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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Juan de Nova - Masterpiece

FT4JA - Juan de Nova 2016

FT4JA went QRT on Sunday 10.04. My last QSO was on 20M CW - few days ago started with 20M RTTY and finished on 20M CW ... on 20M CW operator was Pat F2DX and I`ve received EI9KC 5NN 73. Last year on 3G0ZC Juan Fernandez 2015 I was with Pat in the Team.
F2DX and F6BEE were active from Mayotte before Juan de Nova and Pat gave me new DXCC on 30M! 

FT4JA by Pat F2DX CW 39 WPM 

FT4JA - 15M CW

Juan de Nova 2016 was pleasure to work and I am happy to have them in the log on 8 bands and 3 emissions. Smooth operation from start to finish. Great Team and well organized! Few operators from Juan de Nova in 2014 activated FT4TA. They learnt they lesson I believe. Tromelin was hard to work. I`ve remember how it was to get into their log. Juan de Nova was much , much easier. 
OQRS + donation just done. During OQRS I`ve found two QSO I did not make it 17 SSB and 17CW it must be some mistake or other station incorrectly logged. 


  1. Hi Ark, great you worked them. I've tried many times at 17SSB and 30m CW. I'm shure I had a QSO with them on 30. But not in the log. have to wait for the next time. 73, Bas

  2. Good morning Ark, very nice YouTube recordings of the DXpedition, The 20m recording at 39 wpm was a bit to fast for me. The 15m seemed to be more manageable for me. I'm not sure if the wpm were the same but the tone being lower was better for me to copy.
    Have a great weekend.
    73, Mike