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Band slots (CFM) on Clublog x LoTW
2306 x 2226

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

4U70UN already on LoTW!

Logbook of the World

Great surprise!
4U70UN activity uploaded to LoTW!
This is outstanding job by the Team.

All my slots confirmed. 
Thanks again!

EI1Y CQWW SSB 2015 some charts and stats

Top 10 DXCC

QSOs by band


5702 QSOs
168 DXCC

CU in CQWW CW 2015 !

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Did not expected ATNO !!!!


4U1UN is a separate DXCC entity and to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the United Nations on October 24, the headquarters Amateur Radio club station 4U1UN was operating as 4U70UN !!!

Never had chances to have 2-way contact with this entity but could SWL almost everyday .... thanks to radio beacon 4U1UN on CW

This time I had to find spare time during CQWW SSB Contest and get just one QSO for ATNO!

Privilege of EI in Europe when working US is ... we are at the first line with CT and EA ...
And it was working very well with 4U70UN for me!
I was dreaming about 1 QSO ... got 7 bands !!!

4 QSOs on first day (12M CW / 17M SSB/CW / 40M CW)

4 QSOs last day (10M CW / 15M CW / 20M CW / 30M CW)

Last QSO on 30M CW was very tricky ... logged thanks to a hint from another KC in EI , well known blogger and DX-man EI2KC ... Tony worked before me and gave me an info "how it works".
I think it was Dima , RA9USU on the other side and he had "Secret QRG for his Russian friends!"
Thanks again Tony! Last band sorted.

4U70UN operation was very limited.
Expected hours of operation 14 :00 to 22:00 UTC (10:00 - 18:00 local time) on those two days. No overnight operation allowed.

4U1UN is 44`th on Most Wanted list by Club Log at the moment!
Thanks for event and new DXCC!

CQWW SSB 2015 @ EI1Y


CQWW SSB is still running (2hours left) but for me is over. My last shift finished 2h ago. 
It was big pleasure to operate from EI1Y
This time like previous year I was searching for MULTS during the competition.
Great fun, and conditions on the bands were amazing. First of all 10M was wide open and
gave us more DXCC than any other band. 
I will try to publish some statistics later on my blog.
One thing I remember .... we worked all 40 zones :)

Few pictures here from EI1Y shack during CQWW SSB 2015


RUN station

40M Moxon repair after strong wind first night.

MULTS station

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

300 DXCC CFM on CW


Great achievement on LoTW!
TX3X Chesterfield Isl. upload gave me 300 DXCC confirmed on CW!

300 on CW

Many thanks! 

Monday, 19 October 2015

E51MQT Manihiki Island


Nice DX also worked on 40M last weekend. E51MQT - North Cook Islands. 
Signal was great on my dipole. QSO was quite difficult because operator on the other side was
slow with CW. When my QSO appeared in Clublog I realize that on the other side
was YL N7BX. Many thanks for new one on 40 Melanie!

V73D Marshall Islands

Majuro - Marshall Islands

Remote DX as Marshall Islands are always welcome in my log. At the moment V73D is QRV on the bands. German DX-pedition on Majuro IOTA OC-029.
I need Marshall Island on low bands and 12/10 M
In current condition high bands will be impossible .... maybe 12 like Niue E6GG ....
160/80 no possible from my side at the moment so focus on 30M to get QSL on LoTW.
Yesterday I had opportunity to log V73D on 30M twice.
Early in the morning on CW and late at night on RTTY.
RTTY QSO was very tricky as on their QRG was some CW beacon jamming 
making digi print very noisy. But done! This was a time when they had no pile-up at all.
About 75% QSOs with Pacific areas worked in the morning not many evening QSOs
so this was nice surprise and I am grateful.

Both my QSO already in the log.
V73D on Clublog

What next ? SSB QSO will be nice. I don`t have Marshall Islands on Phone.
So will keep focus on that. And high bands of course :)

At the moment - 19:30 local time they QRV on 30M CW.
Very strong signal in EU and massive European pile-up.

V73D on 30M CW in EI

Sunday, 18 October 2015



Great CW operator RA9USU and his QSL card from Cocos Island / Isla del Coco.
Worked on 2 bands. 30M as new one. Many thanks Dima!

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Chesterfield Is.

