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Friday, 20 April 2012

FB night opening on 20m 4 continents

I was calling CQ late at night on 14Mhz CW. And when 20m is closed here during winter time at about 19:00 local time is open during summer times 24h a day is real pleasure to make long distance contacts all over the World using low power. It is big and real fun to me. Tonight I`ve pointed my antenna towards Japan and started calling CQ. Morse code is doing good job with low power from the radio. I was using 50W. And first station gave me a call from PY (Brazil) then first JA was calling me. I`ve got nice pile-up from Japan stations when my station was spotted in Japan on DX Cluster. After several contacts with JA stations real surprise gave me a call! Station from VK! I`ve never worked station from Australia around midnight here :) Great condition. Propagation is getting better no doubt! I had one QSO also with Minnesota in USA. Last QSO logged with station from Argentina. Signals not so strong 559 579 599 from JA. Antenna pointed to one direction and 4 continents worked :)

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