316 x 305
Band slots (CFM) on Clublog x LoTW
2306 x 2226

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Easter Island Hunting

Last few days I was chasing XR0YG , DX-Pedition from Easter Island. Good signals from 40-10m. Happy to see them in my log as new DXCC on 5 bands. And nicely 12/10m opening gave me XR0 again on high bands ..... I did not manage 80m ..... not this time. 3 days waiting to hear them but no luck. I was able to copy just few dits. It was CW only DX-Pedition. Good reason to learn morse code if you want to catch DX in your log! 

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Another milestone on LoTW

XT2TT Burkina Faso and their latest LoTW upload gave me 250 DXCC on CW LoTW confirmed!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Great morning on the bands!

Early wake-up today ... for XR0YG English DX-Pedition to Easter Island! Two times in the log already 40/30m. And very welcome Temotu Province H40T at last in my log! Managed QSO on 30mCW. It was hard to reach them .... that direction is one of the hardest from EI (my experience only) New DXCC on 30m! 
Shortly after midday managed another QSO with Easter Island. This time 17mCW! Very little signal up and down , strong QSB, condition is not great on higher bands, slow CW, but QSO completed! My antenna was just 3m above the ground! Strong wind ....

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Spratly Island for 3 minutes!

3 minutes - 3 minutes long opening on 28Mhz gave me a chance to work 9M4SLL on 10mCW! This was amazing! I`ve took my time! New DXCC on this band! Many thanks!

Solar storm - affecting the bands

Hard condition on the bands. DX signals are affected by solar storm. It is hard to work little signals. I was trying to work H40T DX-Pedition from Temotu Province on 30/20 CW but no luck. Managed instead T2GM on 30m as New DXCC on this band! Here is their signal on 30m recorded 1h after my QSO. Condition was slightly better when I was recording their signal.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

GM from Tuvalu !

Welcome T2GM GMDX Expedition from Tuvalu on 20m here this morning. Wonderful signal and quite "easy" to work. Great operators with good ears for EI/G stations! New DXCC on 20m for me. Good to see them arrived on Tuvalu finally after some troubles with airlines , lost luggage , etc! Enjoy the pile-up! Good Luck! On the video here T2GM is logging EI0PL :)

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Clipperton - last call ....

Last call from EI9KC towards TX5K went at 21:04 on 18Mhz RTTY mode. EI9KC completed Clipperton Islands 14 times .... Great thrill it was! DXA logging system did fantastic job! Few screen savers to remember my QSOs in their log.

Welcome Solomon Islands on 20m

As far as I remember Solomon Islands was difficult DXCC to work for me. Few weeks ago I had first QSO with H44KW and now another station from Solomon Islands logged today. H44G - DL7DF with his Team now QRV from H44 and soon H40! SWL them today on 30m but it was time for JA only. No chances at all. And then spotted on 20mCW. Great signal they had. My antenna was low. Heard EI3KG and EI6FR logged and few G stations - decided to give a try! It was our time! Antenna up and after 5 minutes - H44G in my log! Nice one. I have hope for another bands!

P.S. No luck with TX5K RTTY , no big pressure at all. Look like they started to prepare for QRT!

Friday, 8 March 2013

Clipperton on 3 bands in 6 minutes - SSB

Just completed 3 x QSO with TX5K in just 6 minutes!
I`ve said I am done with Clipperton 2013 Dx-Pedition with 8 bands completed .... that is true ...
But my main RIG PRO3 just came back from ICOM UK when was fixed.
So decided to give a try to contact Clipperton on PRO3 and see how is fixed ;)
12/15/17 - three bands SSB completed in 6 minutes - ok now is easier because TX5K is almost finished with more then 100K QSOs in their log!
Will try RTTY maybe. PRO3 can do it ... 1 day 12h letf ...

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Welcome Burundi 9U4U - 200 DXCC / 20m on LoTW

Latest DX-Pedition from Burundi 9U4U and their LoTW upload gave me 200 DXCC 
confirmed on LoTW on 20m (224 in total confirmed with QSL cards)

Latest LoTW QSL for 20m. 
200 - 9U4U Burundi
199 - TR8CA - Gabon (TNX Alain!)
198 - H44KW - Solomon Islands
197 - OD5PY - Lebanon
196 - P29NO - Papua New Guinea
195 - 3B9SP - Rodriguez Islands

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Clipperton ... sorted !

Last needed QSO with TX5K Clipperton Islands DX-Pedition 2013 done completed this morning!
8 bands - 2 emissions!
I am not slot hunter and what I have makes me more than happy!
TS-590S Kenwood , my back up radio did a great job! Tried anyway ;)
This is short story how it was to get Clipperton 9 times in my log:

30mCW - first day - challenge! Took 3h ! Massive signal! High speed CW
15mCW - one of the hardest - 3h hard battle
80mCW - their first night operation - managed through NA wall!
40mCW - was waiting for them on their QRG - quite easy ...
12mCW - took me 3 days to did it.
10mCW - G stations spotted on cluster - thanks! easy
17mCW - biggest challenge - 5h fight
20mCW lovely signal late in the evening - quite easy
40mSSB - Polish Op SP5XVY @ mike - QSO in my mother tongue ;) 

Great fun it was! And few bands sorted while they called EU ONLY! 
Massive signals on low bands 599 real on 80/40/30 I was amazed on 80m!
Did not expected them on 80m! Like Pitcairn Islands VP6T last year - Clipperton Island on 80m is DX to remember! 
Picture from Official Clipperton DX-Pedition Voice

Many thanks to Whole Team on Clipperton there for great thrill !!!!

Sunday, 3 March 2013

My hands are still shaking ... Clipperton on 80m !!!!!

This is screen shot just one minute after EI9KC logged fantastic DX on 80m band! 
TX5K - Clipperton Islands DX-Pedition on 80m!
Uff still can`t belive ... but this is fact :)
Great system DXA is working now and we can watch their log almost in real time.
Never seen something like that ... great system. Look for EI9KC on the screen! Shortly after me another happy EI logged them on 3.5Mhz CW - EI4KF - Erik. Well done!
Great signal , pleasure to work with , it was worth it wake up at 5 AM ... again ... :)
"Early bird catches the worm"
Watch TX5K Clipperton on 80m here on my video:

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Clipperton anyone?

Started with delay .... but finally started! I was waiting for them since 5AM today .... Operation begins on 40mSSB and 30mCW and ...6mEME. More soon I hope :) Logged for first time on 30mCW as New DXCC! Great signal .... My antennas loves that direction. TX5K - DX Pedition from Clipperton Island located on Pacific Ocean just started! Will rock DX-Clusters for a week! Good Luck to All! On the video here FB signal on 30m CW in my location recorded about 1h after my QSO. Sometimes their signal was +20dB! on my dipole .... This is my 200 DXCC worked on 30m !!!

P.S. I know one BIG-GUN who only needs Clipperton on Top Band hi hi :)