316 x 305
Band slots (CFM) on Clublog x LoTW
2306 x 2226

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Sri Lanka and Mali Confirmed

It was not easy for me to confirm Sri Lanka ... but at last Confirmed! Thanks to Nelson 4S7NE direct QSL received. Just card with Sri Lanka`s post stamp on the back. According to ClubLog my statistics are:
285 DXCC Worked *
280 DXCC Confirmed

Not confirmed yet: 
Algeria (waiting for decent Operator)
Maldives (QSL Direct sent)
Rwanda (QSL Direct prepared to be posted)
Tokelau - still ON AIR
Dem. Republic of the  Congo - Current Operator there - not valid for DXCC ...

Latest DXCC confirmed on LoTW - Mali by TZ6BB - Thanks Fernando! Great job!

Mali Confirmed!

(*) ClubLog is not counting me EZ8BP - Turkmenistan QSO as is not valid for DXCC.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Brunei Darussalam - confirmed at last!


Beautiful QSL Card recieved today! V84SMD confirmed on three bands! Very lucky QSOs :)) I did not expect to work them on 12m and 10m do this is big surprise for me! Many thanks for Whole Team MDXC! I had few QSOs with Brunei ... but unfortunately they are not confirmed. V85SS is a BAD QSLer .. I had two QSO with him on 20m SSB/CW sent my card direct 2 years ago - still nothing. No reply to my e-mails. Nothing. So here V84SMD did a great job! Brunei confirmed!

Sunday, 27 January 2013

9X0PY on 28Mhz

This is video recording 9X0PY Carl from Rwanda on 28Mhz in my QTH while antenna was low on the mast about 3m above the ground and pointed into North America. His signal was much better earlier but when I`ve decided to make this video was like that. Strong winds are battering Ireland now. No condition to rise my antenna today.

Millestone on LoTW

My latest QSO with Allan J8/W6HGF from  Saint Vincent and his rapid LoTW QSL gave me
  250 DXCC 
worked and confirmed on LoTW in Mixed Category!
And also new in CW.
I had this entity confirmed on few bands by QSL card  J88DR 

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Rwanda - mission completed

9X0PY Carl is active on the bands now and few day left to catch him if you need it! He is active mostly on metric bands. Did not hear him on 80m .... looks like no chances here .... but I am very happy with 4 QSOs!  40/20/15/10m done! Today in the morning logged Rwanda on 28Mhz! And last night on 40m! It was the hardest for me. I was waiting for him on 7Mhz for few days ... Last night great signal and not many callers ... Thanks Carl for first New One in 2013!

Friday, 25 January 2013

WFWL - Tokelau

Just logged Tokelau - for first time on HF - or not ... ZK3T showed up on the 30m this morning ... some people says ... PIRATE ... some is OK this is Dieter DJ2EH ... Well, worked. We will se what next. Work First - Worry Latter. ZK3N will be QRV in April 2013 worries. I believe it is not pirate ;)

Do you remember Fernando Z21BB ?

Z21BB Fernando , long time did not see him on the bands ... and now here is a reason. He QSY-ed to Mali! Now his call-sign is TZ6BB and he showed up this evening for first time on 20mCW. Band is closed here so there was no luck. NA stations were able to work him on 14Mhz. In the mean time I was waiting for  Carl 9X0PY on 40m as he had great signal last night in my location but he was looking NA only .... And just spotted on RBN Network Fernando on 7Mhz! .... I gave him a call almost in the same time when he finished CQ , I was prepared to call him in split up1. Bang on. Logged! I hope to catch him on another bands as he is great operator. Active mostly CW! SSB will be nice too ;) So far just one QSO with Mali - in 2011 TZ6TR - but no chances for QSL except eQSL
Good Luck in Mali now Fernando! It is not safe place at the moment.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

SP7IDX Hexbeam for sale - 6 bands.

Hexbeam designed by G3TXQ and made by SP7IDX for sale here. We (EI0PL) had this antenna on Little Saltee Island - EU-103 on IOTA Contest last year. Used just once for contest! 6 - bands version. Covered 20/17/15/12/10/6m - no ATU needed! Perfect for small gardens and portable operation. Read great reviews here. Antenna ready to go. Can be collected from my location.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

HA-DX 2013

Great fun last night on 80m running HA-DX 2013 Contest! 99 QSOs made on 3.5Mhz. First time participated in HA-DX here. Good rules of it that you can work any radioamateur station you like not only HA. Of course more points you can get for HA stations as Multipliers but if no one from Hungary is around you can log any active in Contest station. Good activity noticed last night on low bands ... a lot of great Contesters spotted. I`ve really enjoyed!

