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2306 x 2226

Monday, 3 November 2014

Nice surprise in the middle of the night ....

FT4TA Tromelin Island 20M RTTY around 1:00 UTC

I was chasing Tromelin Island FT4TA during weekend. When it was possible of course. Finally 4 bands worked! It was tough! For first time ever it is easier to reach them on SSB than on CW .... Still missing CW with Tromelin but on the end If I can`t make I will try to fix busted call on 12M CW ...
Saturday night when I was trying 30M CW ... big signal ... was spotted on 20M RTTY from FT4TA ...
About 40 minutes after midnight , just 1h before their SR. Here we go ... It was hard to get into their log
but hint from EI2KC Tony helps .... he worked them before me and let me know what his split was ....
I was calling way under without luck. Changed tactics and started calling them using wide split. Up 17.6 aprox ... gave me few magic characters on  my screen ..... EI9KC 599 EI9KC 
My plan is ... to reach them on 17M and maybe CW. One QSO per band it is more than enough for me.
From my personal point of view they should have one dedicated station for example 20M CW with 24h operating system to give chance for just one QSO ... 
Good Luck.

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