316 x 305
Band slots (CFM) on Clublog x LoTW
2306 x 2226

Monday, 28 March 2011

What a day !

Another 3 New DXCC worked today! (Andaman and Nicobar see post below). Great opening on the bands! 22:57 local time and station XU7SSB is booming 5/9 in my location on 14Mhz SSB. Worked!
Sri Lanka worked also on 14Mhz SSB 4S7DXG/P


VU4PB Dx Pedition from Andaman and Nicobar Islands is my newest DXCC on HF. Worked today twice on 15m (SSB / RTTY). Expedition is almost finished and I had no hope to work them at all. Nice opening this evening from their location! At the moment is 21:13 local time and I copy them on 14Mhz SSB. Isn`t Brand New as I`ve worked this prefix years ago on 11m. Great DX-Pedition , always remember , 253IR0.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

HF happenings ....

March is always busy with family life here and I don`t have much time for radio. During some spare moments last weekend 3 new DXCC logged , 2 Brand NEW!

UK8FF Anvar from Uzbekistan (30m CW)
S21YZ DX pedition from Bangladesh (20m CW)
 V85SS  AMBRAN from BRUNEI (20m CW)

Bangladesh and Brunei are Brand New Ones!

This weekend I didn`t take a part in WPX_SSB Contest. I will try it with CW in May. To be honest I don`t like calling in SSB (too much noise hi hi :) CW this is the thing!  And I will be busy contesting next weekend for SPDX Contest.

Last minute news! Just worked (21:45 local time) S21YZ 2`nd time on 30m with dipole and 100W !!! Great signal, great Team, great propagation, good FUN!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

"Today in my box ..."

TT8DX Baldur. Direct QSL. Many thanks , this is my Brand New DXCC!
And my first bunch of QSL by the Bureau :) Real stuff !

My first new DXCC worked RTTY

I didn`t think RTTY mode will give me new DXCC on HF. Maybe the last ;) .... FP/W6HGF Alan from St. Pierre and Miquelon worked last night on 30m RTTY. This is my new DXCC on HF. I`m really surprised.

Monday, 21 March 2011

"Today in my box ..."

KH6MB Martin from Hawaii , Oahu Island. Direct QSL. Many thanks!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

West Malaysia

Interesting contact logged on 30m CW. 9M2TO from West Malaysia (10921.6 km from my QTH). Worked with dipole and 100W.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Franz Josef Land

RI1FJ Eugeny from Franz Joseph Land was my big time inspiration to learn CW. As he operating almost CW only there was no other way to make QSO with him. Today at last on 21Mhz I`ve logged his station! Many thanks for long waiting BRAND NEW DXCC!

LoTW some statistics ....

Just started using Log Book of The World LOTW and here is some statistic at the start:


Award Selected

Total / Current
Mixed 109

109 / 109
CW 69

69 / 69
Phone 77

77 / 77

3 / 3
160M 20

20 / 20
80M 11

11 / 11
40M 52

52 / 52
30M 8

8 / 8
20M 68

68 / 68
17M 11

11 / 11
15M 24

24 / 24
12M 18

18 / 18
10M 13

13 / 13
Challenge 225

--- / 225

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

4A4A update ...

Last night I wasn`t lucky to work them on 14Mhz CW ... signal was too weak and NA wall was too strong to break it. They didn`t call CQ EU so I had no chance with 100W. It was around 23:00 UTC, late but still I was listening them quite well to work.

Today I had a luck to work them twice again! First QSO on 18Mhz CW and just after that 21Mhz and ... RTTY , YES! I was surprised too ;)


Logbook of the World ... Today I`ve got my certyficate to use this system of QSO - QSL confirmation. We will se how it will be working. BTW I like eQSL too ;)

Monday, 14 March 2011

Central America & Caribbean

New DXCC logged yesterday: J68PJ St. Lucia and today VP2V/G3PHO British Virgin Isl....

EI land has great location to work Caribbean ... for example J68PJ - I`ve made contact on 30m with my dipole and 100W.

This is my remaining DXCC list from Caribbean and Central America:

1) VP2E Anguilla Isl.
2) YVØ Aves Isl.
3) FO Clipperton Isl.
4) TI9 Cocos Isl.
5) KP5 Desecheo Isl.
6) KG4 Guantanamo Bay
7) 6Y Jamaica
8) KP1 Navassa Isls.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Sable Island again logged ....

I was happy with one band slot worked this rare prefix. Today for a short time I was trying to work CY0 again, this time on 20m. Huge EU pile-up. My 100W was so little to break it through ... Then K8LEE was QRT for a while and after 30 min he returned on the same frequency. I knew it he prefers listen 3up and I was prepare to do it as he will be back. And it was good idea! He came back, same frequency listen up .... I was 3up ... one shot and YES! EI9KC logged on 20m CW.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

last eQSL in my box

Two nice eQSL received ....
JT1BV Naran from Mongolia
Z21BB  Fernando from Zimbabwe

I uploaded all my QSOs to eQSL and at the moment I have 75 DXCC confirmed on eQSL.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Vulcanic Island on Caribbean Sea is my newest DXCC on HF. Great condition on the bands. 14Mhz is wide open to Caribbean last days. VP2MHF Nigel is my logged station. 20m CW.


Few words about 4A4A. Activation from Revillagigedo , Mexican Islands on Pacyfic Ocean ... When they started operation few days ago, there was many smart comments on cluster , mainly from EU , about weak activity, poor equipment, no antennas, etc ... Maybe propagation wasn`t good to EU direction, maybe some people need more patience I think. I was happy to logged 4A4A first time last Sunday on 12m CW and today I`ve made second QSO with 4A4A (nice sound on CW did did did did dah - did dah - did did did did dah - did dah) on 15mCW. 20:45 local time! 15m was closed during winter months in my location .... and tonight I had to lower my antenna because we have strong western wind ... and with antenna about 3m above ground (pointed to their direction) and 100W 4A4A logged again! Great fun it was! Thank you Chicos !!! I hope to work them on another bands as well .... maybe 10m ;) We have 155 Solar Flux Level Yes !

Sable Island ....

Worked at last! Brand new country for me. Never worked before. Postponed 2 times already, expedition now is on The Air. My favorite operator K8LEE/CY0 Wayne logged my station today on 17m CW! Why favorite operator ? Looks like the other team members are on the picnic there .... This is only my opinion.
Anyway, thank you for opportunity to work Sable Island on HF! Appreciate it very much.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Another Aloha!

And the same station worked .... KH6MB Joseph but this time on 15m. 18:28 local here .... nice one! Thank you for CQ EU :)

Sunday, 6 March 2011

HF happenings ....

A lot to say ...
Great propagation on 12m and 10m this weekend ....

Few interesting DXCC countries worked:

Z21BB - Zimbabwe on 10m *
TR8CA - Gabon - 10m
OD5NH - Lebanon - 10m *
5X1NH - Uganda - 12m
TL0A - Central Africa - 10m (Brand New!)
D2AM - Angola - 10m
XE1XR - Mexico - 12m *
4A4A - Revillagigedo - 12m *

* - new on HF

Plus many stations from USA and Canada during ARRL-SSB Contest. 10m was beautiful open to NA.

Saturday, 5 March 2011


Fernando Z21BB is my newest DXCC on HF. Worked this morning CW on 28Mhz. Nice to see condition on 10m better these days like years ago on 11m.