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2306 x 2226

Friday, 26 September 2014

Benin once more

TY1AA Italian Dx-Pedition Team is QRT now. Great joy during last 2 weeks. 
And big surprise in my log!
One morning when I was chasing Nigel ZD9XF on 40M and also Benin TY1AA
on 40 and 30 ... little signal was discovered on 80M. Well maybe not discovered because
when they are starting operation on new band there is always kind of self spot on their
frequency. It is bad idea in my opinion , SPOT = QRM ... anyway ....
maybe this time it helps ... Italian Team are not strong on low bands when they are operating from several location in Africa so I wasn`t dreaming to hear and work them on low bands.
Maybe 30 ... and maybe 40 ...
40M SSB managed from EI0PL location with 2el Moxon designated for this bands.
80M ? No hope .... 
But this time Benin on 80M was logged :) !

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