great fun and CU next year from another IOTA!

Saturday, 27 July 2013


EJ0PL is now QRT. Aprox 12700 QSO were made in just 3 days. Station will be set now for IOTA Contest and we will use call-sign 
from EU-006
Thank you for great support! 

See you in IOTA Contest 2013! Good Luck!

Thursday, 25 July 2013

EJ0PL - 2`nd day

EJ0PL shack

Fresh news from Inish More Island EU-006. EJ0PL just logged 6630 QSOs. In just 30h of operation! Great condition on the bands and big pleasure to work you all. RTTY station is now prepared and should be on air shortly. Please note we have just 2 CW operators here and sometimes pile-up is massive. We are trying to serve you ALL. SP7IDX noticed great condition on 20m last night untill early in the morning here. He enjoyed signals from West Coast of North America and Hawaii Islands as well! 80m is not great at the moment. We will be monitoring this band during the night. 
At the moment 3 stations are running and we will keep them all day long.

8:00AM here and great opening to West Coast on 20mSSB

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

EJ0PL - 1`st day

Best Regards from Aran Islands - Inishmore Island where I have pleasure
to be a member of EJ0PL transmitting this year from IOTA EU-006.
We will particpate in IOTA Contest 2013 from EU-006 as EJ1Y

Yesterday all day was busy. No radio activity. Building antenna farm. Here is some pictures from the Island.

Installing 1`st SP7IDX Hexbeam designated for CW

Installing 2`nd SP7IDX Hexbeam designated for SSB

SP7IDX Waldi is with us on Inish More!
Members of the Team are:

Our QTH on the island and view of antenna farm.

Our antennas are:
80m inverted V for SSB
80m inverted V for CW
40m Vertical with 36 radials
30m inverted V
2 x SP7IDX Hexbeam for 20/17/15/12/10/6
3 ele Yagi for 20/15/10

Radios are ICOM 756 PRO3/PRO2/746PRO/7000
2 x PA
1km antenna cables and more ....

EJ0PL from EU-006 went on AIR last night shortly after midnight our time.

So far after 12h to be QRV we have:

2032 QSO ... , best opening on 6m with 415 QSOs from IO53DD

More statistics and pictures tomorrow.