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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Africa Day ...on 30M

Lesotho DX-Pedition is now QRV on the bands and I had pleasure to work (after small battle) 7P8JR Joel (N5JR) on 30M CW. Few operators on this DX-Pedition are using own call-sign it must be reason for it. Anyway , Lesotho on 30M is new DXCC for me and I am glad to make it with my dipole fixed for Pacific. Shortly after QSO with Lesotho decided to do some CQ on 10Mhz. 80W from my side few EU station replied, nice QSOs. One longer than usual QSO 3Z150OSP op. Radek was running SES station and on the end different than others call-sign gave me a call.... When I am practising my CW skills on Morse Runner call-signs are most common ... DL, EA, N, K, W, SP, LA, VK, JA etc .... This Caller had unusual call! It was C5YK! Andre from Gambia was calling me! What a thrill! We had short QSO! Last missing band sorted! I have The Gambia on 160M to 10M worked. Confirmed by QSL - card . Only one slot on LoTW from C56XA done 2 years ago. Andre is using LoTW as well and by the end of this month there is a hope for new one on 30M to be confirmed. eQSL was rapid marked The Gambia my 190 DXCC confirmed on eQSL. Thanks Andre , QSO to remember! Vy 73!

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