Friday, 18 January 2013

Great surprise from Malawi!

Weather is disaster today. Windy , cold and wet. Multi-band antenna is down on the mast here and pointed to NA. I was calling CQ on 30m for few moments and had some QSOs. Few EU loogged today and 2 USA West-Coast. Not many California stations in my log on 10Mhz. Great signals by the way. Then decided to give try on 28Mhz ... no much there today. QSYed to 15m. My signal on Reverse Beacons much better. Great SNR in USA. 36dB - this is a lot , especially when my antenna is down at 3m above the ground and 100W here. CQ CQ de EI9KC and ... 7Q7BP is calling me! This is not usual situation. More likely people calling him ... Malawi in Africa ... no question to ask. And Joe (his home call is G3MRC) is calling me on 15Mhz ... my hand is shaking .... Completed 2-WAY QSO , I gave him 559 and he gave me 599. Uff ...  When we finished a few stations started calling him by the way on "my frequency". No reply noticed. I had one QSO with Joe in Malawi last year in February on 28Mhz. QSO confirmed on LoTW already. Many thanks 7Q7BP Joe for your CALL! QSO to remember! CU AGN de EI9KC, 73!

Fernando de Noronha - on low bands.

PP1CZ is currently active from Fernando de Noronha as  PY0F/PP1CZ. I needed this entity on few band. And looks like now 160m and 20m ;) left to complete! Last night .... I was trying on 40m but without luck pile-up was not too bad but QRM yes. Leo QSYed to 80m and here we are. Not many stations from EU copied him that time ... I did it! Well ... to be honest QRMer from 40m QSYed too ... Not sure 100% about correct entry in his logbook. We will see. Maybe another opportunity will be here to give try on 80m. Best condition will be in the morning I think. Now when I am writing this note Leo is active on 40mCW. I was trying to reach him 3 days .... today did it! 40mCW logged for sure! I was waiting for him on 7.004 but he showed up on 7.002 tonight ;) It was my 2`nd QSO today with him. 15mCW logged as well early in the afteroon today.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Great condition on Low Bands tonight!

HS0ZEE famous dit dit Don from Thailand is very busy on the bands almost every day. Last year I couldn`t reach him on 80m! Tried several times .... no luck. He had great signal in my location but I had no luck. Until now ! Kingdom of Thailand logged on 80m! As New DXCC of course! Many thanks Don!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Singapore on 30m anyone ?

Great QSO logged tonight! 9V1YC James this time for 3`rd time in my log - now on 30m! Brand new DXCC on this band. To be honest he is very active on low bands last weeks but I had no luck to get him on 10Mhz. Until now! On the picture here QSL card from 80m and 15m band. Many thanks!

200 DXCC confirmed on 15m

Nice QSL card received direct today. 9Y4/DL7VOD Gerd. New country for me on few bands. Did some calculation and this is my 202 DXCC confirmed on 21Mhz. Thanks for fast QSL Gerd! 73!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Welcome first New One in 2013

Carl SM6CPY is back in Rwanda! Using his Rwanda call-sign 9X0PY. And EI9KC is happy to log him on 20mCW as New Country on HF! Went bit early from work today. Still bright outside .... decided to give a try ... checked cluster where he is , antenna up and here we are! Many thanks Carl! First New One in 2013.  And .... my 12000`th QSO logged! I will try to reach you on another bands. Good Luck to All!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Afghanistan on 80m

This is video made shortly after my QSO with T6LG IIlian from Afghanistan. New DXCC on 80m! And 2`nd attempt to log his station on this band. First time, few weeks ago he was strong like today in my location and I was one-by-one with him on the frequency and ... he couldn`t read my signal. I didn`t know why until I read his note on his profile " (Here is the level of the noise (QRM): 80m-S9 plus 20db, ) " it was impossible to break that barrier! Now his local noise level is reduced to S2 ! Tonight I`ve went to his frequency and was listening for a while. I was looking at his spilt and his style of operating. FB operator he is! When pile-up was starting to be smaller EI9KC needed just one call to reach Afghanistan on 80m! It was pleasure QSO! I  knew where he was listening and I knew where he will be ... This is OLD SCHOOL of DXing ... Listen , listen before Call !

