316 x 305
Band slots (CFM) on Clublog x LoTW
2306 x 2226

Thursday 9 June 2016

Heard Island - QSL

VK0EK - front page QSL

Received today QSL from Heard Island VK0EK DXpedition 2016
Beautiful designed 4 pages card and kiss printed by Max ON5UR

VK0EK - back page QSL

Great QSL Manager service by Tim M0URX - as usual - this is outstanding job.

VK0EK - inside pages

All QSOs confirmed already on LoTW but card is for collection to be kept in special box
for RARE DXpeditions. Nobody knows when we will hear Heard Island again ....

Friday 27 May 2016

Mount Athos by SV2RSG

Warm welcome to new permanent Radio Operator SV2RSG Monk Iakovos from 16`th most wanted DXCC - Mount Athos

Had pleasure to make 2-way QSO with him today on 21Mhz CW. Which is nice surprise for my 2`nd ever QSO in CW with this entity. Location is "easy" from EU so the only thing to avoid big EU pile-up is to wait for best opening from his location and this is what I did today. To be honest Greece is always strong on higher bands and to make QSO is not difficult. 

On DX Cluster his call-sign can look like Greece but is Mount Athos! So keep an eye for SV2RSG.
His CW was slow at about 16 wpm but I hope Monk Iakovos will only get better. It was good to see him operating in split mode when it was necessary. 

Friday 6 May 2016

VP8STI / VP8SGI and post card from South Georgia

Fantastic delivery by An-Post today ...

VP8STI - South Sandwich Islands - QSL card

VP8SGI - South Georgia Island - QSL card

Both DXpeditions to Remember !!!

And nice surprise from GM0HCQ Mike. Mike is working on Royal Research Ship James Clark Ross
and he was visiting South Georgia Island few weeks ago.

The story on Twitter ....

and here we are :)

South Georgia post card from Mike GM0HCQ

Looks like it his ship took a post bag from South Georgia to nearest civilization places :)
Thank you Mike!

Wednesday 27 April 2016

EU-103 Little Saltee Island for IOTA Contest 2016

EU-103 Little Saltee Island

Landing permission obtained ! Papa Lima DX & Contest Group will participate in IOTA Contest 2016 from EU-103 Little Island as EJ1Y. Possible operation as EJ0PL before and after Contest.
I am very happy to be in the Team!
More updates soon.

Kerguelen Island - QSL !

FT4XU - Kerguelen Island

Arrived today! Just one QSO with this rare DX confirmed by QSL now. Many thanks for great QSO Nicolas! New DXCC!

Saturday 16 April 2016

HF happenings

1) Botswana on the AIR! Thanks to A25UK I have two new bands needed from this DXCC - 30 and 12

2) FT4XU - Kergulen Island CFM on LoTW - great surprise , new DXCC , looking forward for paper QSL

3) V31YN - Gerd thank you for log re-search and upload my QSO again. 12M Belize CFM at last...

4) T8XX Ulf (DL5AXX) - thank you for LoTW upload your Palau 2012 DXpedition - 30M band new slot !

5) S0S - Western Sahara arrived on LoTW as new DXCC !
QSO made on 10M SSB during CQWW SSB ....

6) Later today S01WS

Western Sahara again - main log uploaded to LoTW !!! Almost all slots worked CFM by card already now on LoTW. Did not expect this DXCC to see on LoTW. Waiting only for 30M QSO to show-up there made in 2015 .....

6) V73D - Marshall Islands received on LoTW as well. 30M new band and also 20M SSB new on phone! Many thanks.

Thursday 14 April 2016

Juan de Nova - Masterpiece

FT4JA - Juan de Nova 2016

FT4JA went QRT on Sunday 10.04. My last QSO was on 20M CW - few days ago started with 20M RTTY and finished on 20M CW ... on 20M CW operator was Pat F2DX and I`ve received EI9KC 5NN 73. Last year on 3G0ZC Juan Fernandez 2015 I was with Pat in the Team.
F2DX and F6BEE were active from Mayotte before Juan de Nova and Pat gave me new DXCC on 30M! 

FT4JA by Pat F2DX CW 39 WPM 

FT4JA - 15M CW

Juan de Nova 2016 was pleasure to work and I am happy to have them in the log on 8 bands and 3 emissions. Smooth operation from start to finish. Great Team and well organized! Few operators from Juan de Nova in 2014 activated FT4TA. They learnt they lesson I believe. Tromelin was hard to work. I`ve remember how it was to get into their log. Juan de Nova was much , much easier. 
OQRS + donation just done. During OQRS I`ve found two QSO I did not make it 17 SSB and 17CW it must be some mistake or other station incorrectly logged.