316 x 305
Band slots (CFM) on Clublog x LoTW
2306 x 2226

Friday, 20 February 2015


Latest Direct QSL arrivals ....

VK9DLX - Lord Howe Island

VK9DLX - Lord Howe Island

VU4KV Andaman and Nicobar Islands sticker

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Cocos Island ATNO!

This is TI9/3Z9DX and RA9USU Dimitri on CW 17M from Cocos Island! 25`th place on Most Wanted list DXCC! And EI9KC is more than happy to work him as NEW Country on HF! Tiny signal from Cocos Island but strong enough to copy EI9KC 5NN on my hexbeam ! I know Dimitri and his style of CW`art after Yemen. He was member of 7O6T in 2012 and also as 7O2A personal CQWW activity. Great to hear him again! TI9/3Z9DX is a 4 Man operation from Cocos Island. Two Polish ops are there as well. Dom 3Z9DX (ex SQ9KWW) and SP8SIW Przmek. 4`th member is local TI2HMJ Jorge. Well done to whole team to put TI9 on air! Their location is not great to work EU but I`m happy with my QSO. This is beauty of CW, SSB in that condition .... sweet dream to copy anything. Recording is low quality I know that. I hope to have another chance to hear them better while I am busy packing my stuff for Juan Fernandez 3G0ZC ....

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Some eQSL received

I have more than 21K QSOs 
and about 6258 eQSL received.
195 DXCC
No chances to show every one of the here. 
But from time to time I will publish some of the latest arrivals:








Navassa widest split ever on CW

K1N on 21Mhz CW half portion of split

This is something what I had to record on the video. First of all I fixed my monitor 90 degrees for portrait mode to be able fit more on the screen but this is only 50% of the whole split on 15M for K1Navassa! Seen stations with 599 up 30 ...So when K1N was on 21.006 Mhz they replied callers on 21.036 .... any questions? I had real pleasure to watch that. First of all I am not chasing them any more and I was watching operators technique. Great fun was when some of the callers had split below up 1 and they were taken :) ! 

Friday, 6 February 2015

Juan Fernandez 2015

Well .... it is official now:

I am going to 3G0ZC!

It will be my 1`st major DXpedition.

CU in the pile-ups!

K 1 Navassa

K1N Navassa - first Team picture on the Island

Few days ago I`ve asked my kids to call me .... Navassa next few day.

Most Wanted number 1 (from some sources) DXCC

Little Island located between Jamaica and Haiti. So close but so far.
Thanks to K1N and their hard job to get permission to put Navassa on the air. All infos
are on their website.

For me personal it will be DXCC number 307 worked on HF. 
And it is !!!

Here is little video when K1N is working 
PB9FN and SP2FAX on 20M
Great signal that moment.

By the time I am writing this entry on my blog Navassa is sorted in my log.
Managed few QSOs from my QTH and few QSOs from EI0PL QTH.
Slept just 1h in 38h ... but it was worth it!
And also great thrill to break US pile-up! Yes I managed this few times.
Great fun was on 17M CW at 22:00 local even operator on the
other side was surprised ;)
Hardest QSO so far was on 12M CW where I`ve spent 3h on 20kHz wide split.
Real pleasure was to go in the middle of heavy EU pile-up on 80M or 40M and break it!

Another video here when EI0PL is working K1N Navassa on 40M CW

This time our great advantage in EI is our location! We are on the first line in EU to work them.
And this is great. I remember last DX-peditions (Tromelin for example) when EI on the end of Europe had to beat whole continent.
Navassa Island - Google Earth screen.

Some people are saying that next Navassa will be not earlier than in 10 years time. Well will see.
I will not comment also operating techniques from K1N.
Such a big demand for Navassa all over the World.
I wish JA stations Good Luck! They have the hardest way to contact them,

Sunday, 1 February 2015

3A2LF Monaco and LoTW story

eQSL from 3A2LF Monaco

I am glad to see recent LoTW upload from Monaco 3A2LF Claude. Still need few slots to be confirmed from this small country. I had 2 QSOs with Cluade on 20 and 12M. 12M QSL was most important for my ONLY Monaco on 24Mhz. And when spotted on LoTW just 20M QSO confirmed I had to send e-mail to 3A2LF Claude to ask him to check his log. I have his paper QSL received via Bureau for our 12M QSOs .... so it must be some small mistake or something. Claude replied very quickly that our QSO was incorrectly logged on 15M. Received new LoTW upload next few minutes with 12M QSO on it. Real HAM Spirit! Thanks a lot OM Claude!
This is example how every little steps to get QSL are important. I have few similar QSOs on LoTW but other side doesn`t want to cooperate to fix mistakes. For example : HI3TEJ ... several e-mails sent to Ted no reply. I had another opportunity to work another stations from Dominican Republic to get QSL.