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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Fiji on 12M

3D2SE QSL - Fiji

3D2SE - Wes (ZL3TE) was active from Fiji from JIDX 2014 in April 2014 and I had pleasure to work him on 24Mhz when condition on the bands was great. Surprise was on both sides ...
This is notice from his page 

"GREAT EU Run on 12M 11 Apr."

Great West EU Run and it was! Fiji on 12M in EI in the morning is very rare ...

Two weeks after I was calling CQ on 30M and Wes ZL3TE gave me a call. I had good opportunity to say thanks for Fiji on 12M!
Both QSL received today. Thanks Wes. 73!

ZL3TE - QSL Card

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