316 x 305
Band slots (CFM) on Clublog x LoTW
2306 x 2226

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

9V1YC Singapore on 80m QSL

9V1YC QSL in my box today! Confirming 2 QSOs with James on 80m and 15m!
Received via his QSL Manager W5UE
Many thanks!

P.S. Looking forward to make some New Ones on 80m this winter season!
BTW Singapore on 80m worked in July ;)) 

Monday, 29 October 2012

LoTW QSL are flying!

Just 20h after CQWW SSB 2012 and QSL on LoTW are flying! My log was uploaded just few minutes after I finished to be active in that competition. Usually servers were busy to proceed all logs we had to wait 48h or similar because of backlogs. This year LoTW is very fast! Super speed and great service. Also many thanks to all stations who uploaded their logs shortly after contest. So far new for me:

  •  LA6YEA - Norway - new on 15m
  • ZM4M - New Zealand - new on Phone
  • T6MO - Afghanistan - new on Phone
  • SV5DKL - Dodecanese - new on Phone and 10m
  • 9K2HN - Kuwait - new on 10m
  • VU2NKS - India - new on Phone / 10m
Around 300 new records noticed on my LoTW account shortly after contest.

EI9KC CQWW SSB 2012 statistics

New experience noticed this time during CQWW SSB 2012 contest working as NON-ASSISTED. It means no used DX-Cluster during competition. It was much harder to find new multipliers. But what a thrill is when Multiplier is giving you a call when doing CQ. Or when searching frequencies from time to time new Multiplier (New Country/CQ Zone appear)! This is amazing. Can you imagine how it was for me when station from Madagascar 5R8UI located in CQ zone 39 show up during my searching? Or KH7O Hawaii Islands located in CQ Zone 31 ? Or when I was calling CQ and station from New Zealand  ZL4M gave me a call and New CQ Zone 32! Few times I`ve found interesting station in wanted CQ ZONE but pile-up was massive that time or it was almost the end of condition on the band and I could not reach it. I had a situation last night when station ZD8O was active on 21Mhz and it was too late for me to reach him when signals in his location from NA where much stronger. Similar thing with stations located in Zones 27 and 28. SWL` them , but not worked. 
Summary for 40 CQ Zones:

32 CQ Zones worked.
Missing Zones: 1 , 23 , 27 , 28 , 34 , 36 , 37* , 38

*No activity reported from CQ Zone 37 during CQWW SSB 2012 yet.

52% of my QSOs on 28Mhz! As band in great condition. To be honest with a bit of luck all World was active on 28Mhz last weekend. A lot of stations where operating on 10m only. One day after contest I`ve spoken with EI5JQ Adam and he told me about his 1800 QSOs made on 10m ONLY during contest! New EI record ? Perhaps! One more 28Mhz beauty .... band is WIDE ... noticed activity from 28.250Mhz up to 29.100 Mhz thats a lot! Compare it to 40m where you can operate from 7.040 up to 7.200 ... huge difference! 
For 160/80/40m my multiband dipole on the tree is not GREAT thing but something I must take what I have and little activity on those bands from my side. One thing to remember on 80m! Easier for me was to work C5A The Gambia than several EU countries hi hi! 
And here is my breakdown by bands:

This was my activity time:

Stations with 4 QSOs:

Stations with 3 QSOs:

No QSOs with W3LPL robot as I am no supporting Skimmer active on DX Cluster! 

QSOs summary by figures:

115 DXCC in total : 

Great fun was to work USA - looking forward for ARRL 10m 2012 !!!

And EU!

That is all for now.
73! and CU in next Contest! 
de EI9KC

Statistics made by UA4WLI - SH5 Contest Log Analyzer 

Drums Speaks Morse!

Great video shows how to learn CW! Looking forward for CQWW CW 2012 in a month time! 

CQWW SSB 2012 by EI9KC

EI9KC participated in CQWW SSB 2012 contest last weekend in SOAB HP - NON Assisted Category. Great new personal experience and kind of personal record noticed. 1228 QSOs logged. Dream condition on 28Mhz! Many new DXCC worked by PHONE as CW here is prefered! More statistics soon!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Sable Island "easy" from EI

At last some DX is located in "easy" location to work it from EI .... AA4VK/CY0 just logged on 12m SSB as New DXCC on 24Mhz. Condition for CY0 no good here on 28Mhz so far .... !!! UFF !!! few minutes later signal on 10m from WA4DAN/CY0 show up here from S0 to S9 in 30seconds! Amazing. Took 1 minute for me to work Sable Island on 28Mhz as New on 10m! Great DX!


World traveller UA4WHX Vlad "great ears" is now QRV from Kyrgyzstan as EX/UA4WHX in the mean time he send me QSL posted from Egypt to confirm Palestine and his DX-Pedition as E40VB :) WOW! Vlad many thanks for NEW ONE on HF! 

DX Happenings in October - What a day!

A lot is to do now on the bands. Higher bands are wide open for almost all parts of the World. A lot of DX-Pedition now QRV - full list here.
What new for me on the bands ?

