316 x 305
Band slots (CFM) on Clublog x LoTW
2306 x 2226

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

H44G & H40T QSL

H40T - Temotu Province - QSL card

H44G - Solomon Islands - QSL card

Nice QSL cards received today! H40T and H44G , Temotu Province and Solomon Islands. Happy to see my QSO with H44G on 12m confirmed! That QSO was not in on-line log. I was 99% sure to be there and just after they went QRT I wrote e-mail to DL7UFR to ask about my 12m but did not get reply ... till now! Solomon Islands on 24Mhz worked from EI is a great DX! Happy to have QSOs confirmed. 

Friday, 24 May 2013

6m Jan Mayen beacon JX7SIX

This is JX7SIX Jan Mayen 6M beacon recorded tonight in my location. SWL signal from this remote island on my multiband HF dipole. 50.079 Mhz. I am not VHF fan at the moment, maybe one day ...

New DXCC worked on CW - Mount Athos!

Here is signal from SV2ASP/A Monk Apollo, the ONLY radio amateur station from Mount Athos. I had few QSOs with him already of several bands but this first time when I`ve worked him on CW. As far as I know there were rumors about SV2ASP/A and CW operation .... I do not need any investigation once I heard EI9KC 599 599 BK I am happy with that. By my statistics Mount Athos is my 279 DXCC worked on CW!

Thursday, 23 May 2013

QSO to remember ...

(Mike VE2WDM - picture from

I am not very active on the radio at the moment. Day is longer and many things to do. Late in the evening I like to sit down in my "shack" and see what condition is on the bands. To work some DX or reply to someone`s else CQ or maybe to call CQ CQ and wait for station who will give you reply. Last night I had QSO with GT4FOC Special Event Station from Isle of Man. Unique call-sign (GT) and also ... friendly location. Look for MD/EI9KC in July this year (more info later). Logged also Sergio from Panama operating as HP1/IQ6CC on 15mCW , P40A John from Aruba on 17mCW with a chances for QSL on LoTW, had nice chat with one of the fastest CW operators I know SP3CW Artur, currently operated as DL/SP3CW and did some CQ on 40 and 20m CW of course. No one wants noises in the middle of the night from SSB mode ;) That is why I like CW, quiet, quiet to transmit! When I was calling CQ on 20m last night I had two QSOs with USA and on the end Canada replied to my call. It was VE2WDM Mike from Ontario Province. 559 his signal was in my location. I had no problems to copy his signal. QSO was short. Shortly after QSO, I`ve decided to turn-off the radio and go QRT when e-mail from Mike arrived with thanks for QSO. Nice surprise. Mike has a blog here and he did a note about our QSO as well. He was QRP 5W and with attic antenna! I had about 80W and my delta was just 3m  above the ground pointed into North America. This is power of Morse Code.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

VK9NT - Norfolk Island - on LoTW

VK9NT is QRT now and I day after they upload their log to Log Book of The World. Great! This is the way I like it. Some DX-Pedition leaders can learn from them. But that is their choice. VK9NT gave me new country on HF and for now 288 countries confirmed. Many thanks!

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Austral Islands !

When I`ve worked FO/KH0PR Yoshi from PUKAPUKA ISLAND / FRENCH POLYNESIA (OC-62) last week I knew it he is going to another islands soon. I was thinking it will be French Polynesia too. But it was not! His new QTH is RAIVAVAE ISLAND / AUSTRAL ISLANDS (OC-114). When I realized that it can be my NEW DXCC on HF I needed to plan something how to work him in just one day. Busy time at work now so no much time for radio. I asked Michal EI3KG:

- do you want to work new DXCC ?
- VK9NT ? Norflok Island ...
- Norfolk too but something special ...
-What ?
-Austral Islands !!!
- OMG! Where!?

When I was working Yoshi from OC-062 in French Polynesia (on 30 and 17) I remember he was not so strong .... 100W from Pacific Ocean is a challenge to work! You need good antenna to copy him. I had no choice and no time to wait if I can copy him from my shack. Decided to visit Michal EI3KG and one of the BEST antennas in EI for metric bands. 

Location on Austral Islands - French Polynesia

5:30AM in the morning ready to go! 6:00AM on the radio. We were waiting for him. In the mean time VK9NT Norfolk Islands spotted on 15mCW, signal was not so strong ... but we did it! For me new band. For Michal new DXCC! ... Then Galapagos HC2IWM/8 showed up on 30mCW. 40m Moxon Yagi is great but 30m can be tricky! Galapagos is "easy" from EI and it was! New DXCC on 30!

Then yes! FO/KH0PR from Austral Islands spotted on DX-Cluster! Where? 15m RTTY !!!
EI3KG is doing set-up for RTTY on IC-735 at his shack.

At the moment back up transceiver is at use. Old, good ICOM IC-735. How to operate RTTY on it? Can we copy him first? Yes we can! 4 el full size Yagi is great antenna! What then .... Michal EI3KG spend few minutes to set-up RTTY on his interface. We are not DIGI emission fans but ... NEW DXCC is NEW DXCC! No choice. Has to be RTTY! And it was!
ICOM IC-735 and USB micro KEYER II did a good job!

AUSTRAL ISLANDS (OC-114) logged on 15m RTTY as new DXCC early in the morning today!

On the end. One more surprise ... VK9NT worked on 20mSSB! As new on 20m and Phone.

Great morning on the radio! To remember!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

JX9JKA - Jan Mayen QSL

JX9JKA Svein is back home and his QSL cards received today. I don`t know when we will be able to work this DXCC entity on the bands again. Limited visitors landing on Jan Mayen declared by Norwegian Government [link]
Thanks Svain for 7 bands!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Galapagos Islands on CW

Welcome HC2IWM/8 Daniel (DL5YWM) currently QRV from Isla Santa Cruz (Galapagos) IOTA SA-004 as my New DXCC worked in CW mode (278). Worked on 12mCW , signal was not strong but his locations can be "easy" from West part of Europe.

Good condition on 12m spotted last few days. Especially from EU. Worked two new countries on this band ... Czech Republic and Norway ;) hihi Makes QSO with LA0FA as my 200 DXCC worked on 24Mhz! (QSO already confirmed on LoTW - thanks Mat!). BTW no luck with Lakshadweep Islands! Not this time. VU7KV SWL`ed few times on 17/15/12m but not this time. Good DX-pedition from this entity will be warm welcome!

Norfolk Island VK9NT

Welcome Norfolk Island in my log on 17mCW as NEW DXCC worked on HF!
VK9NT by Oceania DX Group is now QRV on the bands from this small island located between Australia and New Zealand.