316 x 305
Band slots (CFM) on Clublog x LoTW
2306 x 2226

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Tokelau - ZK3T - QSL - 287 DXCC

Great surprise today! ZK3T Dieter from Tokelau QSL card received! Two QSOs confirmed , two bands. CW - 30/17! I was not sure about 17m but in the log! Card was posted from Malta by the way. Tokelau is my 287 DXCC confirmed on HF.

Friday, 26 April 2013

2 New DXCC confirmed today!

8Q7DV - Maldives as my 285!
QSO from late 2011 ... it took long time to get this card direct. No chances for LoTW, no chances for Bureau. USD stolen from letters. Only IRC coupon is doing a job. Slow Russian post is not helping either. Card was important for me 6 bands with Maldives and two emissions! Including QSO on 80m!

and Algeria confirmed last !!!
7X2GK - Kamel from Algeria gave me 286 DXCC confirmed. This is eQSL from him, but he also gave me QSL on LoTW! I think he is THE ONLY Operator is Algeria using LoTW now. I have many QSOs with this country but QSL is other story. Thanks Kamel!

3 DXCC are not confirmed in my log:

Tokelau - ZK3T , ZK3N
Clipperton Island - TX5K
Dem. Republic of Congo - 9Q/DK3MO , 9Q0HQ/7

Tokelau and Clipperton is only mather of time ... but both stations from Dem. Rep of Congo are not valid for DXCC as they operating without legal licence.

Similar story with my 290 country worked but not accepted by ClubLog and DXCC - 

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Direct QSL Cards RX

Some nice QSL cards received direct recently:
5X8C - Uganda
9U4U - Burundi
A45XR - Oman (9 bands!)
H44KW - Solomon Islands - New DXCC
PT0S- St. Peter and Paul Rocks!
XR0YG - Easter Island
TZ6BB - Mali

Great job by QSL Managers for fast turnaround of these cards!

On the end .... little surprise from Tokelau :) 
ZK3N is still QRV on the bands makes log entries so many times as New One ...
last night one of the Operators on Tokelau visited my blog ...

I`ve never ask for it. So big time happy now collected Tuvalu flag on my flagcounter chart. So far 156 countries visited my blog. 218 flag collected. Many thanks!

Friday, 19 April 2013

ZK3N - Tokelau 2`nd time

This is signal from Tokelau Islands recorded this morning on 30mCW. ZK3N is now active on the bands. Two German operators are there and today I had a chance to work them on 30m and I took it. I was waiting for them in the morning. I had to prepare my kids to school and in the mean time they were spotted on 10Mhz. They just did few QSOs and went QRX for 10min. When they returned on same QRG I had only few minutes because I had to drop my kids off to school. Luckily I did it! ZK3N - Tokelau Islands worked on 30m! I had just one QSO with this DXCC entity ZK3T operatoed in January this year. Still not confirmed... Anyway I am happy with my 30m dipole. Is doing great job in heavy pile-up , bit of luck is also needed.

BTW: ZK3N - Online Log :

Friday, 12 April 2013


When more than 280 DXCC are confirmed .... every single New One is special ....
HK0/F6BFH San Andreas NA-033 received QSL card today.
(14Mhz CW)
Many thanks!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Kingdom of Tonga

Jacek SP5EAQ is currently active as A3EAQ from Kingdom of Tonga ... deep in the Pacific Ocean. SSB only. I had QSO with him last weekend during SP-DX Contest on 20m. Today logged him second time .... 21Mhz! New DXCC on this band. Was not easy. To be honest DXing in SSB is hard when signal is small. Much easier on CW. Morse code is doing great job when SSB has no or little chances. That is way I am operating CW most of the time now. I am DX chaser and if I want to work DX , much easier is to do it on CW!. Sometimes we have no choice. SSB only operation means .... microphone will be needed. Microphone on my radio is not connected .... every time when I need to call DX on Phone I need to connect mike .... This time it was worth it! QSO in my mother tongue , makes it bit easier. Tonga on 15m sorted! Thanks Jacek , great operation! Thanks also (I did not ask) to visit my profile on and Tonga flag in my collection ;)