Good progress on 30m

It is good to see LoTW working like it should be. Logbook of The World  is back to normal now. Great processing time noticed this morning. I had to upload whole my log as numbers of QSOs were missing. Noticed large amount of NEW ONES confirmed on LoTW especially on 30m. This is result of my latest activity on 10Mhz.


At  the moment my statistics on 30m are:

191 DXCC Worked
163 DXCC Confirmed (147 on LoTW)

Friday, 11 January 2013

EI9KC`s brief 2012 summary.

I like all sort of statistics for my radio hobby. 
Now it is good time to show some of them for 2012.

5455 QSO in total
3248 - CW (59.5%)
2073 - Phone - (38%)
135 - Digi - (2.5%)

QSOs per band

QSL from T8XX Palau (First QSL from Palau)

Countries DXCC

247 Countries worked in 2012

Full DXCC statistics per band here

QSO per continent:

2813 - Europe
1549 - North America
456 - Asia
284 - Africa
212 - South America
126 - Oceania

OH1VR/VP9 - Bermuda (80/40/20 QSL)

Worked All 40 CQ Zones.
Most active zone: 15 with 1164 QSOs
Just 2 QSOs with Zone 2 , 12 and 34

1386 worked prefixes.

QSO per stations:
PJ4C - 20 QSOs
1A0C - 19
5T0SP / HK0NA - 18 
CY9M / PJ7PT - 15 
EI3KG - 14
HU2DX - 13
EI80IRTS / PT0S - 12
7O6T / D64K - 11
E40VB / TN2T - 10

Thursday, 10 January 2013

When CW is a pleasure ....

Just arrived ... Morsedirigent (Der Morse Dirigent) ... not much time to play with it today but for sure will enjoy very soon. My old "Kent TWO" - paddle / straight key was good ... for some time ... but when things are not going like your fingers are asking to do - it is time for a change. And here it is. Brand new morse paddle to improve my CW skills. Hard to make a choice these days - what to get ?... Paddle or straight ? For me paddle for sure ... then what make ? Top brands are not for my pocket ... this one here made by Scheunemann-Morsetasten in Germany is from the middle shelf but some people says: "simply the best paddle ever made". It is good for sure , not much experience here to say more but as I said ... I will enjoy.

The only one thing I did not like when see it first time - those blue finger pieces - this is only me - I will try to replace them with transparent ones ...

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

When DX-ing is a pleasure - part 2

When DX-ing is a pleasure part 1 - here .... it has also different point of view. My favourite band on HF is 30m ... NO SSB allowed here .... no microphone ..... CW - fundamental to HAM radio and DIGI Modes only ... as I am not big fan of digi modes ... enjoying operating CW almost every day there. Band is open 24h here .... well. From some directions of course.

DX-ing is a pleasure for me when I am calling CQ from my first ever home made antenna , inverted V-dipole hanging on the tree using 100W barefoot from my radio , sending morse code at 21 wpm (can read 32 hihi) and enjoying every single QSO! Tonight same as every night .... CQ CQ de EI9KC PSE K few QSOs on 30m few stations from USA and Europe logged and ... one surprise from South Africa replied to my call - ZS6EZ Chris ... great QSO ... thank for 449 in South Africa Chris! This is real pleasure for me , this is how I like to enjoy HAM radio and CW!

On the picture here my first Morse paddle - Kent TWO - will try very soon to practice on something new ;)

Today in my "BOX"

I had P.O. Box many years ago :) 
VK9/OH3X Lord Howe Island from Henri OH3JR. New DXCC for me on HF! Many thanks!

This is my 2`nd QSL from The ONLY HAM Radio operator in Mount Athos --- SV2ASP/A Monk Apollo. This time single sided two colour QSL card. Last time received 4 pages double sided full colour QSL card.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

80m IRTS Winter Contest

A bit of activity on 80m EI IRTS Winter Contest. 66 QSO here in mixed category. Not much activity noticed this year. Missing counties this year in my log where: ARM , CAR , CAV , DER , LAO , LON , MEA, MON, SLI , TIP, TYR. For first and I hope last time used SD archaic software to log all QSOs.

HNY Bermudas on 30m!

Happy New Year to all!
Just started New Year with few QSOs on 30m CW .... Yesterday I had to fix my dipole for 30m as strong wind damaged my supporting rope. As mentioned few QSOs this morning on quiet band .... one of them brought me New DXCC on this band K1GI/VP9. Bermuda Islands to make it 190 country worked on 10Mhz.