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2306 x 2226

Thursday, 21 January 2016

VP8STI on 30M

Braveheart DXpedition vesssel

First of all. I love this picture of well know DXpedition vessel Braveheart !

Braveheart is now serving South Sandwich and South Georgia soon.

VP8STI is now QRV on the bands doing great job from South Sandwich Islands.
I was chasing 30M several days without luck. This morning managed QSO on 40M CW
and I was trying 30M active at that time on RTTY. Didn`t make 30 this morning.

Waited till evening for better opening on this band.
When they started it was CW. Signal weak but was rising ... 
Here is video of their best signal on 30M from my location so far

VP8STI calling ASIA on 30M CW

Unfortunately CW operator QSY`ed to 40M ... another Operator continued
30M later this evening but on .... RTTY.
Not big fan of this emission but had no choice when one QSO needed on 30M
signal nice and steady ... I was able to read about 75% of their print.
Enough for QSO ;)
After several attempts .... EI9KC EI9KC 599 EI9KC ....
Thank you so much! 30M sorted!

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