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Sunday, 24 January 2016

South Sandwich on 80!

VP8STI on Thule Island


Last night ... yes last night I was waiting at Papa Lima station for about 6 hours through the night to work VP8STI on 80M. I had good Companion with me well known EI Dx`er EI2JD Thos. Unfortunately they didn`t QRV on 80M at their SS about 22:30 UTC ....
First spot on DX Cluster was at about 2:30 in the middle of the night .... 80 SSB ....
oh well ... signal so small ... pile-up so big. No hope. Decided to go home.

Tonight ... I was busy contesting UK/EI ... but I was watching 80M for South Sandwiches :)
Around their SS first CQ ... 3523.5 ...Let`s have some fun! Signal small ... barely readable.
Location covered by building here on my QTH ... it will be hard ...
For about 1h I was watching their pile-up ...

VP8STI - pile up on 80M

Nice and solid. So many BIG stations are calling them.
EI9KC still on stand-by ...
Watching ...

Signal building , but still very little. Much better than on the beginning for sure.
I can read 90% call-signs

When I was on Juan-Fernandez with as 3G0ZC I`ve learnt few pile-ups behaviors ....
One of them was .... big gaps. And this time It worked perfect for me.
Spotted big gap in the pile-up. Big enough to be alone as caller 

Two calls .... and EI9KC 5NN !!! what , what ?
I didn`t believe my ears. Had to repeat my call twice to be sure 100%
as many EI spotted in the pile-up.

Wow! Great DX with my brand new 80M alone Inv V

10M left .... best signal so far yesterday , SWL`ed them few times but signal so small ...
Few days left ....GL!

P.S. What I must say .... CW operators on VP8STI are TOP WORLD CW pile-up Masters!

DL6KVA / K9AJ / W6DR / N4RR / AA7A / K3LP / W5XU
and Dima RA9USU !


  1. Well Done Ark took me a lot longer than 2 calls on 80 but got there eventually, 250ft of wire here fed with 450ohm ladder not a good antenna for DX,

    Cu in the pile ups


    1. Thanks Trevor. Congrats to you also! I heard your QSO last night. Few EIs went into the log that night on 80 ... Best 73!