TX3X Chesterfield Islands

Uff it was challenge! One of the hardest DX to work so far! Needed as All Time New One! First opportunity I had on first day. Signal on 20M was great, both CW and SSB but I wasn`t able to break the pile-up ... using one of the strongest antennas in EI @ Papa Lima! Next few days I wasn`t near radio at all. Busy with other commitments. I was watching DX-Cluster to make some plans when and how to work them in poor condition on the bands ....

Day & Nigh Poor - all HF bands

Solar activity SFI: 81 - Magnetic activity K: 5 
On top of that Aurora hits Norther Europe , etc. 

One morning when I switched on radio I had to check antennas are still on the masts as bands were so quiet. How to work Chesterfield ? How ?

On Tuesday was nice opening in EI on 20M and several EI`s worked them on that band but I was at work.
DX-Cluster spots TX3X on 20M

CQ CQ no takers ....UFF !!!

One of my plans was .... to take day off from work on Wednesday ...
Arrived @ Papa Lima QTH early before SR , all prepared. Waiting.
NIL on low bands , NIL on 20M , the rest are closed here.
Finally 20M CW. TX3X was there. 14.023 magic QRG occupied by so many of us these days.
Signal weak but workable. Easy to say workable but they did hear our part of EU that moment.
Huge EU pile-up. Mostly East EU. No hope. Spotted EI6IL in the pile-up , no joy either.
Few hours without luck. 
That was 7`th October .... 
Then TX3X Team published their update #9

5. We are not hearing some parts of EU.

Almost gave-up. They will go QRT on 12 October. It will be nice to work them just on one
band , one QSO. Still few days left. I had to make some arrangements to be able give a try next morning. It was worth it!
Thursday 8`th October arrived @ Papa Lima early as usual. 
waiting ....
waiting ....
waiting ....
All prepared , all ready to go. SR passed , no sight of TX3X on any bands.
Then ... 1h after SR here RBN gave us info:
40M RTTY !
Let`s check .... wow .... I can read their print. CQ TX3X TX3X TX3X up 5-10
One shot! They got me! EI EI ? EI9KC EI9KC EI9KC
I had to repeat few times more. Started loosing them ... only 75% of RTTY print was
readable that time ... but I`ve got my magic EI9KC 599 EI9KC on return!
Wow that was something! I don`t know if any other EU station worked them that time , that moment on 40M. EI 1h after SR but I spotted some Dutch station calling on same QRG I was using.,
Anyway ..... after that never ending JA WALL stared the have fun ...

@ Papa Lima chasing TX3X

I don`t want to blame them for "poor knowledge" of propagation , etc. So many comments was on DX-Cluster already. Appreciate it that they are there for us one way or the other. 

No much time left that Thursday , I had to go ... few more minutes .... then .... 

G4EZT        14185.0 TX3X           + up 5 eu lonely 

One call .... EI9KC 5/9
Wow , wow , wow 
Two bands in one day!

This is my record of TX3X shortly after my QSO on 20M SSB

Chesterfield - SORTED!

CW QSO will be nice this is my favourite mode , 308 DXCC worked on CW , there is still hope ....
Friday 9`th October

Same story as yesterday and day before. 
Bands quiet , SFI low , K index high ...
TX3X spotted on 20M CW in EU , NIL here .... too early .... possible opening after 9:00 our time.
They were active on 30M CW, massive EU pile-up , very weak to try then QRX
At 9:05 .... on 20M CW 14.023 Mhz CQ TX3X TX3X UP


EI9 ?

I had to reply my call few times. Signal was strong, solid 559 but looks like on the other side much different condition and they did not copy me well.
Usually I will send my call once for CW. This time I had to repeat twice:


to get my 5NN from TX3X on CW!

Update #13 from TX3X explain a lot:

We also had excellent openings on 20 CW to the UK, Nordics, and other northwest EU countries. Until now there’s been very little to no propagation to that region.
We know that you are hearing us better than we’re hearing you. With the A having been as high as 77 it’s a miracle you hear us at all.

10 minutes after my QSO their signal was much stronger:

EU EU EU at last :)

All my 3 QSO in the log.

TX3X , Chesterfield Islands was hard to work. I hope bands condition will improve for
next NEW ONE from similar location:

VK9WA Willis Island !!!

November 14-23, 2015