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Sunday, 10 January 2016

EI9KC Radio happenings ....

I was very busy lately. Maybe too busy ... No enough time for everything including radio ... Start of new year is a good thing to review few subjects and make some New Year Resolutions .... 
Here is small update was has happened lately for EI9KC

1) TX3X QSL card RXed

TX3X Chesterfield Reef 2015 QSL card

2) VK9WA QSL card RXed

VK9WA Willis Island 2015 QSL card

3) 68 QSO made during 80M IRTS winter contest, nice one. It was my 5 time in this contest. 5 years in the row. Always nice to hear some old friends.

4) Tony EI2KC says "I think, I THINK, "think" in quotes, I just worked FT4XU Kerguelen on 20m SSB. But the QSB is extremely severe." To be honest I must say the same. I think I have new DXCC in the log but must wait till next good opening from his direction or wait for log to be uploaded.

FT4XU Nicolas

Great location. Kergulen Island , 17`th position on Most Wanted list by Clublog

5) Antipodes Islands ZL9A - Great location , one of the extreme distance to work from Ireland. Real antipodes. 20K km one way SP or the other LP in my log. Not new DXCC but location counts and for sure NEW IOTA OC-286 Never activated before. SQ8X Stan is there with some others Team Members and I`ve worked him on 20M SSB but he busted my call as SP9KC :)
Had to do second QSO just to be sure on 17M SSB. Both QSOs from EI0PL location. I was trying to copy them on Hexbeam but signal was very weak on first day of their activation.

Here is nice good recording , listening using AK61824 antenna:

6) New antennas installed here. 40/30M on same coax. Nested INV V
INV V 40/30M 1:1 balun

80M is now separate:

No 160M at the moment from my QTH. And 75M (80M SSB) will be hard as
SWR is high ...

7) I`ve got my rig working and receiving JT65. My only favourite digi mode. I`m using my station mostly as a "reporter". SWL stations. If only it is possible I am keeping my rig on on some bands to see what my antennas can hear.

24H JT65 reporter by EI9KC

On the map purple colour is 80M and it was during the night and yellow colour 17M during the day. Few station are not real (green mark) but VP8ALJ from Falklands on 80M is 100% :)
All signals spotted and logged on PSK Automatic Propagation Reporter

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