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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Good QSL turnaround on LoTW

This is Uli DL9WVM as ET3AA recorded on 21Mhz in my location few days ago. His recent activation from Ethiopia gave me 3 new bands (10/12/17).I was paying attention for him on 20M as well where QSL from this DXCC was needed. It was hardest task to do because he was only active in the mornings. When he was on 20M condition was not good or was too early or too late. Last week perfect moment I had on 14Mhz. 5 min opening on 20M and here we go. EI9KC 5NN. All QSOs uploaded on LoTW and QSL received here as well. Thanks Uli for great one Man activation.

What else received on LoTW as new slots CFM:

  • HC2AO/8 - Galapagos Islands 80/40/30/17 ... unfortunately 20M busted ... there is hope for another Galapagos 2014 DX-Pedition team member with LoTW upload ...
  • Vatican City - late night hunting on low bands .... 40/80 
  • VK9DLX - Lord Howe 7 bands / 3 modes
  • 3V8BCC - Tunisia - Digital
  • C21GC - Nauru - New one as number 300 on LoTW - Mixed / few bands 
  • V63YY - Micronesia - 301! new one on LoTW - 2 bands! TNX JA1VND! It was worth to wait for you,
  • W1AW/KH8 - American Samoa .... just one band new 30M ... QSO on 10M not valid. Worked fake station! Once again American Samoa not in log .... it was important QSO but ... not this time ...
  • VP2EIM - Anguilla - another FB JA activation from Caribbean. 80/40 and Digital done .... no luck on 30M ... it will be for next time.
  • 3C0BYP - Annobon - TNX Elmo for 17M as new here.
  • Z31RQ - Macedonia on 80M - TNX Dejan! 
  • J79F - Dominica - new on Digi
  • VP2V/SP2FUD - British Virgin Islands ... new on Digi .... here is great example when LoTW upload is not sure and surprise is 100%
  • HI3A - Dominican Republic 80/40 ... short CQWW CW activity from my side. It was worth it to wake up at 5:00 AM and wait for them on low bands! 
  • ZB2CN - Gibraltar - TNX Bert DJ9WH. The only LoTW from Gibraltar. New QSL received on 12 and 20M. All bands CFM now. Including TB! What left? Phone :)
  • 5R8M - Madagascar - latest DX-Pedition and LoTW just received - 4 new slots! Digi / 17M / Phone and most welcome 30M.
Latest QSL on LoTW from RZ3MM (not listed on is counted as my 10.000 QSL. Almost 50% of my all QSO confirmed on LoTW at the moment. 


  1. Hello Ark, my confirmation rate is only 37%, wich is still better than EQSL; I guess it depends on what modes you use, I'm about 50/50 between SSB and JT65 and I think the JT65 guys don't like to use LOTW. Also, alot of people that worked me while I was on portable SOTA activations don't bother to add the QSO to LOTW as for SOTA there is a separate confirmation system.

    Cheers !

    1. Hello Razvan. 37% is not too bad. To be honest on the bands I am looking for "LoTW users". My statistics are CW: 63.13% Phone: 34.40% Data: 2.47%. When on 2014 CW is 83%. 73! and GL