316 x 305
Band slots (CFM) on Clublog x LoTW
2306 x 2226

Friday, 31 October 2014

Tromelin Island!

FT4TA Tromelin Island

One of the most important DX-Peditions in 2014 QRV! Tromelin Island FT4TA. No 8 Most Wanted DXCC by the Clublog. Happy to be in the log! On 10M and 12M .... both SSB can you imagine split on 10M reaching up 60! Can you imagine CW on 17M reaching SSB portion of the band ? This is what it was today on the bands! So far ... great SSB operators .... 
At the moment good signal on 30M CW spotted. Good Luck!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Nice surprise from Fiji

3D2AG/P Rotuma Island

Post stamp from Fiji

3D2AG/P Rotuma Island confirmed on 17M. Thanks to Antoine and his recent activity. 

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Timor Leste ... sorted

This Bob G3ZEM in 4W on 28Mhz ... I was waiting for good opportunity to work him on 10M. Last week he was very strong on this band but I had no time for the radio ... during the week condition was not good late afternoon or band was closed . When I had some time to get him on 28M he was active on different bands ... for example 80M ... When he was spotted on 3.5Mhz I didn`t go there to have a look ... no hope to work Timor Leste on 80M in the evening where EI is "last" in EU and you have to be stronger with all European in the pile-up. My simply dipole on the tree is not good for that. Maybe ... when signal is coming from the West but this is different story. When finally tuned into his frequency on 3.5Mhz I was really surprised how strong I can copy Bob on 80M! ... uuu ... worth to try ... I think many EU stations did not believe to copy him as well and pile-up wasn`t big. Decided to try. "G" stations usually have good ears for G stations and EI too ... and Bob G3ZEM is one of them. I gave him a call few times and ..... received reply .... EI9KC EI9KC 5NN .... on 80M !!! Timor Leste on 80M!!! gave him reply but he didn`t get it .. he sent one more time EI9KC EI9KC 5NN 5NN ... I`ve replied ... RR 5NN TU .... and heard TU UP .... 2-way QSO logged and confirmed already on LoTW! Great operator and pleasure to work .....
Last band left ...10M! (I am not counting TB) ... Very weak signals last few days ... no chances with hexbeam ... too weak and pile-up so strong. Only good antennas can do this. I had proof early this morning. I was one by one with Bob on his QRG when he started calling CQ, no one else .... his signal was very weak but "workable" .... so what when he didn`t copy me .... just once picked up KC KC? but he didn`t get full call .... shortly afterward he was spotted on DX Cluster and it was it ... but thankfully his signal was rising! And I had bit of luck to get EI9KC 5NN on 10M from East Timor after about 20 minutes of calling him in the pile-up. When I was recording that video his signal was good but in next 5 minutes he was real 599 on my S-meter. 
Thanks Bob for great fun to work you from 4W , 3 new bands! 80/40/10

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Tokelau by SP team

Marcin ZK3E and Jacek ZK3Q are active now from Tokelau. Small dot on the Pacific Ocean ... always welcome on the bands, great DX to work from Europe and I had pleasure to work them on few bands. Last QSO on 15M just logged. Heavy pile-up , because is great opening on 15M towards western EU. 

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

VK9DLX - Lord Howe Island 2014

"German invasion on Lord Howe Island" QRV!

Lord Howe is welcome in my log on several bands ... I have just one band confirmed 21Mhz CW ... and now there is hope for more. Thanks to Lagunaria DX Group DXpedition VK9DLX
This is big style operation from Lord Howe. 3 tons of equipment! 10 stations running .... well!
Last night massive pile-up on 20M CW .... without luck from my side. I was watching them
on SDR device ... (their pile-up ... uff) ...! No doubt they will give a lot of new slots to HAM radio DX community and many ATNO as well! From my side ... never heard Lord Howe Island so strong!
They will stay there for more than 2 weeks. I hope everyone will get a chance to work them.
Good Luck!

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Western Kiribati T30D

T30D Western Kiribati - spiderbeam

German DX-Pedition T30D from Western Kiribati is nearly QRT. Two new slots welcome here. 40M and RTTY. 40M SSB managed from EI0PL QTH. SWL`ed on 40CW early in the morning one day but no luck. Had no chances to hear them on 12M band. Congratulations to Brendan EI6IZ who managed QSO on 12M CW. Always welcome great signals from Pacific Ocean. Their signals on 20/17M were very strong.
Good team , previously active from Niue in 2012 and Samoa in 2013

Thursday, 9 October 2014

WAS achieved on another band ....

EI9KC 4 bands WAS

Last missing US State on 17M was IDAHO (ID) .... recent W1AW/7 LoTW upload gave me last QSL - IDAHO confirmed on 17M .... To make sure I will get that I`ve worked them on CW/SSB/RTTY :) Worked All States 4 bands sorted .... 20/17/15 and 10 .... next step .... catch missing States on another bands .... and main focus on 12M now .... where:

Montana / Oregon / Rhode Island / South Dakota / Wyoming

Are still missing ....

P.S. W1AW/7 from ID gave me also WAS on 17M CW but I am not counting different modes / bands , etc .... 

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

QSL from .... the Jail

3W3RR/Jail Romeo QSL Card

3W3RR Romeo Stepanenko, aka Roman Vega, P5RS7, UB5RR, 3W3RR, XYØRR, 1SØRR, , etc 
was very active on the bands from various and exotic places by the end of 90`s. 
He activated P5 North Korea ....
At the moment Romeo is jail in USA. Long story ....
There is a chance to get his unique QSL card 3W3RR/Jail-Pedition and be listed in his log. All infos on his website.

Thanks for QSL DR ROMEO. Good Luck! And CU on the bands some day.

QSL is beautiful 6-page full color card.

3W3RR Jail-Pedition QSL card was posted from Russia.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

EJ1Y - 2`nd place in IOTA Contest 2014

Great result by whole Team!

2`nd place in IOTA Contest 2014 from Great Blasket Island EU-007 in Island DXpedition Multi Operatror High Power Category ....

It was Papa Lima`s biggest DXpedition so far.
QSL cards from EJ1Y and EJ0PL are on the way from printer and will be posted out shortly.

Pictures , logs and the story are published on official website dedicated to this DXpedition.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Good turnaround QSL on LOTW

Good turnaround on LOTW noticed! 
Some new ones received for Digital after participating in CQWW RTTY 2014 Contest last weekend. No much QSOs but just for few DXCC missing in digital in my log.
This is short list of new ones received on LoTW last few days:

CT2IOV - Portugal (digital)
ZS6RJ - (digital) South Africa
E30FB - Eritrea - NEW DXCC / Mixed / Phone / 10M/15M
HK6P - Colombia - (digital)
ER5DX - Moldova - 40M / digital
ZD8RH - Ascension Island - digital
YL2SM - Latvia - 40M
ZD9XF - Tristan da Cunha & Gough Is. - 10M (TNX NIGEL great 
surprise before QRT)
FK8DD - New Caledonia - digital - TNX Sam!