316 x 305
Band slots (CFM) on Clublog x LoTW
2306 x 2226

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

DXPedition To Bhutan A5A

And incredible condition on 28Mhz!

Just logged A5A on 10mSSB at .... 19:30 local time .... fantastic condition on the bands. As I am 18 years on the radio ... never seen such a condition on that band. A5A - 4 bands worked so far 17/15/12/10

Monday, 28 May 2012

Not radio related post

Few shots from my last trip as photography is my second hobby.
 Carrauntoohil Irelands`s highest peak (1038m) captured from Beenkeragh 1010m (2`nd highest peak in Ireland) 
And this is buddy puffin on Skellig Michael 

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Guam on 21Mhz

Fantastic condition on 21Mhz today. Just logged two contact with KH2. 
This is not new DXCC on 15m but contacts logged at 22:00 local time! OK I can expect some condition from Americas in that moment but ... Pacific ...! First time ever see that kind of condition from this part of the World.
Earlier today worked Bhutan A5A on same band at around 20:00 local time.

Micronesia confirmed.

Great QSL card received today. V63QFL - Micronesia , Pohnpei Island. Two contacts with Takio (JH3QFL)  on the beginning of May and just 3 weeks after I am happy with his nice QSL cards. Many thanks!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

RI1ANF - South Shetland Islands

Oleg ZS1ANF is active now as RI1ANF. His QTH is on South Shetland Islands- Bellinghausen Base located on King George Island. He is active mostly in CW and EI9KC is happy to logged him on 10/15/20/30m so far.
Last minute info! South Shetland Islands worked on 40mCW! 

Friday, 18 May 2012

Wallis and Futuna Island QSL

FW0NAR QSL from Laci today in my box. Nice double QSL card and Big New One for me. Many thanks again!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Palestine ... for 1`st time on HF

Well well well. New country worked today ... yes, Palestine! Well know DX Man Vlad UA4WHX is active now as E40VB. And EI9KC is happy to log Palestine for first time on HF! Worked today on 10m, late in the evening ... on RTTY! Yes digital mode. No choice ... new one is new one. Thanks Vlad I have a hope for some CW and SSB maybe later.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012


This a a video of last few minutes operation on 20m SSB 7O6T from Socotra Island AF-028 Yemen. Great DX Pedition from this rare DXCC entity. 7O6T went QRT at 21:00 UTC on 15 May 2012.
Few days ago I had a situation on Top Band when their signal was fantastic 599 solid! . It was around 1:00 UTC (2:00 in the morning local time) when I SWL` them on 1824.5. I`ve decided to give them a call. And ... I`ve got reply from them on TOP BAND ... but SRI EI9KC 7O6T is calling NA NW ... UFF !!!  it was something for me. Did not manage 2-WAY QSO No much pile-up was in that moment from Nort Amercia I was trying few more times but they didn`t take my station again ... When they called EU on 160m I had no signal from Yemen at all. Nothing. That short opening - about 30minutes - on their sun rise there in Yemen when they called NA I was able to copy them. Unfortunately NA ONLY. Well this is good lesson for a future how exiting is DXing on Low Bands.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

2 new DXCC on 80m with Net Operation SSB

Great new ones on 80m! There is NET Control operation on 3.789.00 SSB ... Net Controller is G4PKP and last night I had QSO with A61K Khalid from United Arab Emirates and today JX9JKA Svein from Jan Mayen!

Yemen I am done with it.

7O6T - I`m happy to have them on 6 bands. And this is it. On 80m and 40m massive pile-up and I can`t beat EU with my antenna system. Tried few times, few good times but no luck. I don`t want to spend more time for it. Same story with RTTY. EI9KC is not interested to work them on RTTY at any bands. Thank you for great operation from one of the Most Wanted DXCC, It was great to work when you just started on 15mCW and as I said. Thanks for 6 bands!

Nice QSLs from Pacyfic received today.

ZK2C Niue QSL card.
H40KJ Temotu Province QSL card.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Tuvalu in my box

T2T recent activation from Tuvalu on the Pacyfic Ocean QSL card received today. New one. Many thanks.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

HF happenings

1. 6O0CW Italian job from Somalia is now QRV on the bands and they are in my log on 10m/15mCW. On 10m new DXCC. I hope to catch them on others bands. Superb operators!
2. Nice EU opening on 10m! A lot of station worked today in the afternoon. Great signals from SA as well.
3. 6m ... EI9KC is not big fan of VHF but .... my radio and my dipole can manage it. And few contacts made on 50Mhz ... all new ones :)) Portugal , Austria, Slovenia , Ireland, Czech Republic.
4.YJ0VK (2012) fast LoTW QSL! Many thanks!
5. Yemen ... 7O6T ... 6 bands worked ... hardest 10mSSB! Uff ... Will try 40 or 80 maybe ... but chaos, chaos! SWL`em them on 160m! It was absolutely amazing thing for me. But that time they worked NA only ....

Friday, 4 May 2012


This is preview of EJ0PL QSL - last activation of Papa Lima DX-Group from EU-103 Little Saltee Islands. QSL sent to print. It will be printed by CoolQSL

Fernando de Noronha Island

Peter PY5XX is now active as PY0FM from Fernando de Noronha Island. He is a member of HK0NA. FB QSO with him on 28Mhz. New DXCC on 10m for me. It is pleasure to listen his operation on CW.

Yemen on 10m

Uff at last! Yemen on 28MhzCW. In my log! 2 days waiting for them here. Signal up and down and it was very   difficult to break East Europe and Asia wall.

100 DXCC confirmed on 30m

HR5/F2JD and my QSO with him on 30m and his rapid LoTW QSL is my 100 DXCC confirmed on 30m. Many thanks Gerard!

Vanuatu on two new bands in 5 minutes!

YJ0VK edition 2012 is now QRV on the bands and EI9KC is more than happy to log them twice this morning. On phone and CW. Two QSOs in just 5 minutes , first on 17mCW and 2`nd on 15mSSB. On 15m operator was calling by the numbers and I was on his frequency when number 7 was on air.
This is also my 200 DXCC worked on 21Mhz!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Wow another QSO with Micronesia!

As my previous post. 90% of HAM radios operators are chasing Yemen on the bands. They are active now on 40/30/17/15 and pile-up on 40/30 are massive! This is not for my simple dipole , not yet. And For 2`nd time today I am happy to find on quiet bands real DX! V63QFL Takio Hata (JH3QFL) is QRV from Pohnpei Island (IOTA OC-010) State of Micronesia and I just had another FB QSO with him! This time on 20mCW. Yemen ... can wait ;)

Politics mixed with HAM radio

7O6T team has received strict orders not to work 4X/4Z stations from Israel. (source)

Micronesia on 17m

When half of the World is chasing 7O6T the other half have chances for some nice DX on the bands. And EI9KC is happy to log V63QFL on 17mCW this morning. Nice signal and pleasure.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Yemen again

HF bands are dominated now by 7O6T! They are everywhere. Like HK0NA in January this year. Great signals and great pile-up. It is a big thing to work them now. Some people are struggling with KWs when some are making contact from mobile and 100W. I am not interested now to work them on SSB. Behaviour of some HAMs are disgraceful. EI9KC prefers CW now. And try to figure out how operator is listening to make QSO. Great CW OPs there on Socotra Island no doubt! And I had no luck today on 12m but logged on 17mCW.