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Monday, 19 October 2015

V73D Marshall Islands

Majuro - Marshall Islands

Remote DX as Marshall Islands are always welcome in my log. At the moment V73D is QRV on the bands. German DX-pedition on Majuro IOTA OC-029.
I need Marshall Island on low bands and 12/10 M
In current condition high bands will be impossible .... maybe 12 like Niue E6GG ....
160/80 no possible from my side at the moment so focus on 30M to get QSL on LoTW.
Yesterday I had opportunity to log V73D on 30M twice.
Early in the morning on CW and late at night on RTTY.
RTTY QSO was very tricky as on their QRG was some CW beacon jamming 
making digi print very noisy. But done! This was a time when they had no pile-up at all.
About 75% QSOs with Pacific areas worked in the morning not many evening QSOs
so this was nice surprise and I am grateful.

Both my QSO already in the log.
V73D on Clublog

What next ? SSB QSO will be nice. I don`t have Marshall Islands on Phone.
So will keep focus on that. And high bands of course :)

At the moment - 19:30 local time they QRV on 30M CW.
Very strong signal in EU and massive European pile-up.

V73D on 30M CW in EI

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