316 x 305
Band slots (CFM) on Clublog x LoTW
2306 x 2226

Monday, 29 August 2011

PP0T 8 page QSL

PP0T Trinidade Island , good looking , 8 pages QSL today in my box!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

SKED Sunday morning

Yesterday morning I SWL station from New Zealand on 30m. It was Mark ZL3AB. He had 559 in my QTH but I had no chances to make QSO as he was busy. I wrote an e-mail to Mark with regards and informations about his RST near Dublin. He replied very quick to me with proposition for a SKED tomorrow morning at 5:50 UTC same band 30m same freq 10124. In the morning here in Europe, he had Sunday evening ... About 20K km distance. My Wimdom dipole and his Inverted V. Today I wake up at 5:30, cup of tea and I was waiting for his call on 10124 and then at 5:50UTC sharp Mark started to call me and e-mail came with info that he is on the frequency. I started call back but he didn`t copy my station on the begining. After few calls he had to tune up slightly and he pick-up my call !!! Short QSO in CW and I was delighted! Just when we finished I herad some station was calling me on the same freq .... it was Marks`s neighbor .. ZL3NB Bill. We had short QSO on 30m as well. My first QSOs on 30m with ZL. Many thanks specially to Mark ZL3AB to set-up SKED EI-ZL ... 20k km on dipoles! QSOs to remember!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

New Zealand RUGBY on ..... dipole !!!

Today is a historic day as my longest QSO made from EI! ZL4RUGBY operated by Paul ZL4PW Special call sign to celebrate the playing in New Zealand of the 2011 Rugby World Cup is my first ZL worked on HF! (19084.3 km) the distance is! Worked on 20m CW. I`m very happy with this QSO. I`ve send an e-mail to Paul with thanks to pick-up my call and he send me fast reply :

Hi Ark,

Pleased to confirm you are in the log!

Worked you on the short path... other EU were on LP but a JA called me and I switched the beam 180 deg (SteppIR here so takes 3 seconds  to do) then heard you in there also... and MD0CCE as well...

Vy 73,


Short time after QSO I`ve realized I was using .... dipole antenna! My WimDom dipole antenna 79m meters long wire 160m to 6m. This is Great QSO to remember!

South Cook Island

Wake up early Saturday in the morning with hope for some QSO with Pacyfic area stations. Heard ZL3AB on 30m very well but Mark went QRT. Then I QSY to 14Mhz and I had a QSO with E51JD Jim operating from RAROTONGA Island on Cook Islands. He was operating by list. No big pile-up. Nice QSO. My first QSO with South Cook Island on HF.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

EI9KC - 1 year on the air!

My first QSO as EI9KC was made 24 August 2010. One full year on the Amateur band was very interesting for me. I wasn`t active on HF before. Today I can say "better later than never"!  (16 years on 11m - more than enough) I`m active from 160m to 10m today. This is my statistics after one year on the HF bands in Ireland.

160m - 41 DXCC worked
80m - 36 
40m - 110
30m - 78
20m - 178
17m - 107
15m - 130
12m - 88
10m - 88
6m - 4

187 DXCC worked CW
185 - SSB
28 - RTTY

223 DXCC worked in total. (one year on all bands) Many QSOs to remember. That is why I have this blog!
Map is from here:

Great opening on 21Mhz tonight.

Tonight when I heard some good signals on 21Mhz around 21:30 local time I`ve decided to stay on 15m longer. On the begining I was calling some stations spotted on cluster and after that I started calling CQ in SSB. Nice signals came from America. Mostly USA. Brand new US State worked  tonight North Dakota. And many more. Interesting countries as well. 7 new ones on this band!

Monday, 22 August 2011


This is final front design of EJ0PL QSL Card. Card will be printed next few days and we are hope to send back QSL by the end of September. Stay tunned!

Friday, 19 August 2011

OJ0UR Market Reef

OJ0UR United Radio Team on Market Reef gave me this DXCC on 3 new bands. 15/80/160m. All contacts confirmed already on LoTW. Many thanks!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

EI9KC QRV again

I wasn`t active on the radio during my summer holidays exept EJ0PL.DX-Pedition from Great Blasket Isalnd. It was good fun to opearate from EU-007 during 2011 RSGB Iota Contest.
From Left: EI9KC / EI4JZ / SQ7NNM / EI5JQ / SP9UUC / SQ7JT on Great Blasket Island.

Now I`m back. Few good contacts made today. In the morning I had a QSO with Hawaii Island on 20m SSB - Allan NH7NJ and then with Roy VK6MV fromWestern Australia on 20m SSB as well. OJ0UR is now on AIR and they gave me new DXCC on 160m and 80m so far. I will try to work them on 15m and 12m as well. I need Market Reef on those bands.