316 x 305
Band slots (CFM) on Clublog x LoTW
2306 x 2226

Monday, 30 April 2012

7O6T Yemen - Socotra Island

Just started ... DX-Pedition of the year 2012! 7O6T is their call-sign. One of the Most Wanted DXCC on HAM radio Yemen. And .... EI9KC is more than happy to be in their LOG! already :) QSO on 15mCW. Signal was up to +10dB. It was lucky. Very lucky. Huge pile-up on almost all bands. 7O6T is QRV now on 80/40/20/17/15 - 5 bands in the same time! WOW! This is massive operation from Yemen.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Helvetia Contest 2012

EI9KC was a bit active during Helvetia Contest. I like this type of competitions when one country is Most Wanted on the bands when their Contest in ON! And this time it was HB9! 101 contacts with Switzerland in my log. On 160/80/40/20/15 meters. AI OW UR NE were my missing cantons.

First Alaska on JT65

This is EI9KC`s first QSO with AK on JT65. 20W

Friday, 27 April 2012

First JAPAN on JT65

EI9KC was playing a bit on JT65 tonight and just made first QSO with Japan station. JF1KKV gave me a call. I was using 20W and he was using same power. Nice QSO and good condition from JA. Nice QSO also with Northwest Territories in Canada. FB QSO with VE8PR on JT65 as well. UFF UFF when I was writing this post station from South Korea gave me a call! DS1DLS I am now exchanging RPT with him. One QSO on JT65 is about 6 minutes long ;) Plenty of time to do something in between.


JX5O QSL in my box today. Beautiful artwork and kiss-printing as well! Well done. I`m a bit disappointed as   I`ve ordered Special QSL package  ((special QSL + JX souvenir))  I was thinking about real JX Souvenir but got that transparent QSL (above). Nice one anyway.
Top design by SQ8X Stan. JX5O Team Leader. (An old friend from 11m many many years ago)

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Chichijima - Ogasawara Islands

For 2`nd time Ogasawara in my log! New band this time. 14MhzCW. Harry JG7PSJ is QRV as JD1BMH for many times. Last year EI9KC was happy to log him on 17mCW and today on 20m. Thanks Harry!

V73NS in my BOX!

Fantastic QSL received today V73NS Neil from Marshall Island! Card from his QSL Manager W3HNK , great job! Very fast service! I had QSO with Neil less than 2 weeks ago. Many thanks also for rapid LoTW! This Brand New DXCC for EI9KC. One of the top QSOs/QSL in my collection. TU!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Jan Mayen for 30 seconds on 28Mhz

Svein JX9JKA is now QRV from this remote place in Europe. He is very active on the bands and EI9KC logged his station on 40/20 SSB so far. And today he was active on 24/28Mhz. When first spots on the cluster shows that his signal can be reach in LA (Norway) I`ve decided to tune into his frequency on 28Mhz and listen any signal from JX. And to be honest .... his call appeared in EI for just 30 seconds. He pick-up my call , gave me raport and I gave him his raport and ... I don`t know if he got it! Strong QSB from +30dB to ZERO in 30 seconds. Amazing opening. Looking forward to see his call on few new bands in my log in the future. He will stay on Jan Mayen till March 2013.

Today in my box

JG8NQJ/JD1 - Minami Torishima - Marcus Island
Fantastic Brand New One!
J88DR - St. Vincent
JY5HX - Jordan

Friday, 20 April 2012

FB night opening on 20m 4 continents

I was calling CQ late at night on 14Mhz CW. And when 20m is closed here during winter time at about 19:00 local time is open during summer times 24h a day is real pleasure to make long distance contacts all over the World using low power. It is big and real fun to me. Tonight I`ve pointed my antenna towards Japan and started calling CQ. Morse code is doing good job with low power from the radio. I was using 50W. And first station gave me a call from PY (Brazil) then first JA was calling me. I`ve got nice pile-up from Japan stations when my station was spotted in Japan on DX Cluster. After several contacts with JA stations real surprise gave me a call! Station from VK! I`ve never worked station from Australia around midnight here :) Great condition. Propagation is getting better no doubt! I had one QSO also with Minnesota in USA. Last QSO logged with station from Argentina. Signals not so strong 559 579 599 from JA. Antenna pointed to one direction and 4 continents worked :)

