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Thursday, 22 January 2015

EP6T - Iran

EP6T on 21Mhz SSB in EI

Big demand on the bands. Hard to break pile-up especially on lower bands here in EI. Signal is great but this time Ireland is on the end of the Europe and we have to fight with much closer to EP6T all EU stations. This is tough. And I had example last few days on low bands 30/40 how their pile-up looks. When EI is getting best opening then EP6T is calling NA/SA ... today on 12M SSB operator on the other side was clever and he was calling NA/SA and North Europe as well. 12M was hardest for me so far. One QSO per / band for me is enough. No slot hunting anymore. Deliberate QRM makers are getting worst and I am not enjoying listening idiots. 
17M CW today was tricky ... worked up 12 or something , watching carefully split preferences ....
10M RTTY worked very easy , two calls just for new mode.
Biggest fun on 20M CW when 1000 stations were calling them up 2 to up 15 or similar leaving big gap up1 clear ... took my chance,
EP6T says on their page:
"In a country with 80 million inhabitants and only 13 (!) radio amateurs,"
DX-Pedition to Iran is most welcome. And another Team can go soon and massive pile-up will be guaranteed.

EP6T - Kish Island AS-166

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