316 x 305
Band slots (CFM) on Clublog x LoTW
2306 x 2226

Sunday, 30 October 2011

HF weekend happenings.

A lot to say after few days ....
  • TU2T Ivory Coast - new DXCC for me worked on HF. I was trying them on 40/30m no luck. Signal very weak and big pile-up. I must say they have weaker signal than 3XY1D working from similar location. Anyway ... worked them today on 17mSSB / 10mCW / 12mRTTY no bad ... 3 bands = 3 modes ;)) Good thing is to see log update in real time!
  • Another new DXCC on HF worked 8Q7DV Maledives ...10mSSB during CQWW SSB 2011 contest.
  • CQWW SSB 2011 Contest - I was active for short time yesterday and bit longer today. No much. Just enough to make: 300QSO! I was operating on single band 28Mhz - unassisted category - high power.  Beautiful openings on 10m! Band fully open. 300QSO - 64 countries - 23 zones. UFF! Good stuff! About 30newDXCC on 10m band! 90% of my time I was calling to another stations without using DX Cluster , last 25 minutes I was calling CQ and I was spotted on DX Cluster and I did 74QSOs with USA stations it means I had about 3 QSOs per minute :)) Great Fun it was! All my contatcts are uploaded to LoTW.
  • I have digital interface to connect PC to my radio! Wow! A lot of new opportunities on the way! One of them was during CQ WW SSB Contest. I was able to put exact frequency to my logbook!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Niue sunrise ....

I`m happy to see in my log ZK2V Chris operating from Niue this time on 12mCW! I like info from his website
Niue is about the last place on the planet to see each new day. This is true .... for me it is the end of the World. Further is only .... tomorrow! (on the picture sunrise in my town - Celbridge) GM!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

TX7M last band completed ...

Today last missing band with TX7M was completed. 17mCW. And I was lucky to log them on 12mSSB as well. On 10mSSB signal was too weak. No worries I have 10mCW. Great condition from their location and MARQUESAS worked from 40m up to 10m (7 bands ...) I`ve SWL them on 80mCW! Good DX Pedition and it was good experience to worked out how they operating CW in split mode. Good school of DXing!

P.S. Last band where I have some chances to work them from my location (160/80 no chances with my condition)

Monday, 24 October 2011

ZK2V Clever operator!

ZK2V I think it was Chris GM3WOJ / ZL1CT operating now from beautiful place in Oceania - NIUE. Wikipedia says: "Niue is an island country in the South Pacific Ocean. It is commonly known as the "Rock of Polynesia", and inhabitants of the island call it "the Rock"" And we had short opening on the 28MhzCW from his location on 28Mhz. He knew it that and he was calling EU. I`ve seen spot on cluster and 2minutes later QSO with ZK2V logged! Just needed one call! OK he reply to me EI? I had to repeat  my call twice just to be sure and he replied to me EI9KC 599 EI9KC. Thank you! Thanks for calling EU and thanks for New DXCC on HF! I had just one QSO on 11m with Niue more than 10 years ago.

P.S. Many thanks for rapid LoTW QSL!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

JA wall broken!

TX7M I`ve SWL them on 80m yesterday in the morning! Today they started operation on 40mCW. Massive signal but it was very hard to break JA wall. But I did it! Marquesas worked on 40m UFF UFF! Good signals also on 20m. I`ve managed to work them on SSB/CW on 14Mhz. This is my 200`th DXCC worked SSB.

Swaziland for first time ever.

3DA0HC Hannes from Swaziland is my Brand New DXCC worked on 24Mhz SSB. This is brand new country for me. Never worked before. Thanks for New1

Saturday, 22 October 2011

TX7M Marquesas UFF!

This time 100% correct! Worked again on TWO bands in 15 minutes! 28Mhz/24Mhz CW! TX7M from Marquesas. The beauty of this is I`ve worked how operator is working in split. Very clever idea! Each time he moves up or down 0.20 .... if you know when he is taking stations ang going up or down you will know! 0.20 each time! Sorted! Good Luck!