9M0L on 12m

Very lucky QSO with 9M0L on 24Mhz. All day I was trying to copy them on 10/12m but no luck. There was not signal at all on 28Mhz and on 24Mhz signal was up and down. And when after long brake their signal from Spratly show up very strong on 12m EI9KC is happy to be in their log! 6 bands slots completed. Will try on 80 and 10 hi hi!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

EJ0PL - Saltee Island EU-103 story ....

Papa Lima DX Group decided to activate Saltee Islands EU-103 this year. We choose April as the best time to visit Little Saltee Island.
There was a lot of preparation that had to be done before activation. Equipment, antennas, power generators, operation tents etc. We intended to carry it out in a   professional manner.
On the 13th of April, early in the morning we left Dublin and headed to Wexford. At about 10.00am we reached Kilmore Quay and met our boatman with his boat. 
It wasn’t easy to get to the shore for there’s no pier on the island. We were prepared for such an eventuality though and each one of us had special waterproof military trousers with the boots. 
As soon as we put our feet on dry land we started to carry all the equipment from the beach to the operating location. The owner of the island came on the boat shortly after us to show us where we can stay.
At around 2.00pm  on Friday first station was ready to go on air. One of us started calling CQ, CQ, CQ, this is EJ0PL IOTA expedition from EU-103 QRZ Please? Signal was spotted on 14MhzSSB. In the meantime the rest of the team assembled other station and antennas.
EJ0PL was fully assembled at around 8.00pm on Friday. We had 3 stations on air. We were operating on 3 different bands /emissions in the same time.

In terms of weather we were very lucky on Friday during landing on the island and assembling station and on Sunday when we had to dismantle everything. Weather was nice. Sunny and cold … but dry! Friday night and Saturday in the morning was the worst. Heavy  wind and rain. Very cold as well. EI4GK tent was in big troubles. In the Saturday afternoon weather improved , still was very cold, especially at night. Temperature was around ZERO. 

Sunday welcomed us with nice sunshine. Last QSO from EU-103 was made at around 2PM on Sunday. We had 48 hours operation from Little Saltee Island. Half day on Friday , all day Saturday and half day on Sunday.

5770 QSO in our log

1591 on Friday
3244 during Saturday
935 on Sunday

42292 Phone / 1292 CW / 186 Digital

More statistic on ClubLog.

We are very happy with this result. On Phone and CW as well. For your information our two CW operators are morse code beginners and they managed 1292 QSO on CW running heavy pile-up sometimes.

EJ0PL Little Saltee Island EU-103 team:

EI3KG (SP9UUC) – Michal  (CW/Phone)
EI4GK – Sean (Phone)
EI5JQ (SP9UMI) – Adam (Phone)
EI6KD – Robert (Digi)
EI9KC (SP6ICW) – Ark (CW/Phone)
SP7DPJ – Jacek – (Phone)
SQ7JT – Jurek (Phone)

Thank you for QSOs! CU AGN from another IOTA SOON!

Today in my BOX

Nice surprise! QSL Direct from PJ7PT. To be honest I didn`t expect card direct because I didn`t send my one out ... I donated the Team with small donation and looks like they send me QSL card direct with thanks ;)

9M0L - Spratly Island 3 bands in one evening.

Here on the picure team of operators  9M0L at Spratly Island AS-051. Not all of them as there is no Nigel G3TXF who just joined the Team yeaserday. And EI9KC is happy to work them on three bands in just one evening. 40/30/20 CW logged! On 30m I had a pleasure to work Nigel G3TXF from Spratly , well known DX/Contest Man and one of the TOP World Ham radio operators. Many thanks!

