316 x 305
Band slots (CFM) on Clublog x LoTW
2306 x 2226

Sunday, 28 February 2016

UBA DX Contest CW 2016 by EI9KC

UBA DX Contest CW 2016

SOAB Low Power

Band     QSOs     Pts  PFX   Pro
         3.5     115     337   27    7
           7      34      96   13    2
          14     200     378   18    0
          21      77     131    8    0
       Total     426     942   66    9

            Score : 70,650

EI9KC QSOs during UBA DX CW 2016

Enjoyed to be Multiplier :) 99% of my time called CQ ... good challenge was to receive correct serial number! 
TOP 10 Countries

QSO by band

Friday, 26 February 2016

Great QSO on 80M

EI9KC JT65 80M RX`ed in Qatar

Nice contact on 80M this evening with Mubarak A71AE using JT65 mode.
It took me several attempts until I`ve got reply but it was worth it.
JT65 raport from Qatar A71AE station.

For me is second QSO with Qatar on 80M, chances for LoTW and new one in Digi modes!
DX on JT65 can be very intersting , my signal was also spotted in VK6!

VK6FR and VK6BMW raports JT65

That is almost 15.000 km ! On 80M is a lot! 
I wish to have QSO with VK again on 80M
So far just one QSO on 3.5 with VK6LW also Western Australia

Thursday, 25 February 2016

UKEICC 80m Contests - 24th February 2016 - CW

Last night I`ve participated in UKEICC 80m Contests CW. 1h of evening sprint. Great fun.
First time used high power and spent more time calling CQ than S&P

  • 64 QSOs
  • 13`th position in combined results
  • 7`th place in high power 
  • Longest QSO with R9AB - 4235 km (it was also longest distance QSO in whole contest)
  • No busted calls! 

On the map here my all QSOs made during contest. (Without contact with F/G4BJM)
QSO map generated by

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

QSL via Bureau

QSL cards from rare DX received via Bureau

QSL by the Bureau - mode on. Received nice package QSL cards by the Bureau on Coolmine Radio Rally and all now are replied. I`m still hand writing my QSL cards but this might change soon ....

EI9KC QSL - back

I was helping Adam EI5JQ with QSL cards received for EI1Y Conest station of EI0PL DX-Group.
And all this was done by very useful Clublog,org tool called OQRS Management Tool!
It was my first experience with this and I must say I like it! 
400 cards received by the Bureau done in 2h .... all labels are printed and ready to go on cards.

EI1Y QSL labels printed for cards via Bureau

Much more cards left to do from our IOTA DXpeditions on EU-006 / 007 / 103 and 121
Will try to do them soon and send them back via Bureau.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

IRTS 80 metres Evening Counties Contest

Uff .... it was fun ... I had just 46 minutes for 80M IRTS Evening County Contest tonight.

44 QSO - 20 Counties worked!

Monaghan / Meath / Roscommon / Cork / Leitrim / Dublin / Clare / Fermanagh / Tipperary / Donegal / Derry / Down / Antrim / Waterford / Wesmeath / Armagh / Sligo / Offaly / Galway / Mayo

SSB only max 100W!
Much better than 80M Conest in January :)

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

UKEI 80M SSB Sprint

UKEI 80M Sprint this evening.

My first one with new 80M Inv V.
Antenna is for CW portion of the band so I didn`t expected much from SSB
but it was fun as always:

Low power , unassisted 
29 QSOs

K5P Palmyra Atoll confirmed on LoTW

K5P Palmyra Atoll

Nice surprise! K5P Palmyra Atoll already on LoTW!
Just few days after QRT , OQRS done and here we go.

Many thanks K5P Team.
313 DXCC CFM on HF

QSO one of its kind ! One call !

VP8SGI QTH on South Georgia Island

Last night I had a dream QSO on 80M with VP8SGI South Georgia Island ! QSO for remember , QSO with one of The Best pile-up DX CW`er Dima RA9USU ... just made ONE CALL
ONE CALL on 80M in the pile-up to make it!
I still can`t believe but fact is I`am in the log on 80M CW for sure!
Short story .... first of all .... Old school of DXing ... listen , listen and listen
and I was doing that.
Signal small. To be honest 30% readable. Yes 30% CW readable it is like 223 or something similar.
Pile-up not massive but solid between 2 and 5 up.
Took me about 30 minutes to figure out how Dima is operating and go  ...
..... KC 5NN returned.
I didn`t copy EI9 but KC cannot be missed .... replied in one second R 5NN TU
That`s it!
No question mark , no repeat , no mess.
"DX always hears better" - one FBB DX`er told me once
and he is right!
Dima RA9USU has perfect ears for sure.
Every evening log on Clublog is uploaded and I had to wait all day to see it ...
Trust your ears! Yes but ..... 
And when DX Cluster says VP8SGI - log updated ... I was there to check

80M QSO in the log !!!

This blog is for it. This blog is to remember QSOs like that! Thanks Dima , another pleasure!