316 x 305
Band slots (CFM) on Clublog x LoTW
2306 x 2226

Monday, 30 May 2011

"Today in my box ..."

J5NAR and J5NAR/P Jeta Island AF-093 by HA0NAR Laszlo. Great operator! Thank you for Brand New DXCC for me confirmed by QSL on 4 bands!

Sunday, 29 May 2011


I had a hope to take a part in CQ World Wide Contest CW this weekend ... But after few minutes on the bands Saturday in the morning I`ve realize my CW skills are not so good to receive serial numer so fast. TX no problem, but RX ... uff. I need more practice with fast CW.

Friday, 27 May 2011

RTTY into French Polynesia

Another fb QSO with Phil FO8RZ from Tahiti island French Polynesia. This time RTTY! Just one call on 14Mhz with my antena just 3m above the ground and pointed into his location S/P. I`ve check his log and .... I was his first EI on 12Mhz and now first EI station RTTY :) Early in the morning Friday here in Ireland was 8:02 local time and on Thaiti was 22:02 Thursday. Nice one! Many thanks Phil also for rapid LoTW QSL!

"Today in my box ..."

VR2XMT Charlie from Hong Kong. Direct QSL

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Jamaica, Papua, ITU Geneva

Last night I had a chance for some QSOs after few days break.

6Y5WJ Josh from Jamaica was active on 30m and I was trying to make a QSO with him. He returned to my call, I gave him 599 but unfortunately I didn`t copy my report. I`ve send e-mail to Josh with thanks for QSO. Jamaica will be my new DXCC on HF but not this time. I didn`t make 2-way QSO. Next time I hope!
Thanks Josh! I will wait for another chance to work you on the radio.

Wonderful QSL in my box today!

P29CS Andy via M0URX.
Good looking, high quality QSL
ITU Geneva
Brand new DXCC, never worked before. 4U1ITU was very active on the bands today and I had a chance to log this station on 14Mhz SSB.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Razi from Iraq

Not much time for the radio these days. Very busy family life. Very busy. Late at night I had some time for myself and I`ve decided to turn on my radio for few minutes. YI1RZ was active on 14Mhz SSB, my antena was down and his signal in my location was 3/3. I went to my garden to give my delta some hight and from about 6m above the ground Razi from Iraq had 4/4 with me and it was good to give a try. And it was worth it! New DXCC on HF, Iraq worked late night.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Market Reef

Another new on on HF logged today. This time from Europe. Few DXCC remaining from EU and one of them was Market Reef, little island on Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland. I had this prefix in my collection from 11m. Last time when OJ0 was on the air it was CW only opeartion and I just started to be a HAM operator and it was to difficult for me hi hi. This time OJ0W Pasi (OH3WS) is there on Market Reef and I had a QSO with him on 17m CW.

Saturday, 14 May 2011


Nice eQSL today in my box :) ASCENSION ISL,  ZD8RH Bob
Many thanks!

Friday, 13 May 2011

Guam on 17m

Nice surprise today on 17m! David N2NL is operating from KH2 Guam Island and I`ve logged his station today on 18Mhz CW. New DXCC for me on HF. Nice DX. Many thanks!

"Today in my box ..."

5M2TT Liberia good quality double QSL card , Great Team! Grazie Mille!

Thursday, 12 May 2011


3 operators from Japan went for one week to Bonin Islands, known in Japan as the Ogasawara. Tomorrow is their last day on the island. I was trying 6 days without look and today finnaly loged JD1BMH on 21Mhz CW. Today they had best signal in my location. Early today I was trying to work them RTTY but no luck. CW did a good job on 15m. Nice one. Nice DX. New on HF. Worked before on 11m. This is website of JD1BMH
Ogasawara is my 210 DXCC worked on HF as EI9KC.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

ZD8RH Ascension Island on 24Mhz

ZD8RH Robert from Ascension Island is my newest DXCC worked on 24Mhz. Nice location, always pleasure to work such a DX! QSL via G4DBW

Sunday, 8 May 2011

P29CS Andy - Papua New Guinea on 21Mhz

P29CS Andy, good radio friend currently in Papua New Guinea was calling UK stations on 21Mhz today and then he asked for EI. I gave him a call and he pick-up my call-sign but QRM on his side didn`t let us finish 2-way QSO. I send my e-mail to Andy with thanks for pick-up my call-sign and Andy reply very quick that I`m not in the log because he didn`t get his raport and he asked me on another frequency to finish our QSO! Great contact Andy, QSO to remember! Looking forward to get your beautiful QSL card via M0URX
And looking forward to see You next year in Dublin for a pint of Guinness Andy!
I`ve worked Andy with antenna just 3m above the ground.(Yes wind, strong wind in EI today)

Read a note from M0URX blog about P29CS Andy why 2-way QSO with him is a must!  

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Northern Mariana Islands on RTTY

2`nd  new one worked in RTTY (1`st was FP)! Great opening on 17m from Far East. KH0PR from Rota Island on Marianas logged! Antenna just 5m above the ground. Pointing into building .... I had a few QSOs from 11m with that prefix. Interesting QSO anyway 12000km ... Just passed 3000 QSOs in my log as EI9KC.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

"Today in my box ..."

RI1FJ Eugeny from Franz Josef Land .... here is a note when I`ve worked Eugeny in March 2011. Good looking QSL card and for me Brand New DXCC in my collection. At the moment I`ve logged Eugeny on 15m CW and 15/17/20/30/40m RTTY.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

VR2KF and few more interesting contacts as wind slow down.

VR2KF Kazu from Hong-Kong is my newest DXCC worked on 14Mhz CW. Brings CW DXCC up to 170.Wind slow down today and I was able to erect my antenna up to the proper operating position 9m above the ground. Few nice QSOs made today on the bands : Lebanon on 21Mhz SSB / Oman on 18Mhz RTTY / Uganda on 14Mhz CW / Chile on 24Mhz CW / Guadelupe on 14Mhz RTTY

Monday, 2 May 2011

50Mhz debut

I`m not a big fan of VHF but .... 50Mhz can be interesting this summer. My 2el Delta should work on this band but I need manual antenna tuner, my radio have some problems to tune delta on 50Mhz. But my WimDom dipole is a big and universal, working on 50Mhz as well! Today for first time EI9KC show up on 6m band. My first QSO was with EA6SA 1659km. QSO in CW. I will think what to do to improve my 6m set-up. Maybe 3 or 5 ele delta ... that will be nice ...