316 x 305
Band slots (CFM) on Clublog x LoTW
2306 x 2226

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Yemen 7O2A on 40M !

7O2A Yemen QSL Card 2013 edition

When DX- World announced 7O2A activity from Yemen for CQWW CW 2014 ... I said to myself ... 40M will be my target. As new one on this bands. Missed previous DXpedition on 40 , well not missed, not worked .... Last year when Dmitry RA9USU was active from Yemen for CQWW I was busy at EI1Y ... this time ... 2 days before contest , few hours after announced info 7O2A in my log on 7Mhz! Spotted his call on my "DX Helper" and here we go ... first few QSOs simplex , then he asked UP1 ... I was prepared ... my transceiver is now set to be almost all the time in SPLIT mode ... and here we go I was up 0.8 ... one shot ... EI9KC 5NN from 7O2A
Happy days!
Did not expected to work Yemen in 2014 ... this is so rare entity .... but it happened.
Logged as 251 DXCC in 2014 !!!
Need 1 more for my all time record ...

Clublog is not counting 7O2A ... yet ...

Callsign: 7O2A   Date: 2014-11-26 18:34:00       Band: 40        QSL: No
'7O2A' is not known to have been active from YEMEN on this date. As a precaution, this QSO will be stored but marked as invalid for DXCC. If this callsign is valid, it can be whitelisted - you are invited to send feedback. For a detailed explanation, please see:

Sunday, 23 November 2014

2014 DXCC Timeline

247 DXCC Countries worked this year so far!
Needs 5 more for EI9KC all time record.
In 2011 I`v logged 251 countries on HF.
Here is my list countries possible to work before the end of the year:



248 - St. Helena wkd 4 to go ...
249 - United Arab Emirates 3 to go ...
250 - Armenia 2 to go ....
251 - Yemen !!! 1 to go .....
252 - Oman ... NEW RECORD ! 
253 - Saudi Arabia ...
254 - Mauritania
255 - El Salvador

Thursday, 13 November 2014

American Samoa W1AW/KH8

Welcome to American Samoa

I was chasing few good days for W1AW/WH8 from American Samoa. I still need this entity on few bands and it it best time now to get them sorted!
This is not big DX-pedition and we had American Samoa on the air recently ...
Pile-up wasn`t big and Operators on the other side are experienced DX`ers!
First QSO .... 12M .... always great to work Pacific on higher bands in the evening here ....
... there was a hope for ... 10M! And dreams came true ... few days later KH8 ... logged on 28Mhz!
Short, just few minutes opening on my side ... but worked! 
Last missing band ... last missing workable band ... I would like to say ... 30M .... and today in the morning (just one day before they QRT) .. W1AW/WH8 in my log on 10Mhz!
To be honest both Samoa worked today on 30M ... 5W0UU from Samoa and W1AW/WH8 American Samoa ... great signals from both stations.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Good turnaround on LoTW

FT4TA - Tromelin Island

Great QSL received via LoTW recently:

4L5O - Georgia 80M/30M
W1AW/KH0 - Mariana Island - 12M
8P2K - Barbados - Digital
GJ8DX - Jersey - 15M
7X3FG - Algeria - 30M
Z37M - Macedonia - Digital

and ... FT4TA ... Tromelin Island 10 to 20M all three emissions.
This is my 299 DXCC confirmed on LoTW , waiting now for magic 300 ...

Tromelin Island will stay in my memory as hardest to work on CW .... managed 4 bands without CW (3 x SSB and 1 x RTTY) ... worked CW finally on two bands just for sure ...
The day when FT4TA uploaded first logs to LoTW was also the day when ... baby Guinea Pig was born at home and was called ... Tromelin 

Guinea Pig called Tromelin

Thursday, 6 November 2014


ZD9XF - Tristan da Cunha 

9N7AA - Nepal (front) 

9N7AA - Nepal (back)
TY1AA - Benin

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

2 x new DXCC worked on CW !!!

Tromelin Island

Yes! At last! FT4TA Tromelin Island DX-Pedition 2014 logged on CW! On 12M ... I was trying 17M SSB for new band when operator went QRX on 18Mhz decided to give a try on 12M CW ... it took me just few moments and Tromelin was in my log on CW! This time for first time my new device to watch pile-up on CW helps, very much so! 
 Tromelin Island DXCC nr 303 on CW!

Second new DXCC on CW was Andaman and Nicobar Islands VU4CB Campbell Bay
Great Nicobar Island .... IOTA AS-033 managed QSO on 20M for new DXCC on 20M as well!
Andaman and Nicobar Islands nr 304 on CW!

Monday, 3 November 2014

Nice surprise in the middle of the night ....

FT4TA Tromelin Island 20M RTTY around 1:00 UTC

I was chasing Tromelin Island FT4TA during weekend. When it was possible of course. Finally 4 bands worked! It was tough! For first time ever it is easier to reach them on SSB than on CW .... Still missing CW with Tromelin but on the end If I can`t make I will try to fix busted call on 12M CW ...
Saturday night when I was trying 30M CW ... big signal ... was spotted on 20M RTTY from FT4TA ...
About 40 minutes after midnight , just 1h before their SR. Here we go ... It was hard to get into their log
but hint from EI2KC Tony helps .... he worked them before me and let me know what his split was ....
I was calling way under without luck. Changed tactics and started calling them using wide split. Up 17.6 aprox ... gave me few magic characters on  my screen ..... EI9KC 599 EI9KC 
My plan is ... to reach them on 17M and maybe CW. One QSO per band it is more than enough for me.
From my personal point of view they should have one dedicated station for example 20M CW with 24h operating system to give chance for just one QSO ... 
Good Luck.