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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Yemen 7O2A on 40M !

7O2A Yemen QSL Card 2013 edition

When DX- World announced 7O2A activity from Yemen for CQWW CW 2014 ... I said to myself ... 40M will be my target. As new one on this bands. Missed previous DXpedition on 40 , well not missed, not worked .... Last year when Dmitry RA9USU was active from Yemen for CQWW I was busy at EI1Y ... this time ... 2 days before contest , few hours after announced info 7O2A in my log on 7Mhz! Spotted his call on my "DX Helper" and here we go ... first few QSOs simplex , then he asked UP1 ... I was prepared ... my transceiver is now set to be almost all the time in SPLIT mode ... and here we go I was up 0.8 ... one shot ... EI9KC 5NN from 7O2A
Happy days!
Did not expected to work Yemen in 2014 ... this is so rare entity .... but it happened.
Logged as 251 DXCC in 2014 !!!
Need 1 more for my all time record ...

Clublog is not counting 7O2A ... yet ...

Callsign: 7O2A   Date: 2014-11-26 18:34:00       Band: 40        QSL: No
'7O2A' is not known to have been active from YEMEN on this date. As a precaution, this QSO will be stored but marked as invalid for DXCC. If this callsign is valid, it can be whitelisted - you are invited to send feedback. For a detailed explanation, please see:

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