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Monday, 21 April 2014

American Samoa - once again ...

I was chasing American Samoa last few days. Guenter DL2AWG, Hans DL6JGN and Ronald PA3EWP were active from KH8.
Had a hope for 10M. SWL`d them twice on 28Mhz but signal was too weak. It was in the evening our time. Solar Flux Index is high at the moment but for some reasons upper bands are not in good shape. Not always anyway. Managed QSO with them on 12M CW, not new on 24Mhz but always nice.
At last 17M sorted. Previously when W8A - N8A were active I had them in my log for 17M but ... they didn`t have me ... Anyway this time 100% sure CW and SSB.
Every morning I had a hope for 30M .... no luck .... for some reasons they were not there for us. They operated 30M but in the evening our time which is not good here in EI to manage QSO on 30M in the evening. This is by my experience only. I had a situations when Wallis and Futuna and South Cook Islands logged on 30M in the evening here but not this time. Had no signal from KH8 on 30M at all. Thanks for good thrill and especially good ears of DL6JGN and PA3EWP during CW operation. My QSO on 17M was on noise level! Well done!

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