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Friday, 15 August 2014

C21BN Nauru

GU74B - Svetlana Tube
Yuki JH1NBN is active again from Nauru as C21BN. Last year worked him on 20M SSB from EI0PL location ATNO. This year very lucky two new bands from my QTH. 17SSB and 15SSB. Nauru is "difficult" location from EI. Signal on both bands weak S3 it was max. I was trying few days ago on 17M no luck. Wide spilt on short window open. Yesterday logged quite "easy". Today on 15M wasn`t the same.It took about 1.5h to log Yuki again. Same story , wide split and EI on the and of EU. With much stronger competitors it is a challenge. In 2012 when C21HA - DX-Pedition was active from Nauru - I had nothing at all from Nauru ... no signal for several days. So many mornings waited for just a whisper ... One day asked a friend of mine in SP to record me in his shack how Nauru can be heard in East EU ... I was shocked ... Thanks Yuki to be active from Nauru ... looking forward now for C21GC Stan for some CW from Nauru! Good Luck

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