316 x 305
Band slots (CFM) on Clublog x LoTW
2306 x 2226

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

SP7IDX Hexbeam

SP7IDX Hexbeam

This is my SP7IDX Hexbeam antenna which working the World! 
6 bands - one coax - no ATU - perfect SWR ... light rotator ... 

No much on HF these days but enjoying some DX like:

E51JQY - South Cook Islands on 17M CW
HR5/F2JD - Honduras on 17M RTTY - 100 DXCC Digi confirmed on LoTW!
9G5ZZ - Ghana - New on 30M!

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Fiji on 12M

3D2SE QSL - Fiji

3D2SE - Wes (ZL3TE) was active from Fiji from JIDX 2014 in April 2014 and I had pleasure to work him on 24Mhz when condition on the bands was great. Surprise was on both sides ...
This is notice from his page 

"GREAT EU Run on 12M 11 Apr."

Great West EU Run and it was! Fiji on 12M in EI in the morning is very rare ...

Two weeks after I was calling CQ on 30M and Wes ZL3TE gave me a call. I had good opportunity to say thanks for Fiji on 12M!
Both QSL received today. Thanks Wes. 73!

ZL3TE - QSL Card

Western Sahara

What a surprise! S01WS worked yesterday on 20M SSB , late at night as NEW DXCC! Did not expected New country on HF until autumn this year... So I am very excited.
Noticed activity from Western Sahara recently but I was quite busy. Trying few times but signal was too small or pile-up massive. Last night on 20M was not easy at all. But finally done! Even when S01WS was asking EI9 other station from USA KI4 .... was calling in the same time. Western Sahara Operator was asking EI9 but KI4 did not listen ...anyway ... 2-way QSO done! EI9KC logged on 20M SSB.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

"Today in my box"

V73DL QSL Card

V73DL - two bands confirmed ....


S9TF - Sao Tome and Principe

VU4K - QSL Card

VU4K  - Andaman Islands  - card posted from India

and great surprise on LoTW

ET3AA and my only one QSO in 2011 with Ethiopia on 40M CW confirmed!
New One on Mixed/CW/40M ...

Friday, 16 May 2014

Good Man Elmo EA5BYP

3C0BYP - QSL Card

3C0BYP - Another fine job by EA5BYP Elmo from Annobon Island in Africa. New band this time 17M. Nice full colour double sided card received.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Marion Island ... once again

ZS8C - "Old" QSL

ZS8C is QRT now. Carson gave us great opportunity to work this rare DXCC. I am happy to log him on two bands. QSL above is my first QSL received from his QSL Manager , confirmed my 10M QSO.

After that I had a chance to work him again on 15M. Had a hope for 12M, tried few times but without luck. No worries anyway. Two QSOs with Marion Island in my log! Brand new DXCC.

Both QSOs are confirmed on LoTW now. I am QSL card collector and new version of ZS8C Carson QSL card was ordered by OQRS on Clublog. 4 pages QSL cannot be missed in my collection:

ZS8C - "New" QSL card

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

South Dakota

Look for W1AW/0 next few days. Is QRV from South Dakota .... One of the rarest US State on HF. I am missing SD on several bands and will try. So far 17M sorted. Good Luck!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

It is time for a change ....

EI9KC` 2 elements delta by SP3PL 

3 years in my QTH 

10m - 265 (251)
12m - 256 (238)
15m - 287 (271)
17m - 268 (245)
20m - 286 (270)

302 DXCC worked / 302 DXCC confirmed

+ 3 DXCC SWL , not worked , tried but no luck.
+ 2 times internal ATU in ICOM IC-PRO3 was calibrated
+1 GU74B Tube damaged and relay in my PA

Serious DX chasing ...

Enjoyed this antenna very much .... but sometimes it was not enough. Garden in my location is limited for small antenna. 

Now it is time for a change.

New antenna in my QTH. I had this antenna for short time already but it was prototype that time (4 years ago) And my mast wasn`t good.

G3TXQ Hexbeam by SP7IDX is back in my garden. Let`s see how it goes.

So far 2 new ones on 17M (Ecuador and Venezuela) worked with 75W

WARC bands were "weakest" on SP3PL`s Delta. High SWR was main problem. 

Looking forward to enjoy Hexbeam by SP7IDX now.

Monday, 12 May 2014

FT5ZM - Amsterdam Island - Confirmed

Nice surprise today. FT5ZM Amsterdam Island DX-Pedition 2014 confirmed on LoTW. 
This is my latest confirmed DXCC.

Statistic by the Clublog shows:

For next New One .... maybe FT4TA - Tromelin Island by the end of this year .....

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Chatham Island - Confirmed!


This is ZL7/OE2SNL QSL card. Received today. Franz OE3SNL gave me new DXCC Confirmed on HF.
Many thanks!
After his activity he was member ZL7AAA DX-Pedition from Chatham Island and I had another QSO with him on 30M CW. Still waiting for ZL7AAA QSL

In the box also Sri Lanka .... 7 bands and 3 modes sorted:

4S7DFG/ 4S7FRG / 4S7LXG QSL Card

by 4S7DFG/ 4S7FRG / 4S7LXG , thanks a lot.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

CQWW 2013 Results



 # 14 in Europe .... both .... it must be some lucky number ;)