Monday, 8 April 2013

CQWW 2012 CW Log Check

Received few days ago my log statistics from CQWW CW 2012 contest. And here are some of them:

7 (1.9%) calls copied incorrectly
1 (0.3%) exchanges copied incorrectly
0 (0.0%) band change violations
3 (0.8%) not in log
2 (0.5%) duplicates (Removed without penalty)
0 (0.0%) calls unique to this log only (not removed)

************************* Not In Log *************************

14008 CW 2012-11-24 1701 EI9KC           14 KB3WD            5
14082 CW 2012-11-24 2008 EI9KC           14 VD1M             5
 3555 CW 2012-11-25 0613 EI9KC           14 YN2CC            7

********************* Incorrectly copied *********************

21108 CW 2012-11-24 1544 EI9KC           14 IT9GA           15 correct     IT9ZAU      
14005 CW 2012-11-24 1651 EI9KC           14 VE6WY            4 correct     VE6JY       
14039 CW 2012-11-24 1745 EI9KC           14 N9RU             4 correct     N9RV        
 3506 CW 2012-11-25 0549 EI9KC           14 W1UEF            5 correct     W1WEF       
 3559 CW 2012-11-25 0626 EI9KC           14 6V7Z            35 correct     6V7V        
14057 CW 2012-11-25 0825 EI9KC           14 JA8CWJ          25 correct     JA9CWJ      
21067 CW 2012-11-25 0918 EI9KC           14 R0UT            18 correct     R9UT        

*************** Incorrect Exchange Information ***************

 3564 CW 2012-11-24 2318 EI9KC           14 RT3F            15 correct   16

********************** Lost Multipliers **********************

21108 CW 2012-11-24 1544 EI9KC           14 IT9GA           15 correct IT9ZAU     -C
 3555 CW 2012-11-25 0613 EI9KC           14 YN2CC            7 Not in log         -Z
 3555 CW 2012-11-25 0613 EI9KC           14 YN2CC            7 Not in log         -C
 3559 CW 2012-11-25 0626 EI9KC           14 6V7Z            35 correct 6V7V       -C

************* Stations Copying EI9KC Incorrectly *************

21016 CW 2012-11-24 1623 K5GO             4 EI8KC           14
 3544 CW 2012-11-24 2220 OH8A            15 EI9CN           14
 3564 CW 2012-11-24 2324 RA6CA           16 EI2KC           14
 3503 CW 2012-11-25 0526 N1UR             5 EI9KG           14
21110 CW 2012-11-25 0858 VK9/OH3X        30 EI9TKC          14

Friday, 5 April 2013

Good Day on the bands ...

VK9CZ - Dx-Pedition to Cocos Keeling Island by two experienced operators Chris GM3WOJ and Keith GM4YXI are QRV on the bands at the moment. I like their style of operating making CW and Phone enthusiast happy. Logged them already on few bands. Big surprise on 40m in the middle of the night as new DXCC. Also very welcome 17m and 10m for new DXCC too! 40/10m completed from EI0PL QTH as Papa Lima DX and Contest Group will be operating this weekend in SP-DX Contest 2013 and we have a lot things to do before contest and doing some DXing in the mean time ....

5W0M German DX-Pedition from Samoa is also on the Air now. Happy to see them in my log on 20m and 15m. On 15m as new DXCC. Looking forward to see few more QSOs with them. Good Luck to all!

See you tomorrow at SP-DX Contest 2013! I will be operating from our Club station EI0PL , multi operator style.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Catch Papua New Guinea for eQSL and LoTW

P29NO Naohiro is active now from Papua New Guinea. I had QSOs with him already on 20/30m. It is always great to work P29 from EI. Nice surprise was after QSO. Very fast QSL on eQSL and LoTW. I had several times P29 in my log but no electronic confirmation ....  Many thanks!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

"Today in my BOX"

PY0F/PP1CZ Fernando de Noronha , QSL card from Leo confirming 5 bands! 

Nice surprise from ARRL DX Contest CW - EI9KC - First Place in Ireland (Single Operator Unlimited, Low Power)