316 x 305
Band slots (CFM) on Clublog x LoTW
2306 x 2226

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

EU-103 Little Saltee Island for IOTA Contest 2016

EU-103 Little Saltee Island

Landing permission obtained ! Papa Lima DX & Contest Group will participate in IOTA Contest 2016 from EU-103 Little Island as EJ1Y. Possible operation as EJ0PL before and after Contest.
I am very happy to be in the Team!
More updates soon.

Kerguelen Island - QSL !

FT4XU - Kerguelen Island

Arrived today! Just one QSO with this rare DX confirmed by QSL now. Many thanks for great QSO Nicolas! New DXCC!

Saturday, 16 April 2016

HF happenings

1) Botswana on the AIR! Thanks to A25UK I have two new bands needed from this DXCC - 30 and 12

2) FT4XU - Kergulen Island CFM on LoTW - great surprise , new DXCC , looking forward for paper QSL

3) V31YN - Gerd thank you for log re-search and upload my QSO again. 12M Belize CFM at last...

4) T8XX Ulf (DL5AXX) - thank you for LoTW upload your Palau 2012 DXpedition - 30M band new slot !

5) S0S - Western Sahara arrived on LoTW as new DXCC !
QSO made on 10M SSB during CQWW SSB ....

6) Later today S01WS

Western Sahara again - main log uploaded to LoTW !!! Almost all slots worked CFM by card already now on LoTW. Did not expect this DXCC to see on LoTW. Waiting only for 30M QSO to show-up there made in 2015 .....

6) V73D - Marshall Islands received on LoTW as well. 30M new band and also 20M SSB new on phone! Many thanks.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Juan de Nova - Masterpiece

FT4JA - Juan de Nova 2016

FT4JA went QRT on Sunday 10.04. My last QSO was on 20M CW - few days ago started with 20M RTTY and finished on 20M CW ... on 20M CW operator was Pat F2DX and I`ve received EI9KC 5NN 73. Last year on 3G0ZC Juan Fernandez 2015 I was with Pat in the Team.
F2DX and F6BEE were active from Mayotte before Juan de Nova and Pat gave me new DXCC on 30M! 

FT4JA by Pat F2DX CW 39 WPM 

FT4JA - 15M CW

Juan de Nova 2016 was pleasure to work and I am happy to have them in the log on 8 bands and 3 emissions. Smooth operation from start to finish. Great Team and well organized! Few operators from Juan de Nova in 2014 activated FT4TA. They learnt they lesson I believe. Tromelin was hard to work. I`ve remember how it was to get into their log. Juan de Nova was much , much easier. 
OQRS + donation just done. During OQRS I`ve found two QSO I did not make it 17 SSB and 17CW it must be some mistake or other station incorrectly logged. 

Monday, 11 April 2016

Safe home VK0EK Team ! QRT now


VK0EK Team is QRT on Heard Island preparing to leave and 2 weeks journey to South Africa.
I did my OQRS yesterday plus did donation to a Team for fantastic DXCC in my log and received this morning fresh LoTW upload with all my VK0EK QSO confirmed.
Thank again! Safe home!

Sunday, 10 April 2016

VK0EK - Heard Island almost QRT

VK0EK - Heard Island 2016 camp

Heard Island DXpedition is almost QRT

It was great pleasure to hear and work and wait for hours on some
band for such a remote pleace on the Earth to be activated on HAM Radio bands.

Brief summary per band from my point of view:

160 - No luck to made 2-way QSO but . SWL two or three times. We`ve lost inverted L during winter storms and it we installed inv V on TB for SPDX Contest fixed also EU beverage which was on the same direction as VK0EK / FT4JA - 250M of coax had big loss and signals were not so strong.

80 - - few days later SWL their signal on this band , much better signals some times and little pile-ups. It was easier to work Heard Island from our part of EU on low bands than on higher.

40 / 30 - - managed also 40M RTTY from monster Moxon at Papa Lima location for new mode.