Monday, 16 April 2012

EI9KC on EJ0PL - Saltee Island EU-103

Great experience it was for EI9KC! We made 5770 QSOs in total. I did about 1200 of them! 500 on CW!
I will try to write more about our DXpedition to EU-103 Little Saltee Islands soon. 
Now enjoy some pictures of our operation from EU-103
Janek Kloss' EJ0PL photoset Janek Kloss' EJ0PL photoset

Thursday, 12 April 2012

EJ0PL - Saltee Island EU-103

Stay tunned! EJ0PL from Little Saltee Island. This weekend 13-15 April 2012.
CU from the IOTA EU-103!

Marshall Islands in my log WOW!

V73NS Neil is QRV now from this Amazing location on the Pacyfic Ocean. And EI9KC is more than happy to log his station on 21MhzCW this morning! Great All time NEW ONE! Thanks!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Righ moment , right time .... Spratly Island!

9M0L Dxpedition to Spratly Island (AS-051) started yesterday. And today EI9KC is happy to be in their log! I was trying on 15m and 17m SSB , no luck. On 17m they logged me as EI6KC but it can be mistake or real EI6KC worked them in the same time. On 15mSSB they called me KC pse go but QRM and I didn`t make it. When they said on 17mSSB QSY to CW I was on their CW frequency (spotted day before) and that was it! Heard CQ CQ 9M0L .... worked in simplex ;) Nice NEW ONE!

Monday, 9 April 2012

E51M mission completed!

E51M tomorrow is last day of their operation from Mannihiki in North Cook Islands. My plan was to reach them on 30/20/17 and maybe on 40m. On 40m SWLem them just once with great signal but opening was too short to get into their log. But on 30/20/17 logged! Just completed my last missing slot on 17mCW.

Samoa in my log!

5W7A is Hrane well known DX Man YT1AD is active from Samoa in the middle of Pacyfic Ocean and EI9KC is happy to log his call on 14MhzCW this morning. Condition amazing. Great signal he had in my location. New one on HF!

VK0TH Trevor was calling me on 30mRTTY! I had his RPT 599 but no luck from my side and he could not decode my signal .... UFF UFF ... so close so far. Great emotions Trevor. Thank you! Maybe next time OM!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

SPDX Contest 2012

EI9KC was active in SP DX Contest 2012. Less activity from my side because of Easter Holidays. In my spare time I am happy to have 202 QSOs with SP stations on 80/40/20 bands. Above my certificate for 1`st place in Ireland in 2011 edition of SP DX Contest.

ZF2LC .... 200 DXCC confirmed in CW

QSO with Jim ZF2LC and his QSL on LoTW is my 200 DXCC confirmed in CW!
In the same time 218 countries confirmed on LoTW (mixed) and 153 (phone)
This is example how CW powerful is Morse Code for DXing.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Guyana DXpedition 2012

Just started! 8R1PY , DXpedition from Guyana by PY TEAM. And just worked , to be honest "easy" on 30mCW. New country on that band and new in CW. For my statistics this is my 246 DXCC worked CW and 153 on 10Mhz. Many thanks.

Manihiki on 30m

E51M is on the bands now from Manihiki at North Cook Island. SWL them few times on 18Mhz but no luck. Today in the morning they had good signal on 30 and 40m. Lucky logged them on 30m. New country on 10Mhz for me.

Hunting for Macquarie Island ... got Micronesia instead.

Last few days I was searching bands and signals from Macquarie Island. Few days of operation VK0TH left and it will be nice to have just one QSO with this remote place on the Earth. And during my searching for Trevor on 21MhzCW I`ve found Micronesia , Weno Island !!! Big time NEW ONE. Signal was low, V63AAZ (Jonas SA0AAZ) was calling CQ CQ lonely in CW. And EI9KC is happy to be in his log. Visit his profile on a lot of nice underwater pictures!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Today in my BOX

TX6T/P from Mangareva Isl OC-063 and VP6T Pitcairn nice QSL package from Nigel G3TXF. Many thanks!