P.S. Worked them again on 30m! Best signal in my location on 30m thay have around 7:15 - 8:30 UTC.Logged on 20mSSB as well. UFF what a condition!

3XY1D just one band to complete!

3XY1D is on Air now and I just need one band (where I am able to make QSO) to complete! Today in the morning great signal on 80mCW! And I`m logged. During afternoon I did also 15mCW. The only one missing is 20m. I have them on all the bands CW. Preffer this mode big time! Much easier than SSB. Much quiet! On 160m I have no hope to work them. I need better RX system to go outside of Europe. On 80m this is my 2`nd Africa!

P.S. Last minute news. Guyana worked on 15SSB as well :)

TX7M Marquesas

I had a QSO with them yesterday on 30m but they logged me in wrog way! Log update this morning and I can see my station is logged as EI9OC. So well I need to fix it ;) New DXCC on HF anyway!

P.s. Info from QSL Manager RZ3EC  "Hello Ark Sorry, all correction I make later. but, don't worry all is OK"

Thursday, 20 October 2011

EI9KC ... UP

I had real pleasure on the radio this morning ...

  • 3XY1D DX pedition from Guinea in Africa worked for first time on 40mCW. I was trying last night on 30/20 CW but pile-up was so strong. They just started and their location is "easy" from EI. I hope to work them on few more bands. This is new DXCC on HF me.
  • E51NOU Bill from USA is operating now from South Cook Island. Worked this morning on 30m. Great QSO. New DXCC on 30m and CW as well.
  • T32C I was trying to copy them on 80m early in the morning but there was not signal at all ... but worked them for first time RTTY on 30m!
  • 28Mhz ... I was calling CQ on 28Mhz CW this morning and I`ve got massive pile-up from Japan. It was very difficult to read call-sign. I was like DX ;) After  short time I`ve decided to go to operate in split frequency. For first time EI9KC was calling UP! OMG! I was like DX ;) A lot mistakes during QSOs but no worries. Praktice makes masters ;) I have to practice letter H .... 22 JAs stations worked this morning. Thank you Folks! Great fun!

Monday, 17 October 2011

Temotu Province for first time!

When I`ve spotted Jacek`s activation H40KJ on the cluster few days ago I was thinking wow where is that ??? And now I know because I had QSO with Jacek (SP5DRH) on 17m CW via S/P! Brand New Big One for me. Such a small island Pigeon Island located on Reef Islands ... Temotu Province is a part of Salomon Islands located between Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu ... We had very strong wind in Ireland today, around 21:00 local time I`ve spotted his call-sign on the cluster and I turn my radio tho his frequency and signal wasn`t loud but readable ... antenna was down ... I went to the garden , wind-up antenna and ... just one call I needed! Tnx Jacek!

Friday, 14 October 2011

100 DXCC on 10m

HL5BLI Yoon from South Korea is my 100 DXCC worked on 10m. Good propagation this morning. I was calling CQ in SSB and CW. A lot of Asia stations worked and one station from EI ;) EI2KC Tony thanks for QSO on 28Mhz!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Good day on 18Mhz !

(FK8DD New Caledonia - eQSL DXCC nr 110)

Good day on 18Mhz! 2 x New DXCC worked today on that band and new slot for T32C!

  • FK8DD my 1`st New Caledonia on HF! Thanks Sam. CW QSO in the morning via L/P RFapid eQSL!
  • 5Z4/PA5M another New 1 from Michael. First was Somalia few days ago and now Kenya! TU!
  • T32C band slot ... nr 9 ... this time SSB on 17m

Plus some QSO with USA on 28Mhz CW and JA on the same bands.

