316 x 305
Band slots (CFM) on Clublog x LoTW
2306 x 2226

Monday, 27 February 2012

Today in my BOX

TN2T - Republic of Congo. Direct QSL from Tim M0URX. Many thanks.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Operation Swaziland 3DA0PW

3DA0PW and very nice , steady operation by G3SWH and G3OLU/EA5ARC from this African country. Just logged them on 30mCW! 6 bands already worked. New country on all of them except 12m.


My favorite CW operator Nigel G3TXF is now operating as ZD8FX from Ascension Island waiting for a ship RMS St Helena to St Helena Island where he will use ZD7XF call sign. Last year when Nigel was operating from ZD7 I had 7 bands worked ... 80mCW included with 100W. This time I will focus on 40mCW only. BTW
ZD8XF logged on 12/17mCW. Nice one.

Equatorial Guinea on 17m

It took me 3 days trying to log 3C6A on 17mCW. UFF to be honest it was tough. 
Operartor was QRX for 2 min and I was waiting up3. And that was it! QSO to remember.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Equatorial AMOK!

I don`t know what is the situation with Equatorial Guinea on the bands. Massive pile-up. Looks like NEW country is born and for everyone is a NEW1. Chaos! 3 days trying with CW on 30/17/15 no luck! I remember similar thing with South Sudan ST0R. No system how CW operator is working pile-up. He is doing good job one way ot the other but is hard. Lucky log them on 12mSSB! New country for me on HF.

In the mean time ... Another New Country worked on HF today!
EP3PK Pooyan from Iran logged on 14MhzCW. He is running just 20W and had good signal in my location. YI1RZ Razi, good operator from Iraq worked first time CW. So Iraq new on CW today! Another FB QSO with 3DA0PW this time. Swaziland logged on 10m for 1`st time! 

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Few things ....

  1. 3C6A is QRV now and ... very hard to reach them ... uff ... no luck yet. Massive pile-up.
  2. 3DA0PW logged on three bands 17/15/12m all CW. New country in CW. Nice one.
  3. HU2DX on LoTW. Many thanks! 
  4. Last missing country on HF from EU on my list .... DELETED! .... Malyj Vysotskij Island (MVI), R1M. Just one QSO from 11m in my collection.

Sunday, 19 February 2012


I took a part in ARRL DX CW Contest this weekend. Good fun. I was in SOAB Assisted Low Power Category. There is some statistics:
406 QSOs
137 Multipliers

80m - 58 QSOs - 18 Multipliers
40m - 63 QSOs - 28 Multipliers
20m - 136 QSOs - 45 Multipliers
15m - 149 QSOs - 46 Multipliers

Claimed score : 166,866 Points
  • No bad , a good fun with 100W and running in spare time. Missing STATES: WY , MS. 
  • Better West Coast openings on 15m than on 20m
  • Amazing what 100W and dipole can do on 80m
  • Missed 10m opening if any.
  • Good ears across the Atlantic Ocean ! Good antennas too !
  • Nice to work West Coast on 40m in the morning here.
  • Canda AB/BC/NS/ON/PEI/QC/NB - little activity in my opinion.
  • No QSOs with W3LPL - do not work robot DX Cluster skimmers in contest!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Somalia on 24Mhz

Once again Somalia 6OA3 logged this time on 24MhzCW. I was lucky to be there at right time. On 28Mhz no signal at all in my location. Here is some video how loud Darko was on 12m in my QTH. And also his fantastic skills to manage pile-up. Thanks for 4`th band!

Early morning on 80m.

It was worth it to wake up bit early today to catch some DX on 80m. And 3 new DXCC worked on 3.5Mhz.
TI5/NI1N - Costa Rica
KP4MS - Puerto Rico
JW/LZ2HM - Svalbard

Thursday, 16 February 2012

ZK2C for 2`nd time in my log

When I saw spots on cluster that ZK2C is strong in EU this evening on 20mCW and a few Hawaii`s stations as well I`ve decided to try them on 30m or 17m. And it was good idea. 18Mhz .... one call and ZK2C for 2`nd time in my log. New DXCC on 17m.

P.s Log updated and my call is busted .... EA9KC ... well well I hope it can be fixed ;)

Rodrigues Isl for first time on HF

New country in my log! Hunting for it last 2 days .... On 30m no luck, on 17m no luck but now finally in my log. Eric OE4AAC is now QRV as 3B9/OE4AAC Rodrigues Island IOTA AF-017 and I`m happy to have his call in my log on 28MhzCW. On his profile on he said: CW 4 Ever, Hope to be a new DXCC or new Band Points. And it is Eric! Many thanks OM!

6O3A operation Somalia

Darko Rusman well known operator E70A / J28AA is now QRV from Somaliland. He is TOP Class CW operator and is managing Pile-up very well. 6O3A is in my log on 20/17/15mCW it is good game to figure out how he is operating to give him a call. Listen spilt in CW up 2-7 is a trick and to find where he is listening is the thing! On 20m was quite easy ... On 17m it took me few hours , ufff, on 15m was much easier but I had to battle with East EU wall. Very exciting.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Big New One worked on 80m

Fantastic New One just logged on 80mCW! Ascension Island ZD8Z in the middle of Atlantic Ocean. Not difficult on high bands but on 80m is something special. This is 2`nd QSO with Ascension Island today. First QSO on 17mCW with ZD8R which is new on 17m as well.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Africa day in my logbook.

