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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Timor Leste ... sorted

This Bob G3ZEM in 4W on 28Mhz ... I was waiting for good opportunity to work him on 10M. Last week he was very strong on this band but I had no time for the radio ... during the week condition was not good late afternoon or band was closed . When I had some time to get him on 28M he was active on different bands ... for example 80M ... When he was spotted on 3.5Mhz I didn`t go there to have a look ... no hope to work Timor Leste on 80M in the evening where EI is "last" in EU and you have to be stronger with all European in the pile-up. My simply dipole on the tree is not good for that. Maybe ... when signal is coming from the West but this is different story. When finally tuned into his frequency on 3.5Mhz I was really surprised how strong I can copy Bob on 80M! ... uuu ... worth to try ... I think many EU stations did not believe to copy him as well and pile-up wasn`t big. Decided to try. "G" stations usually have good ears for G stations and EI too ... and Bob G3ZEM is one of them. I gave him a call few times and ..... received reply .... EI9KC EI9KC 5NN .... on 80M !!! Timor Leste on 80M!!! gave him reply but he didn`t get it .. he sent one more time EI9KC EI9KC 5NN 5NN ... I`ve replied ... RR 5NN TU .... and heard TU UP .... 2-way QSO logged and confirmed already on LoTW! Great operator and pleasure to work .....
Last band left ...10M! (I am not counting TB) ... Very weak signals last few days ... no chances with hexbeam ... too weak and pile-up so strong. Only good antennas can do this. I had proof early this morning. I was one by one with Bob on his QRG when he started calling CQ, no one else .... his signal was very weak but "workable" .... so what when he didn`t copy me .... just once picked up KC KC? but he didn`t get full call .... shortly afterward he was spotted on DX Cluster and it was it ... but thankfully his signal was rising! And I had bit of luck to get EI9KC 5NN on 10M from East Timor after about 20 minutes of calling him in the pile-up. When I was recording that video his signal was good but in next 5 minutes he was real 599 on my S-meter. 
Thanks Bob for great fun to work you from 4W , 3 new bands! 80/40/10

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