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Band slots (CFM) on Clublog x LoTW
2306 x 2226

Friday, 1 July 2011

ZD7XF on 80m !

Last night I had one of my best QSO! Saint Helena worked on 80m CW. Nigel ZD7XF started his operation on that band last Saturday. To be honest I had no hope for that band what's whoever! 40m was reachable much better. But I was trying .... my wimdom dipole is not working very well on 40m for some reasons SWR is not good .... few times when I was waiting for Nigel on 40m, he was calling CQ , I was only station on the frequency but he didn`t copy me .... On 80m I was calling him 5 days. Everynight he was around 22:00z on 3.503 but his signal was very low and pile-up was good as well. Last night his signal was much better on 80m. I was trying for 2 hours and after that when there was no one on the frequency he pick-up my call. I had to repeat few times , and then i RX 599 for EI9KC! Summary: I have 7 bands slots for Saint Helena by Nigel G3TXF! Great! On 40m Saint Helena is also in my log ... ZD7FT Peter worked last year and his paper QSL is in my collection.

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