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Monday, 15 September 2014

"DX always hears better ..."

Norfolk Island on the map

One Best EI DX`er, member of few international DX-Peditions, great operator , good contester and friend of mine Dave EI9FBB told me once ... "DX always hears better ...." And I had great example of his words yesterday when Norfolk Island was logged in my log as VK9NT on 30M.
It was too late for EU on 30M for Norfolk , but EI always switching lights off in Europe. Tiny signal was discovered on 10.102Mhz CW .... this frequency can be very noisy by digital QRM ... yesterday was not that bad with noises but signal from Norfolk was very weak. I was able to read them ... not full call-sign but few letters. Decided to try .... After few attempts .... got reply fully clear EI9KC 599 ....! 
30M favourite band with just inverted V hanging on the tree fixed to work Oceania did great job once again. I remember similar situation with Wake Island last year. This time used different rig. Maybe crystal filters helped this time ... who knows? Anyway ... great ears on the other side there on Norfolk too! VK3QB Chris was at the key ,experienced operator no doubt. Great QSO to remeber! New DXCC on 30M too ....

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