316 x 305
Band slots (CFM) on Clublog x LoTW
2306 x 2226

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Conway Reef on 20m while visiting EI5JQ shack

I had a pleasure to visit EI5JQ Adam`s QTH today. This is also EI3KG QTH but Michal was not at home that moment. Enjoyed view of beautiful antennas installed on mobile versa tower. Especially liked 2 elements Yagi dedicated for 30m band. I had also a chance to see how the other antenna is working (3 elements for 20/15/10). Logged 3D2C Conway Reef Dx-Pedition on 20mSSB as new band and mode as well! Thanks Adam! 73! Good Luck!

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Microphone mode OFF

Some statistics CW vs SSB from my logbook. 9041 QSOs logged ... 4719 CW only. When calling DX-Pedition in SSB I am using pre-recorded messages on my radio. Microphone is not needed in my shack so often. Will keep it just in case as my microphone is connected with my head-phones ....

EZ8BP Turkmenistan and DXCC

EZ8BP Vladimir send me his QSL card to confirm our QSO on 14MhzCW. New country on HF for me. And for me is counted as NEW DXCC. Direct envelope from Turkmenistan is my proof. But if I would like to  apply for DX Awards ... his station, his QSL from Turkmenistan is NOT VALID.
Amateur radio is banned in Turkmenistan from 2006. EI9KC is not interested to obtain DX Awards at the moment (too expensive piece of paper to hang on the wall) I count his station as my NEW COUNTRY.

Hard battle with Conway ....

One of my biggest battle to work 3D2C I had last few days. It is hard to reach them .... many people calling. Split so wide ... pile-up is massive. SWL them from 40m-10m. Great signal on 28Mhz this is big surprise! Looks like they can work EU all night long on 10m band. Worked Conway Reef on 15m and 12m CW. And ... no sure about 10m. A lot of QRM didn`t let me be sure 100%. Never seen DX-Pedition working up 5 to 60 on SSB and up 28onCW. The only way to catch them is to figure out when DX is listening. Even if you know it can be hard. Big guns are struggling a lot so what to say about ordinary stations with crank-up mast ;) So well. Happy to be in their log. No interested in RTTY at all. SSB will be nice but I am tired now chasing them so long....
About RTTY .... when I have no choice it has to be done. To catch new country on HF. 5U5U Chris QRV from Niger at the moment is my newest country worked on HF.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Ceva-i-Ra - Conway Reef 3D2C

Fantastic DX logged today! It was hard get into their log ... very hard. 3D2C started Dx-Pedition yesterday. Today is 2`nd day when Conway Reef is on the air. I was trying almost all day long to reach them on 20/17/15m band. No luck. Massive pile-up. On CW reached up 15. For CW is like + 5 to 50 on SSB!
Finally in the evening when all home work was done I had some time on the radio and to be honest worked them "easy" on 21MhzCW. Great NEW ONE! More about Conway Reef 2012 expedition here:

And here is a video how they sounds like just few minutes after my QSO:

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

9000 QSOs logged today!

Today`s QSO on 28Mhz with AB1PD John from MA in USA was EI9KC`s 9000 logged!
Here is a map of all my QSO made on 10m band.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Great opening on high bands and much more!

Worked ALL USA STATES ON 28Mhz! 

Wonderful openings on 10 and 12m! Worked many stations from USA West Coast and managed to get my 1`st ALSKA on 24Mhz and 28Mhz! NL7G Michael from Anchorage in Alaska. It means ALL USA STATES worked on 10m band!!! Yeah! This is great. Last missing State was AK!
Vy fast QSL on LoTW! Thanks!

Great QSO with Phillippe FO4BM from Moorea Island , French Polynesja on 28MhzSSB! 5/9 he was in my location. This is amazing condition! Logged at 20:00 here!

Received direct some nice QSL!
CY9M - St. Paul Island
9M4SLL - Spratly Island
9M6DXX - East Malaysia
Great QSL service by M0URX Tim!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Palau on 30m!

Well known DX-Men DL5AXX Ulf is active now from Palau as T8XX and EI9KC is more than happy to log his station on 30mCW as new DXCC on this band!

No much time for the radio last days. Worked Z60T (Republic of Kosovo - Provisional DXCC) Will see when this entity will be valid.

All QSL received by The Bureau sorted! Replied and will post them via Bureau next few days. Great pile of cards! I love each one of them. As I am printer I am checking every card ;)

QSL card from TA3/LZ2UW confirmed two QSOs on 28Mhz and 3.5Mhz gave me .... 100 DXCC confirmed on 80m band! Yes! Many thanks!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

DX QSL by The Bureau

Within all 560 QSL received by The Bureau last Sunday .... where a good bunch of DX! List one of them will take too long. Here is a picture! Many thanks for all great cards. I like them very much! Few New Ones as well ;)

Sunday, 9 September 2012

North Cork Radio Rally

EI9KC attended North Cork Radio Rally and Electronic Fair today. Nice location and very friendly atmosphere. It was big pleasure to shake hands with Irish Top DX`ers! EI7BA John and EI9FBB Dave. I`ve brought 560 QSL from Cork (QSL cards recieved by IRTS Bureau).All great cards, some DX as well More details soon ;)

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Swains Island on 21MhzCW

Here we go! Another band with NH8S ! This time on 15mCW. Great signal they had in my location when I was working them. It was hard to break NA wall but clever operator on the other side asked EU EU only! And it was it! Few EUs had a chance to log them on this band. On the video here NH8S working NA stations on the same band. (lids as usual QRM). I have a hope for 12m and 10m maybe! Condition need to improve a bit. SWL them on 12mCW yesterday! Low bands? .... it will be hard. 30m maybe! Good Luck to all EU stations as this one here is a challenge for us!

Friday, 7 September 2012

NH8S - Swains Island

I wasn`t active on the radio last few weeks .... It was good break. Now back in action. Back to chase some NEW DXCC. And today brand new country worked on the radio. NH8S Swains Island deep on the Pacific Ocean! Worked on 20/17CW great signals and good Operators.