1) XX9THX - Macau - New on CW 
2) 5T5BV - Mauritania - New on 20/30/12
3) EA9/SP7VC Ceuta and Meililla - New on 20/80 
4) HS0ZEE - Thailand - New on 30
5) 3B9SP - Rodriques Island - New on 20
6) P29VCX - Papua New Guinea - New on 30
7) C50C - The Gambia - New on 12
8) 9Y4/DL8DYL Trinidad and Tobago - New on 12
9) S79LC - Seychelles - New on 12

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Sable Island - Graveyard of the North Atlantic

WA4DAN/CY0 is active now from Sable Islands. There is also second radio operator with him on the Islands - AA4VK/CY0. And EI9KC is happy to work WA4DAN/CY0 on 21Mhz SSB as new country on this band and new emission. Great location , difficult to get there. Finally they are on the Island and is pile-up guaranteed !!! Especially from Japan! Good Luck to All!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Worked All Germany 2012

Contest season mode ON! I like to participate in several HF Contests on the bands during autumn-winter season here in Ireland. Worked All Germany was first this season for me and I happy to have several DL stations in my log. I was active for a short time on 40m CW Low Power. Above is my results from last year. 1`st in Ireland ... there is no many active Contest stations in EI. Next weekend will see how we can do! CQWW SSB 2012! This is like World HF Championship ! I will try my best :) Much more like it CW part but SSB can give some fun as well. Condition on the bands is great at the moment and forecast shows it will stay till next week or even will be better! Uff Uff lets Rock the Bands! CU es GL at Contests! de EI9KC

So close so far

Newest country worked on 10m and 12m band last few days .... When my statistic shows more than 200 countries worked on 28Mhz there is still some white spots on EU map. MU0FAL Colin from Guernsey is my newest DXCC on 10m and 12m! Rapid LoTW QSL. Many thanks OM.

Friday, 19 October 2012

DX-ing in October

Great condition on the bands .... 10m band is wide open. And for first time Pakistan worked on 28Mhz. AP2IA worked yesterday on .... PSK63! Uff this is something special for me hi hi! And today repeated QSO with Ijaz on the same band but RTTY this time uff uff. 

Early in the morning managed Hawaii Islands on 28Mhz SSB this time! 
NH7O logged on 10m band as my 2`nd QSO with Hawaii on 28Mhz , first in the morning via L/P!

Managed also first Bolivia on 28Mhz . CP8MW Peter DF7NX from Germany is now QRV from South America. And gave me first Bolivia contact on 10m band. Many thanks!

Still chasing Western Kiribati

This time great contact on 14MhzSSB. For first time on 20m and new in Phone as well. It was not easy. Had to use all my radio settings to clear noises and get them clear because signal wasn`t strong here in my location. Finally did it! Very happy for that as SSB dx-ing is not my strong side. CW is much better for me but sometimes is not easy as well. Anyway 3 bands now sorted with W.Kiribati!

3B9SP Rodriguez Islands

3B9SP is now QRV on the bands by HB9 Team. Not new DXCC for me but one some bands it will be nice to have them in my log. Worked already on 17/12/10mCW. Was trying on 30mCW but no luck and on 28MhzSSB same story.
Some nice situation happened when I was working them on 12mCW today. Gave them a call and heard KC  back , figured out that it was not for me ... probably some other KC station , similar callsign was calling them in the same time. And it was EI2KC Tony, One of Top EI Dx`er ... I knew it where they were listen for and few seconds after another KC logged in Rodriguez! This time EI9KC :)) Received TXT Message from Tony shortly after QSO. "KC gang is strikes again" :))) QSO to remember !

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

T30PY - WESTERN KIRIBATI - for 1`st time

T30PY is QRV now on the bands. And today for first time EI9KC is happy to log them on 30mCW as New DXCC on HF! When they show-up on 10Mhz here they copy me as 9KC but my morse key was bit rusty and I couldn`t repeat correctly my call-sign again. Didn`t give up .... after few minutes pile-up was bigger and it was much harder. Figured out was is the best split and here you go! Pacific is great to work with my dipole! Some stations is almost no possible. Had no chances with TT8TT Chad - no hope! No hope with Niger as well on dipole here. For some reasons I had them very weak in here on 30/40m. Now I have a hope for 3B9SP Rodrigues as signal is much better on low bands here than Chad and Niger ... I was worry about my dipole condition after removing it from a mast and hang on the tree here. But now looks is ok sometimes :)

And now fantastic job on 15mCW. First evening here of their operation on 21Mhz and they had great signal in my location. Very hard was to break NA pile-up .... but DID IT! Western Kiribati on another band!

DXCC : 280

Friday, 12 October 2012

TT8TT - Italian Chad QRV

TT8TT another FB Dx-Pedition by experienced Italian Team - this time Chad in Africa. At the moment worked on 10/12/15/17/20m. Still trying reach them on 30/40 but my dipole is not the same as it was last year. Weaker signals and to beat pile-up is hard.

VK9XM on 10m YES!!!

Another QSO with VK9XM this time on 28Mhz! For New One here on 10m! It seems to be their last day on Christms Island ...

P.S. No new post needed. Just worked VK9XM on 15mSSB! 3 bands Christmas Island!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Christmas Island in my log!

VK9XM Pekka (OH2YY) is QRV now from Christmas Island. Great location and EI9KC is more than happy to have his station in the log on 24MhzSSB as NEW DXCC on HF! Many thanks Pekka! Great signal! I had a few opportunities to work this entity before but for some reason it was hard. Long time ago I had several QSO with Christms Island on 11m .....

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

At last Niger logged as new on CW

5U6E Paul (F6EXV) is currently QRV from Niger. He is very active on CW and I was trying few days to reach him as new DXCC on CW. And today at last worked on 20m! By my statistics this is 264 country worked on CW. Many thanks!