14Mhz VK0EK ????? 

20 - big question mark ? why I didn`t log Heard Island on 14Mhz. Many hours waiting , SWL about 3 or 4 openings three times in the morning via LP and once in the evening but no QSO. There was always something .... JA Wall / QSY to different bands or no QRV at our "best time" I don`t know why but it must be reasons - why VK0EK didn`t QRV at about 16-19 UTC on 14Mhz ..... For example my only QSO with Kergulen FT4XU Nicolas 4 months ago was at around 18:00 on 20M. Nicolas was using single dipole at human height , low power , etc Kergulen Island is "not too far" .... at the moment when I am writing this post FT4JA QRV on 20M (16:37 UTC) and they are real 5NN on my S-meter
FT4JA on 20M - where was Heard Island on 20M ????

This answer know only The VK0EK Team ... 

17 / 15  - quiet signals but workable - only CW for sure 

15 SSB - has to be done from good antenna - managed QSO from Papa Lima location on 3 ele full size 21Mhz antenna. Signal low as a whisper - SWL`ed just 2 times their phone operation.

This recording of VK0EK on SSB is very unique in EI

VK0EK by UT6UD Vaydm on SSB 21Mhz


12 - hours of waiting for good shape signal .... one week ago when workable on 12M was NA NA only .... then next day ... missed opening - 4 EI worked them on 12 ... had to wait another few days for good chance and I`ve took it! 2 weeks waiting for QSO on 24Mhz finally in the log!

10 - no EI station logged them on this band. Full time Dxers didn`t manage it. Must say it was almost impossible. That day when I`ve worked them on 12M I`ve SWL VK0EK signal on 28034 Mhz for 30 seconds .... yes 30 seconds ....

DXA website was great tool. Probably most viewed site by DX hunters last 2 weeks. Had it on always beside my DX-Cluster :) I wish to see DXA working again in the future from some of Most Wanted DXCC. Great joy!

So well , Heard Island in my log on 6 bands and three modes. Not too bad and I am happy with that. 
Thanks for good thrill and looking forward QSL card managed by top QSL Manager these days Tim M0URX!

Saturday, 9 April 2016

55 Years In Space Award

55 Years in Space Awards obtained by EI9KC
while waiting for DX to come :)

Thursday, 7 April 2016

SPDX Contest 2016 by EI0PL


EI0PL - SPDX 2014 trophy

EI0PL scored EU record in SPDX Contest in 2014 so it is our pleasure to participate in this contest every year.

EI0PL EU Continent Record SPDX Contest

This time our team was:


We know how to work our friends in Poland and every time we are getting better.
160M inv V installed for this competition did good job.
Best band was 20M
High bands were affected by solar storm and 10M was closed 
15M wasn`t any better but at the end of the contest on Sunday afternoon we
had short opening to SP land.

1047 QSOs made by EI0PL this year,
I think it is great result.

EI0PL - SPDX 2016 QSOs

UKEI SSB - April 6`th

UKEI Contest

Last night I`ve participated in SSB part of UKEI 80M sprint. This time from EI0PL Club Station as I was there to chase some DX on low bands :)
80M was noisy and recently fixed EU beverage helps a lot!

66 QSOs - 1 busted call. Best QSO with SQ9ZBC Marcin 1982 km. I did some propaganda about this sprint on polish message board and it is nice to see few SP station in this competition.

Last night contacts

I was using EI0PL call but my log for some reasons was for EI9KC and was sent with mistake.
When raw scores were published last night I had last place with 42 errors !!!
No doubt!
All QSOs were checked with EI9KC and not EI0PL ..... my fault.

Early in the morning I`ve got message from Chris GM3WOJ  Contest Adjudicator what has happend
and EI0PL will be count as checklog. But looks my log was fixed and when official scores were published EI0PL acheived 1`st place in High power section!
Nice one! My first ever 1`st in this competition.