316 x 305
Band slots (CFM) on Clublog x LoTW
2306 x 2226

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Another splendid night with IDT

5Z0L - Kenya by Italian DXpedition Team

Kenya is activated at the moment by Italian DXpedition Team. Experienced operators are doing great job. Kenya is not rare DXCC and I have confirmed 7 bands from 10M to 30M 
So focus on new bands and new modes.

Last night I had BIG pleasure to hunt for 5Z0L from EI0PL location.
When they arrived on Top Band they were on 1826 .... on my side ... no sign at all ... no even a bip ... I was thinking maybe condition is not great at the moment. But spot on DX-Cluster told me what is wrong .... they were on 1826.2 huge difference when signal is so small. This was good lesson for me.
I can`t say it was easy. It was hard to copy them. Little signal , no Africa beverage , receiving on transmitting antenna only. When I gave them a call I was able to get KC 5NN only ... it was enough for me ... sent 5NN TU for reply and that was it.
Few minutes after QSO was "confirmed" on live log update.

Kenya low bands sorted ...

To be honest shortly after my QSO their signal was much stronger but they had no takers and after several CQ CQ 5Z0L up 4 they QSYed to 80M ....
and here I can say ... it was easy ;) 80M QSO was in my log after first call.

5Z0L gave me 2 new bands and new mode (Digital) 
So big CIAO for ITD and I am looking after to chase you from another AF DXCC soon.

P.S. Last time I had great fun when they were active from Dem. Rep. of Congo

Thursday, 14 May 2015

K1N Navassa Island QSL card RX

K1N Navassa Island - front page QSL card

K1N Navassa Island page 2 & 3 QSL card

K1N Navassa Island last page QSL card

K1N Navassa Island QSL card received lately. Nice designed card. 
But from printer point of view .... poor quality print.
I mean cheap paper (do not call it card) and no finishing on the front page.
World`s Most Wanted nr 1 deserve better card ...

Saturday, 2 May 2015

HF Happenings

SP7IDX Hexbeam @ EI9KC

10M is not very active at the moment but 12M looks like is in good shape .... when needed.
I did some kind of update of DXCC wanted (workable) on 12M band:


Contacted ARMENIA yesterday : 
EK/DL7UCX - Ben gave me also new DXCC on 80M! 
Thanks for PQ0T uploaded to LoTW! Great style! 
4 new bands and new one on CW !
7QAA - Malawi - also uploaded on LoTW!
Thanks for 3 new bands / two modes !
4O/DJ8QP Montenegro and UK8AR Uzbekistan - new DXCCs CFM on 17M!
UK8AR - is doing great job with LoTW!
Thanks again Mikhail!
JD1YBT - Ogasawara

Small Japanese invasion on Ogasawara Islands at the moment. Calls acticve: 


I was trying listen them on the bands when this entity is needed. No bip on 40M nothing on 30M as well.
I need Ogasawara on 12M too .... wasn`t on my list as .... I didn`t believe to work Ogasawara on 12M these days ....
Few spots on DX - Cluster early this afternoon showed that JD1YBT is active on 12M SSB.
Mast with my Hexbeam is folded because of bad weather. 
Antenna just 3M above the ground but pointed to Ogasawara direction.
I can hear them! Run to the garden. Mast up , back to the shack ... one call ... EI9KC 59
Ogasawara on 12M in the log !!! Shortly after JD1YBT went QRT ....!
There is a hope for LoTW upload! JD1YBT is one of the rare Ogasawara Operators who are uploading their logs to LoTW.
At the moment I have just one band CFM on LoTW - 20MCW by JD1BLY
Update: E30FB - Eritrea also on LoTW today!
Thanks for 4 new bands and two modes!
299 DXCC on CW on LoTW!