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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

QSO one of its kind ! One call !

VP8SGI QTH on South Georgia Island

Last night I had a dream QSO on 80M with VP8SGI South Georgia Island ! QSO for remember , QSO with one of The Best pile-up DX CW`er Dima RA9USU ... just made ONE CALL
ONE CALL on 80M in the pile-up to make it!
I still can`t believe but fact is I`am in the log on 80M CW for sure!
Short story .... first of all .... Old school of DXing ... listen , listen and listen
and I was doing that.
Signal small. To be honest 30% readable. Yes 30% CW readable it is like 223 or something similar.
Pile-up not massive but solid between 2 and 5 up.
Took me about 30 minutes to figure out how Dima is operating and go  ...
..... KC 5NN returned.
I didn`t copy EI9 but KC cannot be missed .... replied in one second R 5NN TU
That`s it!
No question mark , no repeat , no mess.
"DX always hears better" - one FBB DX`er told me once
and he is right!
Dima RA9USU has perfect ears for sure.
Every evening log on Clublog is uploaded and I had to wait all day to see it ...
Trust your ears! Yes but ..... 
And when DX Cluster says VP8SGI - log updated ... I was there to check

80M QSO in the log !!!

This blog is for it. This blog is to remember QSOs like that! Thanks Dima , another pleasure!


  1. Listen out for them now on 30m. But signal is so weak the RTTY program is not even decoding. If you can't hear them you can't work them. It's ashame I'm not able to do CW. Something I have to learn in the next years. 73, Bas

    1. Hi Bas. Well worth it. It is not that difficult. No rag chewing on the beginning for sure. Learn your call on CW, try to call some easy DX and hear reply your-call 5NN. Thats it. Calling DX in CW is much easier than SSB / RTTY
      I had situation once with RI1FJ (Franz Joseph Land) - the only CW op in new DXCC for me. How to work him ? I had to learn bit of CW to do it and I did. Now my favourite mode. See now on VP8SGI - TOP World Class CW`er are there for us. It is "easy" to work them much easier than SSB. Good Luck Bas!

  2. Awesome one! Congrats For this QSO, and yes, Dima is a king while listening... He deserve a medal all by himself!