Monday, 10 October 2011

JAPAN International DX Contest 2010 Phone

14Mhz Low Power .... and EI9KC - 1`st place in Ireland! And probably ... last :) I had 3 QSOs only. But this is all about contesting on the radio. No matter if you have 1 or 1000 QSOs. Every QSO is important. And always send your log to the Contest Manager! Ham Spirit!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Holy Land Vaticano

Just one QSO during the day today ... HV0A ... Francesco from Vatican. Nice one. New on HF. 20mSSB

Scandinavian Activity Contest SSB

I took a part in SAC Contest 2011 SSB for some spare time last night and during 2 hours I`ve logged 50 stations from Scandinavia. I was active on 40m only. I like contesting and there is only few EI stations active on the bands during various contests. It is nice to hear on opposite site "Thanks for new multiplier". This is all about our hobby!

Saturday, 8 October 2011

T32C completed on last band

T32C completed on last band .... I needed to work them on 20m and I did it! QSO CW with EI5DI Paul , many thanks. OK I still need them on 80/160m but with my current antenna system I have no chances to work them on Top Band and 80m as well. East Kiribati logged on 40/30m QSOs managed with my wimdom dipole. This is big time and nice surprise! They will be 2 more weeks in there and I will try to do some RTTY or others missing band slots. I didn`t expect to work them on 7 different bands to be honest !!!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Vanuatu - target hit!

YJ0VK Oceania DX Group Dx-pedition from Vanuatu was my next target after T32C and 3D2R. Today in the morning Vanuatu is logged on 20m SSB! Great condition on the bands! New DXCC on HF!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Brand New Somalia

Michael PA5M is now operating as 6O0M from Somalia. I was trying today on 28Mhz but no luck ... antenna is down because of strong wind (as usual at this time of year) .... later on he was operating on 18Mhz and ..... I`ve worked him with just one call! Brand New DXCC for me, never worked before!

Cook Island - Direct QSL

Great QSL today in my box! E51JD Jim from Rarotonga, Cook Island. Famous Scout Operator is confirming my QSO on 14Mhz SSB. QSL Direct came from Pacyfic Ocean paradise. Nice surprise I`ve found in the envelope .... coin from Cook Island! Thank you Jim. Great souvenir!

Monday, 3 October 2011

EI9KC - 1`st place in SPDX Contest 2011 from Ireland

SPDX Contest 2011 results are out now and I`m a winner in SO AB MIXED LP Category. I had no competitors this year from Ireland. It was my first SPDX Contest and I hope next year reach more points. At the moment I can only compete with results from the past.... TOP Scores from EI so far:
1 500
88 500

1 527
85 512


1 152
66 816


1 353
66 297


1 107
64 206


1 173
63 342

1 101
60 555

It means my 2011 result is 7`th from EI in SPDX Contest. Not bad! For first time! For first time CW with serial number ....!

East Kiribati on .... 28Mhz

Another post about T32C ... because I`ve worked East Kiribati on 28Mhz SSB at 19:00 local time! I`m very happy with that QSO. It reminds me fine propagation years ago on 11m when Hawaii Island were strong in the morning by L/P and in the evening by S/P. Team on Kiritimati (Christmas Island) has good antennas! This is full professional DX Pedition! And .... few minutes after my QSO on 10m .... T32C logged again on 12m CW! And on final 3D2R Rotuma Isl worked again this time on 15m CW ...  what a day !!!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

200 countries worked CW!

International expedition is now QRV from Christmas Island - East Kiribati. Two operators from EI are Team members (EI5DI & EI9FBB)! Great signal they had yesterday in the morning on 30m but they just started and pile-up was massive! Second day on AIR and I`m happy to log them on 17m CW. QSO made in the evening local time when they called EU. T32C is my 200 DXCC worked by CW mode and Brand NEW on HF!

Another new one in my log, contacted yesterday was 3D2R Rotuma Island on Pacyfic Ocean. International Team as well. Rotuma is new on HF. I had a QSO/QSL with this island from 11m band yeras ago. Nice one anyway!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Rock on Rockall EU-189

Most Wanted IOTA from Europe .... EU-189 Rockall Island now QRV on 40m.
Great effort by Belgian Team on Rockall HATS OFF! Many thanks for NEW IOTA!