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Monday, 14 July 2014

Western Sahara - confirmed by QSL card

S01WS - Western Sahara - QSL card

Not much on the radio these days but still enjoying few thing like:

1) HF IARU championship 2014 with WRTC 2014 ... 
I didn`t know what WRTC is ... this is World Radio Sport Team Championship ...
real Contesting World Cup. I was working during HF IARU 2014 on 20M CW , Assisted , low power. Just few hours but it was great fun. Especially when worked WRTC stations .... top class operators on the other side and all with same antennas ...

2) Preparation for DX-Pedition on EU-007 Great Blasket Islands making me busy. Few days left to work pile-ups. Running HF IARU Contest was also good exercise on the radio, especially CW

3) Western Sahara - S01WS Confirmed by QSL! ... Great QSL card arrived today. I hope it will be valid not like Libya 5A1AL ....

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