316 x 305
Band slots (CFM) on Clublog x LoTW
2306 x 2226

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Amsterdam Island on dipole 40M CW

This is great signal recorded tonight on 40M CW. FT5ZM Amsterdam Island SWL on my dipole. Surprised very strong! And beauty is .... NO QRM makers. I am on their QRG long time and it is pleasure to listen them. Good Luck!

K9W Wake Atoll - QSL card confirmed and Amsterdam story continued ....

K9W Wake Atoll 2013 QSL Card

Latest arrival in my collection. K9W Wake Atoll 2013 QSL card. Great DX-Pedition now is history. Great thrill it was to chase them on the bands. .... Thanks again!

On the picture there 24.955 frequency can be seen .... this is my today`s target Amsterdam FT5ZM on 12M "to do list", now sorted. Took a while but done. CW was quite "easy" when I was waiting for them on their frequency and it was a time when no spot from 12M CW was posted recently on DX Cluster .... needed some job to work them but Great OP on the other side (UA3AB) was doing great show on 24Mhz CW. 

SSB was no possible when band was wide open. Spilt was so wide and whole World was calling them. Maybe except VK/ZL ... Anyway I was waiting for best time to work them on SSB and it was around 15:00 UTC. Band was almost closed from their direction and thankfully Operator on the other side did not ask NA only! We at the end of Europe need to fight hard to beat EU pile-up. 

Same story I had on 21Mhz SSB.... best time to work them from EI when band is closing from their location 
What will be my next target ? 30M ... will try from home QTH ... not best direction for my dipole. We might change 40M Moxon at EI0PL for 30m just to work FT5ZM on 30M ...

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

I Amsterdam

Fantastic DX-Pedition worked today .... FT5ZM International HAM Radio DX-Pedition to one of most remote place on the Earth .... Amsterdam Island!

Of course as New One!

Real 300`th one! 

By official calculation in 300`th Unofficial says 302 ... never mind ...

FT5ZM started last Sunday. Had no time that day and no chances. Antenna was down because of strong gusts. Today was a day to play some radio and fight with massive pile-up!

Amsterdam & St. Paul Island are number 6`th Most Wanted DXCC

Last time Amsterdam Island was activated in ... 1998 by FT5ZH, FT5ZJ, FT5ZI .... 15 years ago! 
No doubt ... demand for FT5ZM is huge ...
Can you imagine pile-up on 21Mhz CW wide up to 24 ? Never seen something like that ... I am not surprised ... never heard Amsterdam Island on the bands ...

Today I had pleasure to work Amsterdam Island on 5 bands ... Thanks to one of the strongest EI Contest station EI0PL and their antennas. Now I can relax and try to work them from home QTH.
Good Luck to All

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Banaba also confirmed and few others ...

T33A Banaba QSL

T33A - Banaba DX-Pedition - QSL received. New One! 

J88HL QSL Card

J88HL - also received. Nice double card. ST. Vincent - sorted ... Thanks to well experienced SP Team. Just Top Band left ....

S21ZBB / S21ZBC double QSL Card

S21ZBB/S21ZBC Great design and high quality card. - Received also kind of surprise from the Team .... One QSO on 17M which wasn`t in my log .... Strange ... I don`t remember if I was trying or something to make that QSO on 18Mhz ....

Nauru ... at last

C21BN QSL Nauru

C21BN QSL received as New One. Hard location to work from EI to work.
New DX-Pedition was planned by DL team in 2014 to Nauru but .... 
"At the moment it’s not possible to get any accommodation on the island because Nauru is running an immigration program from the Australian government, and all beds are needed for that. They will try again next year." (source DX-World)

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Low Band DX-ing

Did not play much attention to low bands recently .... Last night Michal EI3KG told me about good condition on Top Band which is most difficult for me. Good signal was spotted from Thailand on 160M.
HS0ZEE Don was calling CQ, he was very strong but unfortunately one way .....

I didn`t know yet that tonight I will work 3 New Ones on Top Band ....

1) HS0ZKX - Peter was calling CQ - he was very strong 559 in peak on my dipole. One call from my side!
Done! Almost 10.000km! So far longest distance on Top Band! Fantastic New One managed on simply dipole without any beverages ....

2) 4K6FO - Alim - Great Operator from Azerbaijan , gave me last missing slot from this country. Great QSO and big signal. Rapid LoTW / eQSL!

3) PT7BXB - Fred (PY2XB) - Great operator , one of the Team Members of many DX-Pedition including PT0S! Fred was calling on some frequency CQ, great signal but he did not copy me .... I had a chance to ask Peter to QSY for another QRG to try. He asked me to find clear frequency , bands are busy now because CQ-WW-160 is on this weekend .... anyway .... clear QRG was found. I asked Fred to QSY and he asked me to call him .... when finished my call .... Fred gave me reply! EI9KC 449! Great QSO! Third new one on TB and first South America on 160M! Instant LoTW QSL! Many thanks Fred!

Night to remember ! 

Friday, 17 January 2014

Look for S79ACR

Need Seychelles on any bands ? Need LoTW / eQSL from these beautiful islands ? Look for S79ACR who is doing fantastic job on the bands using his KX3 and 10W with antenna made from bamo sticks .... I had pleasure to work Igor on 4 bands. ON 30/17/12 as new one! In my opinion he is doing better job than some "DX-Pedition". When you work Igor you will get LoTW upload next few hours ....  Well done Igor! Your effort is appreciated!

Thursday, 16 January 2014

More QSL cards received

QSL card from 9N7BM - Toshi - Nepal

Autumn 2013 was busy with DX. At the moment bit "quiet" on the bands , good time to enjoy some lates QSL arrivals. 

C82DX - Mozambique 2013

Great condition on high bands reported .... I had pleasure to work few EU stations on 24Mhz at 17:00 local time. 20 minutes after my sunset. It is not usual see 12M open so long this time of the year,

5A1AL - Abubaker QSL card - for collection only.

At last QSL from 5A1AL arrived here. Only 2 QSO confirmed , I don`t know why .... Anyway .... Unfortunately NOT VALID for awards , etc ... Collection only.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Long awaited Benin

More than 3 years took me to get Direct QSL cards from TY1JB (2010)
Better late than never! Benin is only 3 times in my log - This QSL confirmed 2 bands 12m and 15m both on Phone. Did not work Benin on CW yet.
Good DX-Pedition from Benin will be welcome!

1A0KM - 2013

Sovereign Military Order of Malta as 1A0KM againg QRV on the bands. No pressure here , except TB maybe. But so far so low on my dipole .... Recorded their signal on 24Mhz this morning. Did not copy them on 28Mhz so far this year. Antenna is down. Another storm is coming ....

Friday, 3 January 2014

DX of the Year 2013 - ZS8C

Just received! QSL card from ZS8C Carson - Marion Island!

3845 QSO worked in 2013
248 DXCC

ZS8C - my DX of the Year 2013.

Thanks Carson!