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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

QSL via Bureau

QSL cards from rare DX received via Bureau

QSL by the Bureau - mode on. Received nice package QSL cards by the Bureau on Coolmine Radio Rally and all now are replied. I`m still hand writing my QSL cards but this might change soon ....

EI9KC QSL - back

I was helping Adam EI5JQ with QSL cards received for EI1Y Conest station of EI0PL DX-Group.
And all this was done by very useful Clublog,org tool called OQRS Management Tool!
It was my first experience with this and I must say I like it! 
400 cards received by the Bureau done in 2h .... all labels are printed and ready to go on cards.

EI1Y QSL labels printed for cards via Bureau

Much more cards left to do from our IOTA DXpeditions on EU-006 / 007 / 103 and 121
Will try to do them soon and send them back via Bureau.

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  1. Hello Ark, I also handwrite my own cards. But have experience with labels fro the clubstation. I think handwriting is more personal. But for 400 cards that's out of the question. The management tool looks fine to me looking at the labels. Some nice QSLs via bureau, see some familiar ones received in the past. 73, Bas