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Sunday, 14 December 2014

EI9KC CW RBN Skimmer

SP7IDX Hexbeam used for RBN CW Skimmer

Quite busy these days. No much time for the radio but my SP7IDX Hexbeam is doing great job as  RBN CW Skimmer
Antenna is connected to SDR receiver and is set for 28Mhz. 
Skimmer frequency band(s): 27964.1-28155.9 (192 kHz)

10M is busy. This is just small piece of the band and is hard to find clear QRG.

Screen shot from RBN website de EI9KC spots

This is 2`nd time when my Skimmer went on air. First time was during CQ WW CW few weeks ago. This weekend is helping during ARRL 10M Contest,
Happy to see few Japan stations heard on my antenna even when wasn`t pointed to their direction.
Few images here how it looks like.

Spots sent to RBN

Stations heard on the band. Only with + are spotted.
It is important to send CQ from some to time. When Skimmer hear CQ thinks the station is calling CQ and it will be spotted. Station without CQ are not spotted.

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