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2306 x 2226

Thursday, 13 November 2014

American Samoa W1AW/KH8

Welcome to American Samoa

I was chasing few good days for W1AW/WH8 from American Samoa. I still need this entity on few bands and it it best time now to get them sorted!
This is not big DX-pedition and we had American Samoa on the air recently ...
Pile-up wasn`t big and Operators on the other side are experienced DX`ers!
First QSO .... 12M .... always great to work Pacific on higher bands in the evening here ....
... there was a hope for ... 10M! And dreams came true ... few days later KH8 ... logged on 28Mhz!
Short, just few minutes opening on my side ... but worked! 
Last missing band ... last missing workable band ... I would like to say ... 30M .... and today in the morning (just one day before they QRT) .. W1AW/WH8 in my log on 10Mhz!
To be honest both Samoa worked today on 30M ... 5W0UU from Samoa and W1AW/WH8 American Samoa ... great signals from both stations.

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