Just few contacts today and all them from Africa all new DXCC on the bands.
1) 9J2RI another QSO with Chris from Zambia but this time on 15mCW
2) 6O3A Branko operating now in Somalia on 20mCW
3) ZS2I Johan another FB QSO this time on 17mCW

Propagation is strange last few days. Best condition must say is 30m. 

Sunday, 12 February 2012

305 QSL cards received by the Bureau

Today I attended rally in Dublin organised by Phoenix Radio Club. I had good time there with a lot of radio friends.It was good to see you OMs! Many thanks to Dave EI9FBB who had to travel from Cork to Dublin. Dave gave me some cards for me posted by the Bureau ... 305 of them! Big time. All cards now been processed. I like paper QSL very much. This is a part of my job as I am a printer. I will spend few good moments to watch them one by one. I like to say with all 305 QSL cards I found a lot of NEW ONES for me on HF like Papua New Guinea, Uganda, Madagascar, Burundi and so on. QSL cards where I don`t have LoTW QSL confirmation. Now my statistics are much higher and 100 DXCC confirmed on 40m by now.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

"ZK2C ... just a "dit" in the pacific"

ZK2C is now QRV on the bands and to reach them from EI land is hard with this condition on the bands. Last time when Niue was active by ZK2V was much easier to make some QSOs on upper bands. This time upper bands are closed in the evening from their location.On 40/30m I SWL them few times but signal was just above noise level without chances to receive RPT on my dipole. Today 1`st time ZK2C looged in my logbook. QSO on 20mCW. New DXCC on 14Mhz for me.

WPX RTTY Contest  this weekend and I was bit active for first time in RTTY contesting. 104 QSOs in total just for fun but I must admit RTTY is not my favorite mode. In the late evening I had a fun to work Dutch stations on 80mCW in PACC contest when CW is a melody for my ears ;)

Thursday, 9 February 2012

First PSK31 DX-Pedition in my log.

Today first QSO with DX-Pedition in DIGI PSK31 mode. I`m not big fan of digi modes but sometimes is nice to play with. HU2DX still on the bands from El-Salvador and QSO with them in PSK31 just logged on 21Mhz. Nice one.
I`m still trying to reach ZK2C German DX-Pedition from Niue but no luck. Propagation is different than few months ago when ZK2V operated from Niue and this time is hard to get Germans in my log. Very weak signals in my location on 30/40m and nothing else.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Fantastic DX worked today !!!

FW0NAR DXpedition to Wallis Island (OC-054) by Laci (HA0NAR) and his wife Susanne logged on 30mCW! YES! 
 Every night I was looking at World Map in my house where Wallis Island is located and I was thinking how to work Laci ... Few days ago I`ve SWL his signal on 30m but QRM on the freq from DIGI Modes were very strong to copy his signal 100%. Today he was operating on the same frequency on 30m. 10.102 Mhz CW of course. For some people 6m is a "Magic Band". For me "Magic Band" is 30m no doubt! 17:50 local time ... 12 hours difference it means he had Tuesday morning in there on Wallis! 
Here is Laci from FW0NAR and this is his antenna
I am delighted! Fantastic Brand NEW ONE! Today is 1`st day when EI stations appeared in his log! In Ireland his location is very difficult for QSO. On his blog Laci said about poor condition with West Europe.... It is true. Another fine Hungarian DX-Pedition is QRV from Pacyfic ... C21HA from Nauru and to be honest no SWL at all. Nothing on all bands! Only 2 EI stations in their log ... congratulations! And for final video how strong FW0NAR was tonight on 30m in EI. Opening for about 30 minutes.

TX6T/P from Mangareva (OC-063)

Interesting IOTA logged! Mangareva Island OC-063 When Team returning from Pitcairn VP6T stopped for small activation. There on Mangareva is departure point for runs to Pitcairn Island. Just for info. Nice one! (QSO on 24MhzCW)

Sunday, 5 February 2012


Looks like HK0NA is QRT now. Hats of! Great DX-Pedition from one of Most Wanted DXCC entities. I`m happy to have them on 18 bands slots.

Here on that video last evening HK0NA on 14MhzCW spotted in my location.
HK0NA Malpelo will be missed on the bands ;)

AP2IA Pakistan for 1`st time.

Ijaz AP2IA from Pakistan newest DXCC worked on the bands today. Logged on 24MhzSSB when he is often operating. Nice one NEW 1 on HF. Vy fast eQSL TU!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Buddies in the Caribbean - Grenada

This time Buddies are QRV from Grenada. J38EA worked on 17m. new country on this band and I hope to catch them on few more. At the moment I had Grenada on 30m and 10m only.

P.S HU2DX update last missing band just logged on 17m. It means I have EL Salvador worked on all operating bands.

Friday, 3 February 2012


"Early bird catches the worm" said few days ago another KC in EI , Tony EI2KC when he looged VP6T early in the morning on 80m and this is true. Today another new DXCC worked on 80m - HU2DX - DX-Pedition from El Salvador. Worked "easy" on 3.5Mhz at our sun rise. I`ve worked them yesterday on 30/20/15m but 80m is a "most wanted" for me.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

100 DXCC confirmed on 15m LoTW

100 countries confirmed on LoTW by EI9KC. Today 100 QSL I`ve got from 9H1SP Paul from Malta.
Very fast QSL we had QSO today in the afternoon. Paul invited me to QSY on 28MhzCW and we did a QSO on 10m as well. Malta confirmed on two bands! Thanks Paul. Appreciate it very much.

Today in my BOX

ZB2FK Ernest and his QSL in my BOX today. 3 bands confirmed 80/30/15. Many thanks.