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Band slots (CFM) on Clublog x LoTW
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Sunday, 1 February 2015

3A2LF Monaco and LoTW story

eQSL from 3A2LF Monaco

I am glad to see recent LoTW upload from Monaco 3A2LF Claude. Still need few slots to be confirmed from this small country. I had 2 QSOs with Cluade on 20 and 12M. 12M QSL was most important for my ONLY Monaco on 24Mhz. And when spotted on LoTW just 20M QSO confirmed I had to send e-mail to 3A2LF Claude to ask him to check his log. I have his paper QSL received via Bureau for our 12M QSOs .... so it must be some small mistake or something. Claude replied very quickly that our QSO was incorrectly logged on 15M. Received new LoTW upload next few minutes with 12M QSO on it. Real HAM Spirit! Thanks a lot OM Claude!
This is example how every little steps to get QSL are important. I have few similar QSOs on LoTW but other side doesn`t want to cooperate to fix mistakes. For example : HI3TEJ ... several e-mails sent to Ted no reply. I had another opportunity to work another stations from Dominican Republic to get QSL.

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