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Sunday, 8 May 2011

P29CS Andy - Papua New Guinea on 21Mhz

P29CS Andy, good radio friend currently in Papua New Guinea was calling UK stations on 21Mhz today and then he asked for EI. I gave him a call and he pick-up my call-sign but QRM on his side didn`t let us finish 2-way QSO. I send my e-mail to Andy with thanks for pick-up my call-sign and Andy reply very quick that I`m not in the log because he didn`t get his raport and he asked me on another frequency to finish our QSO! Great contact Andy, QSO to remember! Looking forward to get your beautiful QSL card via M0URX
And looking forward to see You next year in Dublin for a pint of Guinness Andy!
I`ve worked Andy with antenna just 3m above the ground.(Yes wind, strong wind in EI today)

Read a note from M0URX blog about P29CS Andy why 2-way QSO with him is a must!  

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