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Band slots (CFM) on Clublog x LoTW
2306 x 2226

Friday, 25 September 2015

E6GG Niue last place on the earth welcoming new day

This is E6GG Niue on 20M CW yesterday in the morning. Lovely signal, very strong via S/P , Niue as default on 20M in EU on that band.... My hunting for E6GG is finished now. Happy with 2 new bands (40/30) and one new mode (RTTY)  Dream QSO on 80M didn't happen ... I wasn`t able to copy them. Today in the evening nice surprise on 12M CW and my probably last QSO with E6GG Congratulations to EI4KL who managed QSO on 28Mhz! So far they have 15 QSOs with EU on 10M! All QSOs already confirmed on LoTW. This is great QSL policy and big thanks to whole Team for big effort. I had pleasure to be 7 times in their log - 4 times on the other side was Nigel G3TXF ( 12/17/20/40). BTW no QSO with EU on Top Band ..... yet. Good Luck!  Few days left .....
E6 is a new prefix for Niue , 3 years ago ITU updated its Table of International Call Sign Series to reflect a call sign change for Niue Island from ZK2 to E6. I had ZK2 in my log and E6 too. My first QSO with Niue new prefix was with E6AK in 2013 on 20M CW.

E6AK QSL card

Sunday, 20 September 2015

HF bands switched off

Looks like HF bands are switched off ... I was chasing E6GG on the bands last few days and I was surprised how quiet can be on the bands. 10/12/15 are dead here no joy whatsoever. OK logged Comoros Islands on 15M CW but this is much closer than Niue ... My plan for Niue is ... low bands. Had chances to work them last Friday on 30M but no much time to stay on the radio. Decided to visit EI0PL to enjoy real low bands fun. Saturday in the morning managed QSO on 40MCW with Niue as new country on this band and that was it. First off all signal was from skewed not 330 degrees but 270 and was so small and hard to copy. No beep on 80 but I heard 2 EU stations in QSO with them  .... 30M .... even worst than 40M. Signal was hardly readable and highest peak was for about 30 minutes around our SR. 
Sunday morning was even worst than Saturday. 40M was disaster and 30M was dead as stone. No signal at all from Niue even on 20M! This was really big disappointment as we expected Niue to be there as default on 20 one way or the other. 

Hopefully it will improve soon , especially for TX3X - Chesterfield Is!

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

PQ0T - Trindade Island QSL card

PQ0T - Trindade Island QSL

Long awaited QSL card from PQ0T - Dxpedition 2015 arrived today!
Nice 4 page confirmation.
Thanks a lot!